Bucks Fan Blog: June 21-October 19

SEPTEMBER 19, 2005

Subject: Don't forget Jiri
Alot of people are talking about Simmons and Bogut but another guy that we picked up this year is Jiri Welsh. This man can put up at least 8 to 10 points a game comin off the bench so that is one more asset to the bucks making the playoffs this year. Lets go Bucks !!!!!
Dion Kubacki - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Santiago?
Why didn't the Bucks try to resign Daniel Santiago? I think he's so much better than Ervin Johnson.
Kevin Cohen - Mequon, WI
Subject: Toni Kukoc
I'm very glad to see you're playing this upcoming season. I cheer you from Japan. Please take care yourself. I wish you may not get hurt. And Happy Happy Birthday to Toni.
Seiko U. - Akashi, Japan
Subject: Birthday wishes
Happy Birthday, Toni!
Toni Q. - China
Subject: Anticipation
I think Larry Harris has done a masterful job supplying this Bucks team with quality depth. The Bucks are now at least two deep at every position. The Bucks may be the only team in the league next year that can boast bringing three of last years five starters off of the bench. I think our strongest lineup looks like this:
pg - Ford
sg - Redd
sf - Simmons
pf/c - Bogut
pf/c - Gadzuric

This lineup, from an offensive and defensive standpoint, gives the Bucks the best blend of talent in both the starting and backup units. Bringing Mo, Dez, Joe, and Toni off of the bench will be tough for a lot of teams to matchup with.

Why Simmons over Mason? It's all about the defensive matchups leaguewide and especially within our own division. Our first goal as a team should be to capture our division crown. Last season, while competitive with Detroit, the Bucks dropped two games in large part because of the dominance that Tayshaun Prince had over Desmond Mason. He dropped 26 and 24 on Mase with 8+ rebounds in those loses. In Prince's one matchup against Simmons last season, he was held to 10pts and 4rebs. That's pretty significant. Desmond, while extremely competitive, simply does not have the size and strength to win these divisional matchups against the likes of Prince, Artest, James, and Deng. I believe Larry brought Bobby here specifically to handle these matchups (including Carter, Pierce, Hill, ect.). Defense is the key issue here.

Kirby Lewis - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Outlook
All the right moves have been made with the possible exception of the coaching change. The additions of Simmons, Bogut, Ford and even C.Bell & E.J. will make us the best we've been since the Sidney Moncrief days. For those of you bashing the signing of E.J. let's remember that this teams' weakness is still going to be defense and any role players that can play defense are welcome. It's not like we had millions of dollars left to go after more stars. If we can stay away from the injury bug, we'll see you in the playoffs this year and compete for titles next year.
Mark Reed - Spooner, WI

SEPTEMBER 14, 2005

Subject: Outlook
I am so excited about this upcoming season. I mean they have their spark plug back in T.J Ford who will bring back their explosiveness in transition as well as on defense. They kept the same nucleus as well as added some rebounders like Simmons and Bogut. It will be a nice season but the Bucks should have never signed EJ. I can't recall what he did since he left the Bucks. I would keep Ersan on active roster and play him at times. He is young and can be real effective. I hope DG has worked on his inside game as well as his inside shooting that will make him an excellent 4 and will cause trouble for some because of his explosive nature. Mo is going to be an excellent backup at 1 his shooting is good a great passer and his quickness is awesome. If Bogut can have a great rookie season, Redd is going to have a breakout year scoring wise. With Ford's passing expect Bogut to get some easy baskets. Let's have a great season!!!!!!
Michael Balderas - Racine, WI
Subject: New look
Let's get a fresh look with the team. The old Bucks uniforms are still considered in the top 5 NBA uniforms of all-time. Why do we hold onto a look that puts us with the rest of the pack? Milwaukee is traditional city, lets bring back a traditional look...Back when the Bucks were synonymous with winning.
Robert Klos - Schaumburg, IL
Subject: Predictions
I would like to start out by saying that i think the Bucks will have a very solid year this year. They will be 5-10 games over 500. I believe that then the Bucks can make some major noise in the playoffs, possibly to the conference championship depending on if they run into Miami before that. The Bucks have enough talent and depth to make a run to the conference championship, however i belive Miami will win it all this year so they will make it as far in the playoffs before they play Miami. I belive that the additions of Bobby Simmons and Andrew Bogut will put this team back in the playoffs. I am going predict that the Bucks final record will be 46-36. Andrew Bogut, Rookie of the Year, Desmond Mason 6th man of the year, 1-2 playoff series victories.
Jared Beilke - Sussex, WI
Subject: Haislip?
The Bucks should try to pick up Marcus Haislip again. He was a pretty solid player and is still pretty young. Could probably get him for really cheap?
Andrew Wirch - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Prediction
The Bucks will probably lose 50 games again this year. Maybe next year.
Robert Thoma - Neillsville, WI

