Truman Reed Index rates Bucks best drafts

1969 cast may never be paralleled

By Truman Reed

The 2010 National Basketball Association Draft was the 43rd for the Milwaukee Bucks, and students of Bucks history can attest to the fact that the draft is rarely a venture of certainty.

Even with the extensive network of scouts that NBA teams have today, they can still have a difficult time determining which players are iron-clad locks to become NBA mainstays and which will spend most of their short-lived pro careers clanging the iron of NBA rims.

The Bucks have, however, had their share of draft successes, and in this segment, the Truman Reed Index (TRI) returns to rate Milwaukee's top five drafts of all time.


Number one is a no-brainer, though the pivotal choice was essentially made by another team before the draft was even held.

Heading into the 1969 NBA Draft, the Bucks and the Phoenix Suns, who were coming off their expansion seasons, participated in a coin flip to determine which team would own the first pick in the draft. The Suns called "heads," the coin came up "tails," and that all but guaranteed the Bucks a dramatic overnight improvement.

That's because the consensus No. 1 pick was Lew Alcindor, who later became known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The 7 foot, 2