Jake's Take: Make or Break Time, 1/12/11

January 12, 2011
Jake LeRoy [@JakesTake34]

Bucks vs Spurs

Bucks 84, Spurs 91
Gameday Recap
  • Breaking in the New Year
  • Run, Bucks, Run
  • Turning the Corner
  • Finishing Strong
  • Bucks Mashup, Part II
  • Bucks Mashup, Part I
  • A Battle of Past vs Present
  • Know Your Role
  • Bucks Beat Features
  • There comes a moment in the NBA when a team's season can be defined by a specific sequence of events. There are games that either propel a team toward a successful postseason run or doom it to a seat at the Draft Lottery. That stretch of games for the Bucks commences as soon as the final whistle blows against the Spurs.

    As noted by ESPN's John Hollinger, the Bucks have played the league's hardest schedule thus far, and it really hasn't even been close. Milwaukee's opponents boast a comprehensive winning percentage of .560, a relatively large two percent higher than the next closest team.

    That number climbs even higher over the last 10 games, with Milwaukee opponents winning an average of better than 60 percent of their games. If this were college football, this is what it would feel like if you played Auburn, Oregon and TCU on loop. If you're more basketball-inclined, it would feel like playing Duke, Ohio State and Kansas during a particularly vicious case of d