Charlie Bell Chat Transcript: March 29, 2006

Charlie chatted on March 29.
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One of the more unheralded free agent signings of the off-season is making some of the loudest noise. Bucks guard Charlie Bell spent the last four seasons playing overseas in the Spanish and Italian Leagues after playing just seven games in the NBA during the 2001-02 season.

Bell has been a key contributor off the Bucks bench this season, averaging 7.5 points and 2.1 assists, and has started the last two games due to injuries to T.J. Ford and Mo Williams. In those two starts, Bell is averaging 16.5 points, 9.0 assists, 6.0 rebounds and 2.5 steals, including his first ever double-double (18 points and 11 assists) vs. Toronto on Sunday. Charlie then followed that up with a career-game, posting a triple-double (19 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds) in a thrilling home victory over NBA MVP Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns.

Charlie, a native of Flint, MI is chatted live online with fans on March 29. Check out the complete chat transcript below:

Rachel/ Milwaukee: How did it feel to have your first triple double last night against Steve Nash, and the Phoenix Suns?

Charlie Bell: It was great. Going up against the reigning MVP of the NBA and someone I look up to and someone I was a teammate of in Dallas, was just great in so many ways.

Nick (St. Francis, WI): A Milwaukee paper mentioned you wore a new pair of shoes when you tallied your triple-double? Do you plan on wearing them again or putting them aside for posterity?

Charlie Bell: I'm taking them off. I've retired those.

Kimberly *Mequon*: Hello Charlie Bell!!! I am such a big fan!! WoW.. you are so good!!! How do you make so many three's? and... How do you make your free-throws? do you have any strategy??? oh yea, and one more question... are you ever going to be avalible for autograph signing??? If you are please tell me the dates!!!! -Kimberly... #1 fan!

Charlie Bell: Just practice. I come back to the gym almost every night when I have a free night. Me and Brian James, an assistant coach head out to the gym and keep putting up shots and working on that. The autographs, you'll have to contact the Bucks P.R. group.

Andy (Chicago via EL): Charlie - As a former Spartan (like myself), do you feel Tom Izzo prepared you well for the NBA? How? What would be different from other coaches? And how does his style compare to NBA coaches?

Charlie Bell: He gets you ready in every aspect of the game. When I got to State, I was mostly just an offensive player, and Coach Izzo got me looking and film and working on other aspects of my game, especially my defense and that is something that he really helped me with.

Michael Toronto: Who is a better shooter you or your buddy Morris Peterson?

Charlie Bell: Ha-ha (Laughing) Morris is a great shooter, he always has been, but I'm gettin there. I'm gaining on him and I might still pass him!

Josh (Ann Arbor): Who has been the greatest influence on your game?

Charlie Bell: Hmmm. Tough one. I don't know, there are lots of people I played with, like Steve Nash, who knows how to run a team and get people involved. Jason Kidd is another one, who really does all the little things not just for his game, but to get his teammates playing better and to win games. That's what I try to do.

Juan (Lugo,Spain): Hi Charlie,all the city this proud one of you, we miss you and all your triumphs we feel them as ours, we desire you the best in your career.¿ you feel better playing of PG or of SG? a hug of your friends of the forum ACB.

Charlie Bell: It's difficult to say. Maybe the point guard. I started off as a shooting guard in college, but I've been gaining confidence and the point and it's starting to grow on me, the ability to have the ball in your hands and set the tempo and make decisions.

Josh (Bahamas): Nice triple double! What is your favorite shot to work on?

Charlie Bell: Right now I think I'm shooting alot of threes, because I get those open opportunities. What I think I may work on this summer is a runner, a floater in the lane that I can knock down on penetration. That would be a nice addition to my game.

Eric Poetzl (Big Bend, Wi.): Hey Charlie, I was just wondering how it was being out of the leage since 01-02 and now being able to contribute so much after being out of the NBA so long. Congrats on your triple-double! GO BUCKS

Charlie Bell: It was difficult leaving the NBA and my family to play in Europe. To come back now and have a big role on this team, is something I could barely dream of. It's really been great.

Joe, Newmarket: Charlie whats your fav sports movie of all time?

Charlie Bell: I like Above the Rim with Tupac.

Oconomowoc: Charlie, you did AWESOME ON TUESDAY!!! YOUR A HUGE FACTOR IN THE BUCKS SUCCESS!!! What do you think about the bucks chances beating the Pistons on Friday

Charlie Bell: I think we have a good chance. The last time we played there, we took them into OT. We have the confidence now and if we go in there and play like we did last night, I really feel we can go to Detroit and beat them.

Charlie Bell: I'd like to say thanks to everyone for following me throughout the years. Thanks for the support and I will continue to work hard. Thanks again and I hope you keep supporting me, the Bucks and Michigan State.