Jake's Take: Breaking Down Young Buck’s Chances - 1/14/11

January 14, 2011
Jake LeRoy [@JakesTake34]

Bucks at Sixers

Bucks 94, Sixers 95
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  • Brandon Jennings' rookie season had no shortage of excitement. Between his pull-up three-pointers, floaters in the lane and lefty finger rolls at the rim, there was very little that Jennings didn't do at the offensive end. The one weapon in his game that was glaringly absent from his repertoire was The Dunk. There may have been one or two stuffs splashed in throughout the season, but nothing remotely worthy of being tabbed "Dunk of the Night."

    It has been obvious to me that Jennings has aimed to rectify that omission this season. He's been much more aggressive when given the opportunity to throw one down. Between the increased hostility toward the rim and his acceptance of Darryl Dawkins' personal invitation to the NBA Dunk Contest, it's evident that Jennings wants to assure any doubters that he can and will throw down.

    Jennings will be competing in this year's dunk contest against big men Blake Griffin, JaVale McGee and Serge Ibaka. Make no mistake about it, Jennings is facing some stiff competition. Despite their impressive r