Mock Draft Survey Update

by Alex Boeder Writer

Since the last time we mock draft surveyed three weeks ago, things have changed quite a lot.

With one week before the draft, it is now impossible to fit the words Joel Embiid in his small slice of the Bucks pie chart. Tough formatting times for me. 

A few weeks ago, it went like this: Joel Embiid (7), Jabari Parker (7), Andrew Wiggins (6).

Now it looks like this: Jabari Parker (15), Andrew Wiggins (9), Joel Embiid (1).

Naturally, a lot of the previous Embiid picks switched to Parker picks, including from notables such as Chad Ford. And then, Wiggins also picked up some of those old Embiid picks, including from Chris Mannix.  

A lot of this depends on the projections for Cleveland at #1 of course, and, Embiid has locked down the top spot in a majority of these mock drafts.


Here are some quotes from the survey.


The Bucks can't go wrong with the second pick. Either they're getting a 6'9 forward who should be able to score from all three levels from day one or a 6'8 athletic freak with lockdown defensively ability and a ceiling that feels limitless. In this situation, the Bucks have to decide how Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins would fit into their roster and culture above anything else. For those reasons, we think they'll take Parker.

An elite offensive talent is never going to get to Milwaukee any other way but through the draft. Wiggins might have a higher ceiling than Parker, but the jury is still out on if he'll ever be a great offensive player. Parker has done just about all he can to show that he should be 20-points-per-game scorer for the next decade and beyond.

The Bucks already have a long athletic forward on the wing in Giannis Antetokounmpo. Parker's ability to stretch the floor from the perimeter and score in isolation situations gives Milwaukee an ideal second piece to the puzzle.

Parker is a smart young prospect that is not only a polished offensive talent, but is also a marketable talent for a market with a star. With the long athletes in place already in Larry Sanders and Giannis Antetokounmpo he is able to step-in immediately as a scorer on the offensive side of things. As an athlete Parker is undervalued and has terrific length for his future as an NBA combo forward. Situation is nearly as important as talent as we have seen year over year where very talented prospects flounder with poor situations. The Bucks provide Parker with a great situation to build around him as the face of the franchise with new ownership, a new head coach, and nowhere to go but up from here.

Ideally, Joel Embiid will be given a clean bill of health, and I would put him in this slot. However, until that happens, Parker becomes Milwaukee’s best option at No. 2. Parker will give them an instant boost in scoring, and the ability to play him inside or out should give the coaching staff plenty of lineup options.

Parker is the most NBA-ready top prospect, without the same high ceiling as the others but also without the same risk. That could become the deciding factor for a general manager who likes job security. Plus, some teams see Parker as a power forward, an added appeal for the Bucks with Giannis Atetokounmpo coming off a promising rookie season at small forward.


Could the Bucks really pass up Wiggins here? Maybe. The Bucks have had long looks at all the top prospects -- including Dante Exum, who worked out for Milwaukee over the weekend -- and seem impressed by each of them. Parker is viewed as the most NBA-ready but most scouts still see Wiggins as having the highest ceiling. Also, Wiggins can play two-guard, a plus for the Bucks, who already have Giannis Antetokounmpo at the three. There is no consensus on this pick. For now, expect them to lean towards Wiggins. 

The Bucks under new ownership will want to make a splash with the biggest star in the draft, and there isn't a bigger potential star than Andrew Wiggins. He'll give them options with lineup versatility, he'll be incredibly easy to market, and you're going to put fans in the stands right away to see what kind of star he'll be in the league. 

Personally, I'd have a hard time passing on Wiggins if I were Cleveland, and I'm not sure I'd select Embiid ahead of him even if I genuinely believed the back injury is a non-issue. So Milwaukee should be thrilled. Getting a world-class athlete with the potential of Wiggins without winning the lottery is about as good as consolation prizes get. The high-flying wing will be a better pro than he was a college player, and he was a really, really good college player -- someone who averaged a team-best 17.1 points per game for the Big 12 champions. 

Rumors have the 76ers trading up to try and grab Wiggins, but I’m assuming no trades in this mock draft. Wiggins’ athleticism is without parallel in this draft (or nearly any draft, for that matter), but I keep hearing differing opinions on him. Said one league insider: “The higher the proclaimed upside for a guy, the more potential he is for a bust. Wiggins has the best chance to be a bust because people think he has the best chance to be franchise player. And Wiggins will never be a franchise player.” In other words, if he scores 15 points per game over a respectable 10-year career, Wiggins will be considered a bust. Wiggins is as dynamic on defense as he is in transition, but he’ll struggle at first in the NBA creating offense in the halfcourt, sources believe. Still, another international talent evaluator who has studied Wiggins for years told me this: “We haven’t seen the best of him yet. He’ll settle in once he’s finally in the league and not worried about getting there and impressing people.” That talent evaluator told me Wiggins will dig deep to find the competitiveness he lacked in college, when he sometimes drifted, other times excelled. A model for Wiggins’ development could be Anthony Davis: Hold him back a bit during his rookie year to learn the league, then cut him loose for a breakout sophomore season.


Here are the 25 surveyed. Thanks again to all.

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