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Game Day


Inside the Locker Room: Mike Dunleavy - 3.15.14

Mike Dunleavy discusses avoiding a trap game, playing with Joakim Noah, and the special gift he received from the Blackhawks.

Inside the Locker Room: Taj Gibson - 3.15.14

Taj Gibson discusses Saturday's win over the Kings, winning games on the boards, and knocking down clutch shots.

BullsTV recap: Bulls 94, Kings 87 - 3.15.14

Joakim Noah had 23 points, 11 rebounds, and 8 assists as the Bulls improved to 37-29 on the season with a 94-87 victory over the visiting...

BullsTV preview: Kings vs. Bulls - 3.15.14

BullsTV previews Saturday's matchup with the Kings in Chicago (7:00 p.m. CT | WGN America | ESPN 1000).

Inside the Locker Room: Kirk Hinrich - 3.13.14

Kirk Hinrich discusses the Bulls play over the last few games, Thursday night's win over the Rockets, and the team's defense on...

Inside the Locker Room: Mike Dunleavy - 3.13.14

Mike Dunleavy discusses the cut he suffered over his eye in the second quarter, returning in the second half, and his hot three point...

BullsTV recap: Bulls 111, Rockets 87 - 3.13.14

Joakim Noah came up one assist shy of the triple-double as the Bulls improved to 36-29 on the season with a 111-87 victory over the...

BullsTV preview: Rockets vs. Bulls - 3.13.14

BullsTV previews Thursday's matchup with the Rockets in Chicago (6:00 p.m. CT | CSN, TNT | ESPN 1000, WVIV-FM).

Inside the Locker Room: Tony Snell - 3.11.14

Tony Snell discusses Tuesday's loss to the Spurs, getting off to a slow start, and Thursday's matchup with the Houston Rockets.

BullsTV recap: Spurs 104, Bulls 96 - 3.11.14

D.J. Augustin led the Bulls with 24 points, but the Bulls fell to the San Antonio Spurs 104-96 in Chicago.

BullsTV preview: Spurs vs. Bulls - 3.11.14

BullsTV previews Tuesday's matchup with the Spurs in Chicago (7:00 p.m. CT | WGN America | ESPN 1000, WRTO 1200).

Inside the Locker Room: Joakim Noah - 3.09.14

Joakim Noah discusses Sunday's win over the Heat, the play of his teammates, and sharing the win with his father.