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BullsTV Presents: “The Chicago Bulls Open Championship”

Jimmy Butler takes his talents to the mini-golf course in the first ever "Chicago Bulls Open Championship"

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BullsTV Presents: “The Chicago Bulls Open Championship”

Jimmy Butler takes his talents to the mini-golf course in the first ever "Chicago Bulls Open Championship"
Sep 18, 2014  |  02:49

Advocate Center time-lapse

Filmed during construction of the new Advocate Center, the Chicago Bulls training facility.
Sep 11, 2014  |  01:07

Slovenia vs. USA

Slovenia holds a tight game up until the half but Team USA explodes in the third quarter, showcasing five players in double figures to advance to the semifinals.
Sep 8, 2014  |  00:00

FIBA: Day 1, Quarterfinals Wrap

Find out which teams will advance to the next round on the first day of Quarterfinal action from the 2014 FIBA World Cup.
Sep 8, 2014  |  00:00

Rose and Harden On Slovenia

James Harden and Derrick Rose talk about their upcoming matchup with four left-handers on Slovenia.
Sep 7, 2014  |  00:00

Dominican Republic vs. USA

Every player on the roster scores for Team USAto beat the Dominican Republic 106-71, with 5 players in double figures clinching the first place in Group C of the FIBA World Cup.
Sep 2, 2014  |  00:00

FIBA: Day Five Wrap

Check out all the best action from Wednesday at the FIBA World Cup.
Sep 2, 2014  |  00:00

USA vs. New Zealand

Team USA features six players in double figures with a balanced defensive effort to rout New Zealand 98-71.
Sep 1, 2014  |  00:00

Postgame: Derrick Rose & Kenneth Faried

Derrick Rose and Kenneth Faried speak with Sekou Smith following a winning performance over New Zealand.
Sep 1, 2014  |  00:00

Junior Luvabulls 2014-15

Junior Luvabulls builds confidence, self esteem, and teamwork. Perform at Bulls home games! Open to girls ages 5-17. Register now.
Sep 1, 2014  |  01:15

FIBA: Day Three Wrap

Check out the best basketball that summer has to offer in the FIBA Day Three Wrap.
Aug 31, 2014  |  00:00

FIBA: Day Two Wrap

Get the scoop from the best action from day two of the FIBA World Cup in Spain.
Aug 30, 2014  |  00:00

FIBA: Day One Wrap

Take a look at some of the action from day one in Spain.
Aug 29, 2014  |  00:00

USAB: Rose on FIBA Schedule

Derrick Rose comments on playing five games in six days during 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup.
Aug 28, 2014  |  00:00

Swirsky and Wennington discuss the offseason

Bill Wennington joins Chuck Swirsky to discuss offseason moves made by Gar Forman and John Paxson, how Derrick Rose has looked with USA Basketball, and Chicago's chances of winning the Eastern Conference.
Aug 19, 2014  |  02:59

USA Basketball vs. Brazil

Anthony Davis scores 20 points as Team USA takes down Brazil 95-78 in their exhibition match at the United Center.
Aug 18, 2014  |  00:00

Catching up with Tony Snell

BullsTV got some one-on-one time with Tony Snell in Las Vegas to talk about his new look, the offseason, and getting better.
Aug 18, 2014  |  01:43

Postgame: Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose addresses the media after Team USA defeats Brazil in a friendly tuneup before the FIBA Basketball World Cup.
Aug 16, 2014  |  00:00

Postgame: Coach K and Thibodeau

Mike Krzyzewski and Tom Thibodeau address the media after Team USA beat Brazil in an exhibition game in Chicago.
Aug 16, 2014  |  00:00

Derrick Rose Interview

Derrick Rose talks with about playing for Team USA on Saturday.
Aug 15, 2014  |  00:00

Rose Buzzer-beater

Derrick Rose goes coast-to-coast as time expires in the first half.
Aug 15, 2014  |  00:00

Slash And Score

Derrick Rose uses the handle to get past his defender and converts the ridiculous layup to finish the play.
Aug 15, 2014  |  00:00

USA Basketball vs. Brazil

Anthony Davis scores 20 points as Team USA takes down Brazil 95-78 in their exhibition match at the United Center.
Aug 15, 2014  |  00:00

Mike Krzyzewski from USA Basketball training in Chicago

USA Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski on the play of an improved Derrick Rose and the city of Chicago's love of the game.
Aug 14, 2014  |  03:05

Jerry Colangelo from USA Basketball training in Chicago

USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo speaks with BullsTV about what he has seen from Derrick Rose and Doug McDermott.
Aug 14, 2014  |  01:52

