A Visit Up To Lambeau With John Henson

When we asked Bucks first round draft pick, John Henson, what Wisconsin experience he'd like to partake in with a lucky Bucks fan, we weren't surprised by his answer.

"Can we go to Lambeau Field?" asked John.

And so to Lambeau Field we went.

We picked John up the day after he returned to Milwaukee for the remainder of the summer and headed up to Historic Lambeau Field. On the way up John had a radio interview and got to see some more of Wisconsin. When he arrived he was impressed with not only the field but how many people were there to watch a practice. Henson said, "It's kind of overwhelming."

The first person to greet John was Mark Murphy, President and CEO of the Green Bay Packers. Mr. Murphy told John about the tradition of players riding kids' bikes over to practice so John headed over to watch the players take off on bikes and to meet the winner of Bucks.com's sweepstakes to join him: Cassidy M., his wife Jamie, and his 16 month old son Colin. After a quick greeting and a couple of photos for memories John and Cassidy got in line to watch the players hop on bikes and head to practice. There's nothing like seeing a 300lb lineman riding a kid's bike.

After seeing the players off, John and company headed inside Lambeau Field for a tour. After walking through the tunnel and taking a lap around the field John eyed up the wall where players make their famous Lambeau Leaps after touchdowns. He gave a little hop to see and came away with a new appreciation for the celebration, "It's a legitimate jump," he said smiling.

When the tour was over it was time to head over to practice, but not before stopping to sign a few autographs and take some pictures. At 6'11" and in a Bucks polo it's hard for people not to notice Henson. Especially for the fans that were waiting with North Carolina jerseys in hand.

John and Cassidy got to walk the sidelines and take in the Packers practice in a real life episode of Hard Knocks. At one point during a drill for the defensive linemen the Packers big nose tackle BJ Raji looked over at Henson and shouted, "What's up North Carolina?" I guess Henson was hard not to notice even for the players practicing. It helped that the local media there for practice all turned their cameras to catch the Bucks first round pick watching an NFL practice.

After watching practice Henson and Cassidy went to get a bite to eat before doing a press conference at the Resch Center where the Bucks will play a preseason game on Friday, October 26th against the Minnesota Timberwolves. After the press conference was over Henson and Cassidy said goodbye. It was a great day for football and an even better day for a Bucks Summer Experience.

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Preseason Bucks vs. Timberwolves