Outside of Hoop Troop, what do you devote your time to?
I work at Children’s Hospital on the cancer unit, and I’m going to school full-time to obtain my Biology/Nursing degree.

Do you have a special talent?
I have been doing gymnastics and cheerleading since I first could walk!

What is something interesting about you that people don’t know?
I compete in beauty pageants.

Who is your biggest role model?
I look up to all the children I work with. Fighting cancer is not easy, and yet these kids have so much energy and spirit. It truly is inspiring. My role model growing up was my mom. She’s the strongest woman I know and she always seems to have her ducks in a row :o)

Do you have a favorite Bucks player?

What is your dream vacation destination?
Cayman Islands

What is your favorite candy?

What is your favorite holiday?
Christmas; it’s the only time I get to see my entire family.

What is your favorite movie?

Do you have a celebrity crush?
Does Irsan count?