Jake's Take: 6/21/10

June 21, 2010
Jake LeRoy

The Perfect Prospect

Every year around this time, general managers, coaches, journalists, television personalities and anyone with an Internet connection, pour over the ins and outs of anybody and everybody that could be selected in the upcoming draft. It's awesome. I love it. I eat it all up. I read every word and watch every show possible leading up that wonderful June evening.

A large majority of what's discussed revolves around the pros and cons of each player. What are their best attributes? How will they fit within the confines of this particular team? What are their most glaring weaknesses? That last question is one that always has an answer. Decision-makers will find a player's flaws no matter how long it takes, and as well they should. They're simply doing their due diligence. But what if a player came along that had no flaws? This player was perfect in every way, shape and form. As far as I can tell, that player has never come along, and probably never will. But what if?

This is what I'm going to try and create today. I'm going to put on my long white lab coat, invite my hunchbacked friend down to my laboratory and create the most devastatingly dominant player of the 2010 Draft. I'm going to do this by picking and choosing the best qualities of the entrants in this year's draft and combining those characteristics into one unstoppable force. We shall call him ... Arvydas Johnson.

The Measurements
Length of Hassan Whiteside (Marshall, 6'11" 235 lbs): Length is one of the few desirable qualities that can't be earned or learned. A player can put the work in to add strength, or learn how to shoot a 15-footer. But they can't learn how to be long, which is what makes a player like Whiteside so valuable. Whiteside measures 6-foot-11