Bucks to Salute Payne and Colbert at Saturday Game

Team To Pay Tribute To Retiring Bradley Center Board Members


During the second period of tonight's Milwaukee vs. Phoenix game, the Bucks will salute Ulice Payne, Jr., and
Virgis Colbert for their countless hours of dedicated service to the Bradley Center Board of Directors. Both
Messers. Payne and Colbert have stepped down from their positions on the Bradley Center Board of Directors, where
they served from 1998 and 1999, respectively.

Payne, a member of the Board of Directors since 1998, and Chairman since 2001, has brought his extensive leadership
and business experience in sports, law and other endeavors to the Bradley Center enterprise. He has successfully
guided it through a series of major improvements and reorganized operations that have enabled the Center to better
and more efficiently serve its tenants and nearly two million annual visitors in the spirit of the original gift
of the Center to the State of Wisconsin from Jane Bradley Pettit.

Mr. Payne has been instrumental in collaboratively and cooperatively working with other community leaders to assure
that Milwaukee continues to maintain an important position in the national sports and entertainment industry,
through the current preservation of the Bradley Center and a focus on planning for the future.

Colbert has served with distinction as a member of the Bradley Center Sports and Entertainment Corporation Board of
Directors since 1999. During his tenure, Mr. Colbert has served as Chairman of the Investment and Finance Committee,
and member of the Executive Committee and Building Committee. Mr.Colbert's advice and counsel have been instrumental in enabling the Bradley Center to operate more efficiently and position itself in the future to continue to fulfill
the mission first established by the original gift from Jane Bradley Pettit, for the benefit of the citizens of the
State of Wisconsin.

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