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2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls: Carissa

Seventh year veteran Carissa talks about the opportunities and challenges involved with being a member of the Luvabulls.

2012 Luvabulls poster shoot

Members of the Luvabulls explain what it takes to produce successful photo shoot

Making the Luvabulls - Part 2

After a three-day mini-camp Angelina, Tarah, and Nikki vie for a spot on the final 2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls roster

Making the Luvabulls - Part 1

Follow Angelina, Tarah, and Nikki on their quest to become to a 2012-13 Chicago Luvabull

2011-12 Chicago Luvabulls: Tina

Third year Luvabull Tina talks about one of her hidden talents, some fundraising work that she does, and which celebrities might play her...

2011-12 Chicago Luvabulls: Pam

Fifth year Luvabull Pam shares something that most people do not know about her, as well as talks about her gameday routine and career...

2011-12 Chicago Luvabulls: Megan

Luvabulls rookie Megan recalls the experience of learning she had made the team and talks about the anticipation of dancing at the United...

2011-12 Chicago Luvabulls: Lisa

Sixth year Luvabull Lisa talks about why she feels she is cheering for the best team in sports, the role models in her life, and her...

2011-12 Chicago Luvabulls: Lauren M.

Luvabulls rookie Lauren recalls the moment she learned she had made the team and some of the adventures she encountered over the past...

2011-12 Chicago Luvabulls: Lauren L.

First year Luvabull Lauren talks about the anticipation of performing for the first time at a Bulls game, her reaction to making the team,...

2011-12 Chicago Luvabulls: Krystal

Fifth year Luvabull Krystal shares something most people don't know about her and the best thing about dancing for the Bulls.

2011-12 Chicago Luvabulls: Jessica

Third year Luvabull Jessica recalls her most embarrassing moment, shares her gameday routine, and talks about the most daring thing she has...