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In their 26th season, the Luvabulls are synonymous with talent and beauty, glamour and glitz, as well as hard work, dedication and commitment. The Luvabulls are on hand at all of the Bulls home games, dazzling the crowds at the United Center.

This group of beautiful, talented and articulate women also makes numerous personal appearances at conventions, trade shows, sales meetings, promotional events and charitable events around the country. The Luvabulls are one of the most recognized dance teams in sports.


Benny The Bull

When he's not busy exciting the United Center crowd at Bulls home games, Benny the Bull is available for personal appearances all year long throughout the Chicagoland area.

He frequently attends birthday parties, community parades, festivals, walk-a-thons, school classroom appearances, college, high school and grade school sporting events, golf outings and more!



Known for their enthusiasm, energy and comedic antics on the court and in the stands at Bulls home games, the IncrediBulls will once again be on hand to rev up the United Center crowds this season.

The IncrediBulls warm up fans during pre-game, challenge fans throughout the game and create high energy and excitement in the stands and on the court at the United Center. Members of the IncrediBulls receive high-exposure as well as potential outside appearance opportunities.



The BullsKidz are a group of boys and girls ages 7-12 performed at several regular season games each year with up-beat/hip hop dance routines..


Bucket Boys

The Chicago Bucket Boys are an extremely talented group of teens from Chicago’s South Side who have been putting their percussive skills on display throughout the city for years.

The group is regularly found at Bulls home games and functions, while also making appearances with other NBA and NCAA teams, plus a spot with Hank Williams, Jr. on his “Are You Ready For Some Football?!” for ABC’s Monday Night Football. Keep an ear out for the Bucket Boys. These young men are going to be making a lot of noise–in more ways than one.


Swingin' Seniors

The newest addition to the Chicago Bulls entertainment team is a group of energetic, enthusiastic senior citizens. Long-time Bulls fans got the chance to show their support for their favorite team when the Chicago Bulls Swingin’ Seniors made its debut on Dec. 5, 2005.

Just in time to celebrate the first Hardwood Classics game of the 2005.06 season, the Swingin’ Seniors hit the court dancing to songs from their era as part of a game that flashes back to the late 1940s.


Stampede Drumline

On the surface, this incredible performing ensemble would appear to be a group that you might find within a typical marching band, but it is much more than what you would expect of just any drumline. The Stampede is comprised of professional drummers that are former members of championship drum corps.

You will find the Stampede Drumline "rolling" throughout the United Center at several Bulls games this year. This entertaining act is something that needs to be seen to believe and can't avoid being heard… literally.


Acro Squad

The Chicago Bulls Acrobatic Squad (aka the Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team) began in 1999 as a positive outreach project for Chicago’s inner-city young men and boys.

Since then, this talented group of young men has been thrilling Bulls crowds with amazing jump rope stunts and dynamic tumbling routines. They can also be seen performing locally and nationally at corporate events, community functions, circuses and festivals.


Chicago Wheelchair Bulls

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