SEPTEMBER 12, 2005

Subject: Bogut fan
I'm 14 years old and i'm absolutely in love with Andrew Bogut ever since the Olympics! I hope he will bring the Bucks to victory! GO Bucks GO!!!!!!
Bailie Packer - Green River, UT
Subject: Toni K.
You signed Kukoc again!! That's why the Bucks even in Bosnia have their fans!!! See you in Finals!!
Vanja Kolenda - Sarajevo/BosniaHerzegowina
Subject: Who's gonna win it?
Love the draft pick; love the moves; Terry Stotts was kind of a lateral move in my opinion, but I'm cautiously optimistic. I can't wait for the season to start to see how these guys will do. I haven't looked forward to the start of a season this much since the '00-'01 season.

In reading some of the other posts, I tend to agree with the people saying we need a uniform update. My thinking is we should go back to the old school colors but keep the new school logo. Pretty much lose or replace everything that was purple and make it red. Except for the away jerseys, make those green again (and put MILWAUKEE on the front of the jersey as opposed to BUCKS)! GO BUCKS!

Ron Pokos - West Allis, WI
Subject: Outlook
Ok, what is the point of signing EJ? I am glad that TJ is back and ready to play this year. Also, Bogut will bring alot to the team. With TJ back and with the edition of Bogut, we have a great chance of making the playoffs. The team will be really good this year with TJ, Mason, Redd, Joe, and Bogut for the starters. GO BUCKS GO!
Adam Schanke - Wisconsin
Subject: Great job on Hurricane Relief
It was good to see that the team like the Bucks gave $500,000 of their own money to help other misfortunate out. God bless you all and I HOPE THAT THE BUCKS HAVE A GREAT SEASON THIS YEAR!
Jeff Luedtke - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Prediction
I do like the old school green jerseys but the purple ones are still sweet. I think Dan Gadzuric is under rated because now that Bogut will be the starting center, the Flying Dutchman will really be able to fly with a fresh set of legs coming off the bench. Watch for him to change games and be a big playmaker! Go Bucks! Playoffs here we come!
Henry Oneida - Milwaukee, WI


Subject: Depth
I think that we are having all of these questions about whether to start Desmond or Bobby and T.J. or Mo is amazing. Like the Brewers, we have an excess of talent, and it's great to see that we're going to have strong play off the bench as well as starting.
Corey Gloor - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Better Bucks gear
How about a better selection of Bucks merchandise? I want to see a green Bucks t-shirt or hoodie!
Chris Miller - Austin, TX
Subject: Outlook
Bucks are goin to OWN this year maybe only if Bogut gets his game up they will be great!
Zang Thao - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Bobby or Dez
If you do disagree, think about it. Bobby Simmons has a higher field goal percentage, much better three point shooter and is a better defender than Mason. The only knock is that Mason gets to the line more often and is a better dunker. That's it.
Steve Taddey - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Youth movement
I would just like to say signing Ersan Ilyasova was great. It's exciting to see the Bucks team of the future and good forwards that have an all-around game are hard to find. The youth in our team is exceptional with Bogut (go aussies), T.J Ford and Ersan Ilyasova. Bring on the new season.
Joel Van den Dungen - Melbourne, Australia
Subject: Outlook
Hey everyone!! We do have an exciting year ahead of us! As a Bucks fan for the past 31yrs, I am certainly looking forward to this one the most!! WHY??? Easy- a young, up-tempo team that can shoot the 3 in-your-face or play smash mouth low-post b-ball. Bogut brings something to this team that we haven't had for years=Attitude!!! He will bust you in the face, smack you around, and than dunk it without any fear over you!!! Redd= solid NBA player that can drain the 3(we all have seen that!!). Ford= if he can return to pre-injury health, he can be the motor that runs this team to the playoffs. J. Smith and D. Mas= excellent at the 3 and 4 position!!! Our bench is solid, but yet unproven, besides Kukoc. Looking forward to a great year- 50 wins!
Jim Acker - Watertown, WI
Subject: Hurricane relief
Wow, it is great to see the Bucks helping out in these sad times. It makes me proud to be a Bucks fan to see this generosity from the organization to help out those during this terrible time. My thoughts are with everybody affected by the disaster. I am glad the Bucks hearts are in the right place. Really shows why this team is the best organization in the league.
Peter Keeling - Mendham, NJ
Subject: New fans
Not only did you guys get a great player with the first pick of the draft but you also managed to get about 20 Million new fans. C'mon the Bucks and C'mon Andrew Bogut! I live in New Mexico and will definitely be making 5 hour trip up to Denver everytime the Bucks are playing there.
Rob Campbell - Sydney, Australia


