Medical Update on Carlos Delfino


Milwaukee Bucks General Manager John Hammond announced the following medical update on forward Carlos Delfino:

Carlos Delfino (6-6, 230) was evaluated today by nationally recognized neuropsychologist Dr. Michael McCrea and Bucks team physician Dr. Sam Idarraga.

The evaluation showed Delfino to be about 90 percent free of his concussion-like symptoms. Drs. McCrea and Idarraga recommended 2-to-3 days of additional rest for Delfino followed by a few days of progressive low-impact physical activity (stationery bike riding or elliptical). Based on his daily progress, Delfino may follow his low-impact activity with progressive basketball activities.

The nature of head and neck injury recovery makes it a slow process which is difficult to predict. Without any setbacks, Delfino could return to normal basketball activity in approximately two weeks.

Including tonight's game at Cleveland, Delfino has missed the last six games due to his injury.

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