A lot of fans are curious about what kinds of cars are parked in the player parking lot. In Milwaukee, one in particular stands out from the rest...and not for reasons one would think.

Marquis Daniels' GMC Southern Comfort Van stands out, literally, as the biggest vehicle parked outside the training center in St. Francis, WI. More notably, it's also probably the most unique. After all, when you think NBA athlete, conversion van probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind.

"I just wanted something I could drive every day and nobody really knows who it is. I can just blend in," said Marquis of his 2010 GMC Savana.

As an undrafted, ten year NBA veteran, Marquis displays a humble demeanor. As a dad, Marquis always has family in mind. Add the two together and you get one big, smooth (southern) comfortable ride...with party lights, of course.

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