The Unpredictable
Two out of the top six players from the 2002 draft are still playing in the NBA. And both of them happen to play for the Bucks: Mike Dunleavy (#3) and Drew Gooden (#4). Meanwhile, Yao Ming (#1), Jay Williams (#2), Nickoloz Tskitishvili (#5), and Dajuan Wagner (#6) are no longer in the league, for widely varying reasons.

In contrast to the draft one season earlier, the 2003 draft counts four present-day stars among its top six picks: LeBron James (#1), Carmelo Anthony (#3), Chris Bosh (#4), and Dwyane Wade (#5).

Bucks Select A Seat Event

The Bucks pick 12th in the 2012 NBA Draft...but talented NBA prospects won't be the only thing being selected during draft week. The BMO Harris Bradley Center will be open for Select-A-Seat event on Thursday, June 28 and Friday, June 29 for fans to test cheer the best seats available for the 2012-13 season.