Bucks at Sixers
Lead Changes: 11
Times Tied: 4


Attendance: 17,281
Duration: 2 hours and 58 minutes


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Head Coach Scott Skiles

Q: Today just seemed like they got the lead early on and you were battling back the entire game.

We just didnt have enough quality possession. We need to have two or three or four players to really play well. I felt like [Jrue] Holiday really kind of dominated the game. He had a lot of poise and kind of played at his pace, and obviously we didnt do a very good job on him.

Q: You mentioned turnovers before the game. Did you feel that was a big factor today?

We dodged a bullet at halftime, the fact that we had nine turnovers but only for 10 points. We took some hope in that, and maybe we could come out and get something going. Each time we tried to get a little bit something going, either a mistake would happen or they would rattle off a couple baskets, and [we] couldnt catch up.

Q: What did you think of Andrew Boguts performance today?

He was good. We arent having any issues finding a guy to play well in a game. We are having issues of getting multiple guys to play well in the game, on both ends. Our defense still wasnt very good tonight, even though they didnt get 110 on us or anything. There were just too many breakdowns, and we have got to get better.

Center Andrew Bogut

Q: The 76ers had four players in double figures. Was that a problem for the team?

Yeah, I think so. I think teams like Philly cause some trouble, because they dont really with no disrespect to their best players but they dont really have a superstar player. Thats what makes them so tough. They are very, very balanced. With our defense, sometimes it is hard, because you dont know who is going to get off. Our defense is pretty careful to stop one or two guys. We have got to work on that. Most of the time, they broke us down one-on-one, in straight line drives to the basket. Everyone has got to help. They are a very underrated team. They move the ball very well, they have a very balanced attack, and they are very well coached, so the result was inevitable tonight.

Q: Did you see any improvement from these guys?

No, I mean, when our defense is going to get beat one-on-one, which is on everyone, including myself, when you are guarding your guy, you have a responsibility of keeping him out of the paint. Try and stop him from scoring. If things break down, which they usually do in the NBA, our team defensive principles are there. We hope teammates will help cover. But at the end of the day, guys are just taking us one-on-one.

Obviously, we have got to react, and it is causing us problems. If we cant keep guys in front of us, we arent going to have a chance to win many games. Sometimes we get there late, and thats my responsibility, but sometimes you get there early and the ball gets reversed, and they hit open shots. They made some tough shots tonight, but for the most part especially in the first quarter they made layup after layup after layup, and its hard to bounce back from that.

Q: You were coming from behind the whole game, that had to be tough.

They are a very balanced team. I have respect for the way they are coached and the way they play. Its very hard to scout. Its very hard to guard, because they are constantly moving the ball. There isnt one guy. You pick up a scouting report and you say, Whos the guy we have to stop to win this game? and theres four or five of them. Any one of them can have 20, and thats just the nature of the beast against the 76ers.

BACK-TO-BACK STATS Monday's game in Philadelphia will mark the start of the fifth back-to-back set for the Bucks this season. In the four opening games to this point, the Bucks are 1-3, but 0-3 on the road.

MOST VALUABLE AUSSIE When the former first-overall pick has been in the Bucks lineup, the team is 4-2, both losses coming by a mere 6 points combined.

QUARTERLY REPORT In the first eight games of the season, Milwaukee came out of the gate strong, outscoring opponents by an average of 6.4 points in the first half, but the faded in the second half, trailing by an average of 8.8 points. In their last two victories against San Antonio and Detroit, the Bucks were able to maintain their momentum throughout all four quarters. But in Friday's loss to the Mavs, the Bucks reverted to their old ways, as their shooting percentage dropped each quarter.

  • Through 11 games this season, the Bucks have already lost 33 games to injuries/illness/other. Of the seven names on that list, five are players who have started for the team.

  • The Bucks are still looking for their first win on the road after remaining undefeated at the Bradley Center through four games. The 76ers have not lost a game in the Wells Fargo Center, most recently beating the Wizards 120-89 in Philly on 01/13.

  • Brandon Jennings had a team-high 19 points in 26 minutes on Friday night in Dallas. The performance marked the seventh time this season that Jennings has led the team in scoring.

  • Carlos Delfino grabbed a game-high four steals against the Mavericks, his highest number this season. Delfino also recorded four steals in the 3/12/11 matchup against the 76ers last season.

  • Shaun Livingston came off the bench Friday night to score 15 points his highest total this season. That performance marked the second game in a row that a Bucks reserve scored in double digits, as Ersan Ilyasova had 14 points vs. Detroit the night before.

*Projected Starters by Bucks.com

Player Injury
Luc Mbah a Moute Right knee contusion
Beno Udrih Left shoulder contusion
Mike Dunleavy Groin pain
Player Injury
Spencer Hawes Low back strain
Game-time decision

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