Most memorable moment as a Rim Rocker?
Traveling to China with the team and getting to go to the Great Wall of China.

Favorite all time Bucks player?
Ray Allen.

Favorite dunk from the NBA dunk contest?
Vince Carter 360 Windmill.

What’s on your I-pod playlist right now?
Wiz Khalifa, Atmosphere.

Favorite part of being a Rim Rocker?
We get to travel around the world and perform for many different cultures.

What’s your favorite dunk to perform?
Clutch (Front Flip Between the Legs).

What dunk are you training on?
“Pop Tart” (Release Front Flip).

What is your dream dunk?
Double Flip Dunk.

Who inspires you?
Travis Rice.

How many years have you been dunking with the Rim Rockers?
This is my second season.

Other hobbies or interests?
Snowboarding and streetball.