Subject: Santiago?
I think the Bucks made a mistake by signing EJ back to the team. Does anyone remember what he did for the Bucks when he played for them? I couldn't think of anything besides not being able to catch a ball the only thing he brings is bench support and some veteran advice for Bogut. I am very displeased with the move. We should have kept Santiago. He has potential to be a little above average center in the league. Bogut can carry us just fine.
Mike - Muskego, WI
Subject: EJ and questions about Gadzuric over Pachulia
Welcome back EJ! For those questioning the resigning of Ervin Johnson, please recognize that he isn't expected to get a huge amount of minutes. He's strictly a 3rd string Center for us behind Andrew Bogut, Dan Gadzuric and at times even behind Joe Smith. EJ is a great team guy and he will definitely help Bogut in his biggest area of weakness: DEFENSE. Ervin boards well and can block some shots (he's also a pretty good defender), we don't need him to do anything else when he is in the game. Daniel Santiago wanted more playing time and wasn't as good of a defender as EJ, even though EJ has honestly lost a step.

With Zaza Pachulia, Larry Harris and Senator Kohl definitely made the right decision. Zaza is a good BACKUP, but he really isn't a starting calibur player at this point. He also doesn't help balance our front court and wouldn't have been a good fit with Andrew Bogut. Zaza can't block shots (because he can't elevate very high off the floor-also has horrific lateral quickness) but he provides good hustle and decent rebounding, but he has no real post moves or skills. We need a guy next to Bogut that can consistently block shots, board very well and provide strength as well as good post defense. Zaza has part of those traits but he's missing a few other ones (namely he isn't a good post defender). I'm happy to see Larry Harris is working on fixing the problems we have in our front court and I definitely look forward to seeing who he can find next summer through the draft or trades that can help us even more.

Good moves Larry!

Denise Wright - Wauwatosa, WI
Subject: All about defense
I'm so ready for the 2005-2006 season it's gonna be great. I mean we have 2 good SF that put up at least 10 to 15 points a game. Then there's our big men. I mean it's all about defense this year: picking up Ervin Johnson, resigning Gadzuric and picking up Bogut in the draft . And Joe Smith, who every year has a solid season but I think there is one guy we should of kept and that guy is Calvin Booth, but that's just what I think.
Dion Kubacki - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Stotts
Hey Bucks fans! I would just like to say that Terry Stotts is(or at least has the potential) to be a very good coach. He did well as an assistant coach for Seattle and for the Bucks. As a head coach for the Hawks(the same team that unfortunately snatched Zaza) he didn't do well. But you can't blame him because the Hawks (weren't very good).
Steve Taddey - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Dez or Bobby?
As far as whether Desmond or Bobby should start, I say Desmond all the way. Bobby is a great player and i wish we could start both but Desmond has more experience with the Bucks, averages more points and i think we should let Bobby prove himself worthy of starting before we just jump right in and do it. The Bucks will have a great season guaranteed! I am so excited for the season!
Brooke I. - Sussex, WI
Subject: Predictions
The Bucks will be the suprise of the league this year. I predict they jump out and get to 1st place in their division and stay there up to the playoffs. What you think about that?
Eric Dyken - Mequon, WI
Subject: Southwest greetings
I'm from Milwaukee, WI, now living in Glendale, Arizona. I'm very happy to see the Milwaukee Bucks putting together a real decent team that I hope will do real good this season. "GO BUCKS GO''!!
Tony Terrell - Glendale, AZ
Subject: Starters
Anybody who thinks Bobby Simmons should start over Desmond Mason needs their head examined. Nobody seems to realize Simmons has only one good year while Dez proves himself year in and year out. Simmons would be an awesome 6th because he plays a lot of positions. Great moves getting Kukoc and Big Erv back-one of my all time favs! Can't wait to see TJ!! It's been a long time.
Ryan Olson - Brodhead, WI

