Bucks, Bradley Center Announce New "Club Cambria" Lounge

October 26, 2005 - The Milwaukee Bucks and the Bradley Center today announced that they have teamed up with a new corporate sponsor to establish "Club Cambria," a club that will combine prime seats and high-quality food in a club-like setting at the Downtown sports and entertainment facility.

CAMBRIA, a Minneapolis-based company that is the only American producer of natural quartz surfaces, has become a new corporate sponsor of the team at the Bradley Center and will help establish the club, which has been created from eight existing suites on the building’s north end. Since this project is a major renovation of the current space, “Club Cambria” will be rolled out in two phases during the upcoming year. The first phase will be introduced with the Bucks home opener on Saturday, November 5, against the Miami Heat, and the upscale transformation of the “Club Cambria” space will be unveiled at the start of the Bucks’ 2006/07 season when the total renovation is complete.

In addition to naming rights, signage and other promotional elements, CAMBRIA will supply the new game night entertainment venue with natural quartz countertops, bar tops, tabletops and restroom finishes throughout the club. Season subscriptions cost $4,100 and include all 41 home games the Bucks will play at the Bradley Center during the season, and food, beverage and amenities.

Patrons of “Club Cambria” also will be able to purchase tickets for other Bradley Center special events and take advantage of their membership at activities other than Bucks games. Marquette University and the Admirals, both of which use the Bradley Center as their home facility for men’s basketball and ice hockey, respectively, also are expected to offer their own programs in “Club Cambria” to their fans as well.

A “Club Cambria” subscription will include a prime seat in the club for all Bucks home games, an hors d'oeuvre buffet and dessert provided by Levy Restaurants, beer, wine and soft drinks, a special concierge and other game day services. For more information click on "Club Cambria," or call Bucks Director of Sales Jim Grayson at 414-227-0535.

“We’ve been listening to our fans, and many have been asking for a more unique experience at the games,” said John Steinmiller, vice president of business operations for the Bucks. “A high-quality, club-like setting that combines a great seat to an exciting game with fine food and beverage is something that appeals to many of our fans. We look forward to offering this option to those who want added amenities and something different at the Bradley Center. We chose Cambria as the surfacing product because it has a beautiful, natural look and is extremely durable. It was exciting for us to develop a marketing relationship with Cambria that extends beyond the product we put inside the Club.”

CAMBRIA’s Director of Brand Management Ian Thorburn said the new partnership with the Bucks and the Bradley Center “is a perfect fit” for the company.

“The Bucks are an exciting team on the rise, and they successfully draw tens of thousands of fans who have a demonstrated interest in products like ours. The new ‘Club Cambria’ will provide a perfect venue to highlight and showcase our products with an influential group of customers in an exciting and fun setting,” Thorburn added. “Milwaukee is an important growth market for the Cambria brand, and we are excited to have it be affiliated with the growth and success of the Bucks.”

Steve Costello, president of the Bradley Center, said opening “Club Cambria” is one of many fan enhancements and building upgrades being planned for the coming season.

“‘Club Cambria” is a great addition and a good beginning, and we have more in the works for our fans. In Levy Restaurants we have a new food provider partner that is nationally recognized as one of the best, and fans will be able to taste, smell and see the difference right away,” Costello said. “We also have a new merchandise marketing company, EMI, working with us, and we’ll offer our fans a newly remodeled retail store, as well as more shopping options throughout the building.”

Costello said Bradley Center staff and contractors are working on other new fan amenities and building upgrades that are expected to be ready in the coming weeks. He said that some of those additions will take advantage of the prime space made available when the Bradley Center established a no smoking policy throughout the common areas of the facility.

“We are racing against the clock, but we are optimistic that we’ll be able to show fans a variety of new things at the Bradley Center come November 5,” Costello said. “These enhancements and upgrades will not only be enjoyed by NBA fans, but also by those who attend Marquette and Admirals games and the other entertainment programs and family shows that regularly visit the Bradley Center and make it the number one entertainment destination in Downtown Milwaukee.”


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