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2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Brittany

3rd-year dancer Brittany talks about spending time with her family over the Summer and her favorite moment as a Luvabull.

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Angela

1st-year Luvabull Angela discusses the excitement of making this year's team, perks of working in the travel industry, and finding...

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Missy

2nd-year dancer Missy talks about having fun this season, brightening up a room when she enters, and the balancing act of enjoying...

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Whitney

First-year Luvabull Whitney talks about being high-energy and what musical artists get her hyped for dancing at the United Center.

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Kelly

2nd-year dancer Kelly talks about being a Star Wars nerd, feeling the excitement of the United Center crowd and gives an award-winning Ron...

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Jackie

3rd-year dancer and Chicago native Jackie talks about owning her own dance studio, coaching the Jr. Luvabulls, and how nothing compares to...

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Angelina

Rookie Luvabull Angelina talks about the excitement of joining the squad and how a little crazy and some bubbly equals one big personality.

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Kim

First year Luvabull Kim talks about dancing previously with the Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic prior to moving to Chicago as well as...

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Lauren

3rd-year dancer Lauren discusses the new-look Luvabulls, learning how to ride a motorcycle, and being a geek at heart.

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Kafi

Luvabull veteran and Chicago native Kafi speaks about her recent engagement, recovering from an injury last season, and the...

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Christina

Rookie Luvabull Christina describes the honor of dancing for the Chicago Bulls and dancing on an international tour for Disney.

2013-14 Luvabulls: Meet Jessica

Fifth-year veteran and Chicago native Jessica talks about recently becoming a licensed cosmetologist and being one of the team jokesters.