AUGUST 30, 2005

Subject: Veterans
Good to hear we signed a great veteran center to help out, I don't think you could have two better veterans in our situation. Andrew loves Kukoc and Ervin should help him out alot in the middle. I must say, I am completely impressed with the Bucks this offseason and am looking forward to an unbelievable playoff run.
Andrew W. - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Why?
Why did the Bucks re-sign Gadzuric to a six year, $36 million deal when they could have had Pachulia for 4 years, $16 million deal?
Jarrad Richter - Greendale, WI
Subject: EJ
It is great the Bucks have signed Ervin Johnson. He will be like a player/coach for Andrew Bogut. He was a great defensive player for the Bucks before and it is great to have him back!
Stephen Schmidt - Oconomowoc, WI
Subject: Why not Santiago?
The Bucks signed Ervin Johnson? We might as well have signed Daniel Santiago! He's younger, and has potential.
Bob Bo - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: EJ
Let's all welcome back Ervin Johnson. This is a great pick up for our team and EJ will show leadership and hard work coming off the bench. WELCOME BACK TO MILWAUKEE, E.J.!!!!!!!
Pat Dunne - Hartland, WI
Subject: Positive Outlook
I think that the Bucks will go to the NBA Finals this year.
Adam Gruett - Neenah, WI
Subject: Stay healthy
They have the players, this is the year. Please no more stupid injuries. Every year we say how good they're going to be, but in the second half they're going to try to crawl into the playoffs just like the Brewers.
Richard Frenn - Green Bay, WI
Subject: Uniforms
The Bucks have had different jerseys in the past, but i have to say that the recent ones will need to be changed. It seems that most of the teams around the leauge have been getting a new look. And now with Bogut and Redd people will want to buy jerseys with their name on them. In my opinion I could care less about the jerseys but some fans do not like our look. My favorite Bucks jersey is the 1970-1971 with Oscar Robinson. We should go old school with the green and red jersey, but I don't care about our look. All I care about is us winning the championship...Let's go Bucks!!!#1
Kyle Koscielniak - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: EJ
Ervin Johnson? What's that all about?
Chris Reddy - Theinsville, WI
Subject: EJ
I love Ervin Johnson! I'm so glad they re-signed him. He will be a great bench center.
Ryan Kleiser - Theinsville, WI

