Home Opener Hunt

Bango's favorite time of year has arrived! And although he isn't terribly fond of hunting season, the Bucks furry mascot is a huge fan of Bucks Basketball season and scavenger hunts. So prepare for both. On Thursday morning, @bucks are going to be dropping some clues to a few of Bango's favorite Milwaukee landmarks. If you look hard enough, you'll find Bango hanging out with a brand new authentic game jersey and a pair of tickets to the Bucks Home Opener on Saturday night. Drop the password into @BucksBango's ear, "I'm looking for my TICKET TO AMAZING" and the prize is yours!

Here is one of many hints. If you followed @bucks throughout training camp, you'll have a leg up on the competition.

You can't win it if you don't get in it. Follow @bucks.

There will be a lot of avid fans out on the hunt for Bango, so don't rely on your detective skills to land you home opener tickets.

Bucks vs Cavs | Sat, Nov. 3 | 7:30 PM | Get tickets

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