Jake's Take: 10/19/10

October, 19, 2010
Jake LeRoy [@JakesTake34]

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  • Every significant technological movement starts with an innovator. This is the individual who takes a concept or practice and brings it to the masses. These practices are then closely diagnosed and eventually improved upon. This country wouldn't be what it is today if we didn't constantly advance what is already in front of us. Sometimes these advancements come in the form of enhancing an idea. Other times these advancements come in the form of enhancing how the idea is utilized.

    A perfect example would be the social medium known as twitter, and how professional athletes have used it to develop their own personal brand. In the timeline outlined above, Shaquille O'Neal would be the innovator, the originator if you will. Other athletes may have been using twitter before Shaq, but none used it to their advantage quick like The Big [Fill in the Blank]. Shaq popularized twitter to the point where his NBA colleagues almost had to follow suit, or risk falling behind.

    But like everything else in this world, Shaq's use of twitter would inevitably be studied and remolded into something even better. Enter Milwaukee's Chris Douglas-Roberts. While Shaq may have set the initial bar, CD-R has taken that bar and bumped it up about a dozen notches.

    CD-R has revolutionized the way twitter is being used. Not only is he building his own brand by showcasing his vibrant personality, but he's connecting with fans on another level that has yet to be explored. He's blatantly transparent about who he is as a person, and that transparency endears him to his nearly 23,000 followers. Most NBA fans are curious about the day-to-day activities of a professional basketball player. CD-R opens that door and welcomes his fans into his life, and he does so with open arms.

    In doing so, CD-R has given fans the kind of access that was previously foreign to most. Most of us could now approach him and immediately start up a conversation because we know seemingly everything there is to know about him. We know his likes, we know his dislikes and we know how to approach him. And we know all of this because he's tweeted approximately 14,000 times. At 140 characters per tweet, that's 1,960,000 characters of background information. That's a lot to work with.

    In preparation for this post, I researched CD-R's last 10 weeks worth of tweets. Believe me when I tell you it was no easy task. It was incredibly time consuming, and my eyes have yet to uncross from staring at my laptop for much longer than what would be considered healthy. Through this extensive research, I've determined that CD-R's tweets can be broken into seven categories: the University of Memphis, personal appearance, the Milwaukee Bucks, his hometown city of Detroit, life advice, general musings and replies to followers. Here is what I have learned.

    Milwaukee Bucks
    Prior to the season, CD-R was looking forward to practicing against John Salmons ... A win is a win and he doesn't care if it's the preseason ... He enjoys being guarded by Luc Richard Mbah a Moute because The Prince is one the league's top five defenders and will only make him better ... He's never been pushed harder than by the Bucks coaching staff ... He begged Larry Sanders and Tiny Gallon to get haircuts, otherwise he'd have to go incognito ... The Bucks expect a lot out of him ... He's ready to get involved in the Milwaukee community ... He treated Sanders, Gallon and Darington Hobson to lunch ... He loves the cost of living in Milwaukee ... "Teach Me How to Dougie" will play every time he scores at the Bradley Center.

    CDR will be a celebrity judge at Memphis Madness ... He still bleeds Tiger blue ... He left school early because he felt he had nothing left to prove and felt the odds of returning to the national championship were slim ... His transition from high school to college was made easier by the university ... He has a loyal group of followers who are strongly petitioning for his jersey to be retired ... He recently got his car towed in Memphis because he had his phone on his lap and he was eating Lemonheads ... He remains close with college teammates Derrick Rose, Joey Dorsey, Robert Dozier and others ... An out-the-door line of people turned out for the grand opening of a Sports Authority in Memphis just to get his autograph.

    Personal Appearance
    Before CD-R goes to bed, he washes his face, brushes his teeth and asks the mirror, "Who is the flyest of them all?" ... He owns a throwback Pete Maravich Jazz jersey ... He recommends cleaning your ears before going to bed ... He likes Louis Vuitton luggage, but not the monogram design, and can't be looking like those power forwards and centers ... He believes Levi jeans should be left to cowboys and country singers ... He thinks fellas should get rid of jeans with designs on the back pockets ... If the beater is not black, he's not wearing it ... When wearing Chuck Taylors, he says they should be laced up to the top two holes ... He's always been fresh.

    CD-R always has 100-plus people in attendance when playing at the Palace of Auburn Hills ... He feels he's the appropriate role model for youths in Detroit ... He grew up on 30th and McGraw ... Detroit is cursed because Jim Joyce cost Armando Galarraga a no-hitter, Calvin Johnson had a touchdown reversed and he got drafted No. 40 ... He met with Detroit Mayor and former NBAer Dave Bing to talk about the city's problems.

    Life Advice
    Food is the fastest way to a man's heart ... Don't borrow any money unless you absolutely need it ... Never use your own money to open up your first business ... Be ambitious ... Making excuses will actually make things worse ... Being from the hood is no excuse to be broke ... Men should not use a mirror to take pictures ... Every playa must have a jacuzzi in his house ... When approaching a player in a restaurant, wait until they're done eating before speaking to them ... Every home theatre should have an antique popcorn machine ... Never point fingers when you're having a bad day ... If your body's not tired, you're not putting in the work ... Don't strive for mediocrity ... Every playa must have a bottle of Ros