Derrick Rose from USA Basketball training in Chicago

Following USA Basketball practice in Chicago, Derrick Rose talks with BullsTV about his game and the excitement of playing at the United Center Saturday night.
Aug 14, 2014  |  02:06

Making the Luvabulls

A spot on the Chicago Luvabulls is earned, not given. BullsTV follows one woman’s quest, as she battles to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a Chicago Luvabull.
Aug 12, 2014  |  05:13

Behind the Scenes of "Making the Luvabulls"

Part scripted. Part improv comedy. BullsTV takes us through the production of “Making the Luvabulls” and working with actress/comedian Cheri Oteri during the 2014 Luvabulls Audition.
Aug 12, 2014  |  01:47

BullsTV presents Doug McDermott

BullsTV takes you behind-the-scenes from draft night in Chicago to summer league in Las Vegas to meet Doug McDermott.
Aug 11, 2014  |  02:45

Joakim Noah's One City Basketball Tournament

Bulls center Joakim Noah brings the South & West sides together for a memorable day at the United Center.
Aug 7, 2014  |  02:03

Big-Time Slam

Derrick Rose takes the pass and finishes with a powerful slam.
Jul 31, 2014  |  00:00

Derrick Rose Interview

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose sits down with NBA TV's Grant Hill.
Jul 31, 2014  |  00:00

McDermott Shines During Summer League

Check out how Doug McDermott took over NBA Summer League and showed that he is ready to be a BIG part of the Chicago Bulls.
Jul 28, 2014  |  00:00

Pau Gasol joins the Bulls (07.22.2014)

Pau Gasol speaks with BullsTV about being in a position to help others, making the move to Chicago, and his thoughts on the Bulls roster.
Jul 22, 2014  |  03:01

Nikola Mirotic joins the Bulls (07.21.2014)

Nikola Mirotic talked with BullsTV about his transition to the Bulls and what kind of game he likes to play following his introductory press conference.
Jul 21, 2014  |  03:55

Kings vs. Bulls

Ben McLemore and MarShon Brooks each pour in 11 points as the Kings rout the Bulls 80-61.
Jul 18, 2014  |  00:00

Cameron Bairstow from NBA Summer League (07.18.2014)

Cameron Bairstow sits down with BullsTV to discuss the development of his game during the 2014 NBA Summer League.
Jul 18, 2014  |  01:23

Tony Snell from NBA Summer League (07.18.2014)

Tony Snell talks with BullsTV about hitting the weight room and playing with confidence.
Jul 18, 2014  |  01:46

Doug McDermott from NBA Summer League (07.18.2014)

Doug McDermott checks in from Las Vegas to talk about taking home an ESPY award and getting adjusted to the pro game during the NBA Summer League.
Jul 18, 2014  |  01:53

Bulls Introduce Gasol

Pau Gasol talks with the media after being introduced as a member of the Chicago Bulls.
Jul 17, 2014  |  00:00

Assistant GM Randy Brown from NBA Summer League (07.17.2014)

Assistant General Manager Randy Brown talks about the play of Tony Snell, Doug McDermott and Cameron Bairstow as the Bulls compete in the NBA Summer League.
Jul 17, 2014  |  03:00

Coach Adrian Griffin from NBA Summer League (07.17.2014)

Bulls summer league head coach Adrian Griffin talks about the abilities of Doug McDermott and the transformation of Tony Snell.
Jul 17, 2014  |  02:05

McDermott On Both Ends

Doug McDermott blocks the first attempt, the second, then on the other end strokes the 3-pointer.
Jul 16, 2014  |  00:00

Thomas Bangs On Noel

Lazeric Jones feeds Lance Thomas who rises and slams it home over shot blocker Nerlens Noel.
Jul 16, 2014  |  00:00

Sixers vs. Bulls

Tony Snell and Cameron Bairstow each pour in 18 points, Doug McDermott adds 11 points as the Bulls top the Sixers 79-68.
Jul 16, 2014  |  00:00

Let It Fly

Cameron Bairstow saves the airball from going out of bounds and Doug McDermott cleans up with the 3-pointer.
Jul 14, 2014  |  00:00

Tenacious Effort

Doug McDermott lobs it in to David Wear who pump fakes, then converts the hookshot.
Jul 14, 2014  |  00:00

Bring The Pain

Lazeric Jones makes the feed to David Wear who delivers the tomahawk facial with authority.
Jul 14, 2014  |  00:00

Bulls vs. Timberwolves

Doug McDermott scores 20 points, David Wear adds 15 points as the Bulls rout the Timberwolves 107-73.
Jul 14, 2014  |  00:00

McDermott From Downtown

Doug McDermott nails the long 3-pointer.
Jul 12, 2014  |  00:00

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