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2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls: Diamond

Luvabulls rookie Diamond talks about the excitement of being selected to the squad, her occupation as physical therapist technician, and...

2012-13 Chicago LuvaBulls: Dashy

Sixth year dancer Dashy talks about balancing her job at Google with her responsibilities as a Luvabull.

2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls: Cristina

Fifth year dancer Cristina discusses her excitement for a second stint with the Luvabulls and how she took advantage of an opportunity for...

2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls: Candice

Rookie dancer Candice describes the feeling of being selected as a Luvabull and what she is looking forward to this NBA season.

2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls: Brittany

Brittany describes the difference between her first and second year as a dancer on the Luvabulls and her transition from hometown Baltimore...

2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls: Brazhal

Rookie Luvabull Brazhal talks about the surreal feeling of being selected for the squad and looking forward to dancing on the United Center...

2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls: Asia

In her third season with the Luvabulls, Asia talks about her experiences as a choreographer and how she became a surprisingly good pool...

2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls: Ashley

Ashley, a sixth year member, talks about the balancing act of multiple jobs and dancing with the Luvabulls.

2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls: Alyssa

Alyssa talks about the difference between being a rookie, and now, her second year on the squad.

2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls: Krystal

Sixth year veteran and captain Krystal talks about her offcourt hobbies and how her relationship with the girls on the team leads to better...

2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls: Kafi

Sixth year veteran Kafi talks about the perils of being courtside during an NBA game and what it was like to be involved in an adidas...

2012-13 Chicago Luvabulls: Erika

In her tenth season as a Luvabull, Erika discusses her career, the responsibility of being a captain, and keeping in touch with former...