Jake's Take 10/30/10: I Now Pronounce You Head Coach and General Manager

October 30, 2010
Jake LeRoy [@JakesTake34]

Home Opener: Bucks vs Bobcats

Bucks 98, Bobcats 88
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  • Meeting Expectations is No Easy Task
  • The Power of the Beard
  • Piecing the Puzzle Together
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  • "I, John Hammond, take you, Scott Skiles, to be my motivating head coach, to inspire and to encourage the Bucks from this day forward, for winning, for losing, for playoffs, for championships, when healthy and when injured, until death do us part."

    "I, Scott Skiles, take you, John Hammond, to be my general manager, to build and to construct a well-balanced and cohesive roster, for winning, for losing, for playoffs, for championships, when healthy and when injured, until death do us part."

    "By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you Head Coach and General Manager. You may now win a championship."

    Prior to today's home opener, I attended an outdoor wedding amidst the wilderness of Wisconsin. It was a lovely ceremony that featured a quick, 5-minute ceremony (always nice), a fantastic spread, great friends and, most importantly, an open bar. The wedding, combined with the recent passing of my own first anniversary and a countless number of additional weddings this summer, triggered another one of my strange trips down Analogy Boulevard.

    While there are some obvious differences on the surface, I couldn't help but find myself comparing a marriage to the relationship between a head coach and GM. They both consist of two people working together on a daily basis in an effort to produce the best results possible. There'll be some differences along the way, some disagreements, a fair amount of bickering, but at the end of the day, both parties generally want the same thing. Like I was told in abundance prior to my marriage, it's all about compromise and seeing the other's point of view.

    Granted, I've never been a head coach or a general manager in the NBA. Shocking, I know. But I imagine that the partnership between a head coach and GM shares some similarities with the day-to-day life described above. From what I can gather, Hammond and Skiles have an excellent working relationship. They came on board at the same time and own a shared vision. For all intents and purposes, Hammond and Skiles are the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston of the NBA. No, that's not it. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez? Nope. Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey? That's a little bit better, but still a little weird. Apparently I've been slacking on my Us Weekly.

    According to numerous sources, the average length of all marriages is 24 years. Based on the recent extensions Hammond and Skiles received, the pair should be building contenders through the 2012-13 season. That's a pretty decent six-year marriage that'll put them at a quarter of the way through a typical real marriage, and give them a significant leg up on the usual head coach-general manager affiliation.

    Whether or not that relationship can be extended another 18 years will likely come down to, you guessed it, compromise and seeing the other's point of view. While Hammond makes the final decisions, not unlike my wife, Skiles will have some input in the process, which is a luxury that most husbands