Did you check out the 1990s jerseys the Milwaukee Bucks broke out Feb. 1 to tip off the National Basketball Association's annual Hardwood Classics initiative?

The Bucks will wear the green, purple, silver and white threads, which were worn as alternate uniforms during the 1995-96 season, in 10 games this season as the league celebrates the unique uniform stylings of the 1990s.

Little brothers are always getting the raw end of the deal. Secondhand clothes, the bottom bunk, constant ridicule from your older brother’s friends who think they are way cooler than they actually are - even though you totally saw one of them biff their dunk attempt on a Fisher-Price hoop last week. Whatever the case, it’s evident why little brothers can easily build up a sense of aggression towards their older brother that unleashes unlike anything else when the chance to compete head to head in sports arrives.