Bucks Unveil Updated Logo, New Color Scheme

June 28, 2006 - The Milwaukee Bucks have officially unveiled their updated logo and new color scheme. General Manager Larry Harris revealed the new look tonight at the Bucks Training Center in conjunction with the 2006 NBA Draft. The new look will take effect immediately and be in place for the 2006-07 season and beyond, appearing on all uniforms, warm-ups and other official apparel and gear.

“We listened very closely to fan feedback and talked with our players. We also consulted internally with key management, the NBA’s creative staff, and the league licensees to arrive at this, our new identity,” Bucks General Manager Larry Harris said. “We’re thrilled with the outcome. Forest green has been a staple of our color scheme throughout team history, and we were able to couple that with two other recognizable colors from the past – a striking version of red and the silver from our previous logo.”

The identity renewal process covered eighteen months of collaboration by the Bucks with various NBA departments and key licensees. NBA Creative Services and merchandising consultants worked with Bucks officials to arrive at the finished product point. The new updated identity includes a refined primary logo, a refined secondary logo, and new home and road uniform designs, manufactured by Adidas. Uniform designs will be shown in September.

“The historical Bucks forest green and the silver introduced in 1993 remain in the identity, but purple has been replaced by a deep red – more sophisticated than the classic red used in the Bucks’ color palette from 1968 through the mid-80’s,” Vice President of NBA Apparel Christopher Arena said. “The deep red is in line with the team’s history and representative of their renewed commitment to intensity and energy.”

The basic structure of the primary logo remains in place, but several areas have been enhanced. The wordmark “Bucks” now includes a more rigid, etched font with a retaining shape that mirrors the structure of the letters. The eyes of the buck have changed from purple to green, and the upside-down triangle that sits in the back of the logo has changed from purple to red. The box that outlines the word “Bucks” has been altered as well. A “MILWAUKEE” wordmark, although not used in the primary logo, was created and will be used on various team materials and licensed products. The secondary logo includes the same color changes, but also adds a shadowing effect to the antlers that provides more dimension to this mark.

In addition to the updated logo and new colors, the Bucks will also have a new playing court design for the Bradley Center and Training Center by late July to complement new uniforms for the 2006-07 season.

  • The new logo update is just the third logo identity in Milwaukee’s 38-year history. The original logo in 1968 featured a caricature of a buck wearing a sweater emblazoned with the letter “B” and spinning a basketball on one hoof while sitting on top of the words “Milwaukee Bucks”. Official team colors during that period were forest green, red and white. In 1993, new team colors of hunter-forest green, purple and silver replaced the red, green and white, and were incorporated with a totally new logo design.

  • The Bucks new identity launch will be supported by a media and promotional platform that includes print advertising, mobile billboard coverage in the downtown area, Bucks.com web site coverage (including a new-look site), an outdoor video marquee display at the Bradley Center and an 11-day presence at Milwaukee’s world-class lakefront music festival, Summerfest.

  • Bucks merchandise containing the new colors and updated logo will be available at Milwaukee’s Summerfest from Thursday, June 29 through Sunday, July 9. Fans can be among the first to purchase new Bucks gear at the Milwaukee Bucks Summerfest Headquarters located at the Summerfest Sports Zone. Bucks players Mo Williams and Charlie Bell are featured guests of the Bucks Experience Show on six of the days (appearing at 1:00 p.m. on June 29, June 30, July 1 and July 5-7). The show also features Bucks mascot Bango, the Energee! Dance Team and is hosted by Jim Paschke.

  • In addition to the Bucks Experience Show at Summerfest, Bucks fans are also invited to visit the Bradley Center to receive ticket package information for the 2006-07 season and receive a new-logo Bucks t-shirt.