6th Fan Blogger: Bucks vs. Celtics

March 9, 2010
Jake LeRoy

What a Game

In-game Musings

  • Ray Allen, to this day, is still my favorite Buck of all time. I could tell he would be great in college, and rejoiced the day Milwaukee drafted him. He's one of the few players in NBA history that was legitimately capable of winning both the dunk contest and the three-point contest. And that jump shot. It's inspiring. Watching him shoot is a life-changing experience. When I have kids and they're in the early stages of becoming the future starting point guard for the Bucks, I'm going to put them in front of the TV and have them watch DVD after DVD of Allen shooting jumpers. "That's how you do it kids. That's how you do it."
  • Have we received definitive evidence of what that white blemish is in the back of Rasheed Wallace's head? That follicle imperfection has been driving me crazy since '96. I've always assumed there was some terrible Elmer's Glue accident, but I can't be sure.
  • Bogut just sent Big Baby flying about 10-12 feet following a thunderous baseline dunk. Speaking of the large toddler, he has an arsenal of facial expressions that can compete with any one. He can do sad, he can do happy, he can do inquisitive, he can do scared, he can even do coy. The man has range on his facial expressions like Allen has on his jumper.
  • We saw the rare block/charge call with around 3:30 left in the second quarter. I'm not quite sure how a player can be called for a charge, and the player taking that charge can also be called for a block. Seems like a classic either/or situation. But it happened. It's like the unicorn of the basketball world.
  • You've got to love Brandon Jennings going at Big Baby Davis in the fourth quarter. Davis has more than 100 pounds on Jennings, but that doesn't' stop Jennings from going after him. You've got to admire the tenacity of the kid. He takes a hard foul, and comes out ready for more. And what's with Davis putting his head down and charging Jennings like a rhino? I guess if he looks like a rhino, sounds like a rhino and charges like a rhino, he must be a rhino.

Final Thoughts
Ewwwwwwwwwwwww weeee. I cannot type right now as my hands are literally shaking in excitement. What a game. It wasn't looking fantastic when the Celtics were up five with less than six minutes remaining. The Bucks stepped up when it was needed the most, though, banging out a 14-2 run over the next three minutes, capped by a Jennings floater. The highlight of the run had to be the Ersan Ilyasova pump fake and three-point play, taking out KG in the process. Ilyasova has the best pump fake in the business, and I can't get enough it. I wish there was a Bucks fantasy camp where I could fall for that pump fake. It'd be a dream come true.

The Bucks put the clamps on the Big Three of Boston, holding Garnett, Allen and Paul Pierce to 29 combined points on 10-of-29 shooting. On offense, the stars of the game were Bogut and Carlos Delfino. Bogut was strong throughout, throwing down two emphatic dunks en route to 25 points, 17 boards and four blocks. Delfino finished with 19 points -- including 5-of-7 from deep -- and eight boards,

Tonight is the reason I am a Bucks fan. The team has been through some dark times, but its games like tonight that make all of the suffering worth it. The Celtics came into town and tried to intimidate the Bucks, but they couldn't be intimidated. They stood up for themselves, and earned every ounce of this win. A quick note to the Eastern Conference: Fear the Deer.

Work hard. Play hard. Type hard.

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