AUGUST 29, 2005

Subject: Jiri
Hi everybody, greetings from the Czech Republic. I hope that your coach will let Jiri Welsch play this season. He is a great player and you will appreciate his work. I watched him play today in our National team against Poland and he helped us win with 20 points in a 70-point game. See ya.
Hugo - Prague
Subject: Outlook
Wow, the Bucks look pretty good. We're solid at PG with Ford, Williams, and newcomer Bell. At SG and SF we are even better with Redd, Mason, and Simmons. But our big men don't look too good. Right now we have Bogut, Gadzuric, and Smith. In my opinion I think we need to trade Joe Smith. Don't get me wrong, he's a good player at rebounding, and his decent jump shot, but the Bucks are a somewhat rebuilding team. All of our players are 6 years pro or less, except for Joe Smith and Toni Kukoc who are 10 years pro or over. We signed Toni one year, which probably means he will retire at the end of the season. But I still think we need to trade Smith and look for a younger PF or C. With TJ back we are going to be a running team on offense, I'm afraid that Smith's legs will fall off. As of now this SHOULD be the starting lineup.
PG- Ford // stay healthy man
SG- Redd // be the leader
SF- Simmons // but it'll be close on who gets it wheather its him or Mason we seem solid
PF- Smith // traded
C- Bogut
top backups: Gadzuric, Mason or Simmons who ever doesn't start
p.s we are solid at PG, SG, and SF. But PLEASE look for either a PF or C. But if there's no one worthy of a contract out there, wait til next season to sign someone, whether it's draft or free agency. Its not like the Bucks are in a hurry right now. We're just battling for a playoff spot.
Pat Rick - Green Bay, WI
Subject: Ersan
Sorry I forgot to talk about my man Ersan. Right now I can't see him filling in our PF spot, but maybe in a couple years. GREAT JOB signing him!!
Pat Rick - Green Bay, WI
Subject: Uniforms
Lets see some new colors for the Bucks. I am excited about the team, let's get excited about the uniforms. Purple is ugly!
Josh Hammond - Indianapolis, IN
Subject: No Zaza
I am disappointed that you did not resign Zaza Pachulia. He was a great player and had a lot of potential. He was also great with the fans.
Marni Lynn - Kewaskum, WI
Subject: TK
I have been a fan of Toni Kukoc since I saw him play at the Barcelona Olympics and likewise I am happy to hear that Toni will be back this season. I am also interested to watch Toni and Bogut play together. I hope the Bucks have the best season ever!
Kate Cruz - Hong Kong
Subject: Forward
I think we should start D Mase over Bobby Simmons. What do you think?
David Wilson - Oshkosh, WI
Subject: Outlook
WOW! Just looking at the roster for this coming up season gives me the reason to spend some money with the Bucks organization. I don't know how excited you are about this season, but as a fan I'm thankful for the changes that were made by GM Larry Harris. Bringing Terry Stotts in a guy the Bucks players are going to love and respect. Then out of that will play hard for. Bobby simmons...What a great move for fans to see this guy play in person and help Desmond out at SF! I can't wait for things to kick off.
Again,Kudos on making this season exciting for the fans and bringing back a will the watch a winning team.
Michael Dumas - Racine, WI

AUGUST 23, 2005

Subject: TK
Thanks for getting Toni to play again, because I will definitely miss him if he retires. But now, it's great that he's staying. And I can't wait for the new season to start. GO BUCKS!!
Carol Maminta - Manila
Subject: Kudos
Thank you, thank you, thank you Larry Harris! I have not been this excited about a Bucks season since Marques Johnson and Super Sid (Moncrief) played ball for the Bucks ....Who's gonna win it??? The Bucks...The Bucks.
William Keith - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Roster
Ok, well with Bobby Simmons signing with the team, where does Joe Smith fit in? BACK UP BACK UP? But with Simmons & Redd and Bogut, if T.J can stay healthy it's going to be a great season for the Bucks. P.S. See you in the WOODS for the TIMBERWOLVES match up...... Ciao.
Fatin Abdul-Ahad - Minneapolis, MN
Subject: Offseason
Every move this offseason has been great, except maybe Zaza Pachulia getting away which could have been becasue of the Abdur-Rahim thing. We still plan to sign a reserve center...hopefully that will be just as good as all the other deals the Bbucks have made. Just wondering also if Erick Strickland is gone for sure now?
Matt S. - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Outlook
Wow, I must say I'm actually excited for the start of a Bucks season. Not to say I don't like them or anything but in the past they haven't ever really had a complete team that could go into the playoffs w/o any questions. I've never been to a game before but me and a friend are already talking about getting opening day tickets just to see everything get off to a kick a.. start. Thanks for opening the wallet a bit more Senator Kohl!
Chris Dettwiler - DeForest, WI
Subject: Scoring points
It seem like the Bucks will score a lot of points this comming year! With Bogut, Redd, Simmons, Smith, Welsch, Mason, Williams, Bell and the rest of them, this team could score as many as 110 per game if everything goes right!
Jeff Luedtke - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Roster
All I have to say is this is the year for the Bucks!!! WE got Bogut as our center with Dan (Gadzuric) coming in for him. And now TJ is back in the line-up. TJ will help to dish out the ball with his speed and passing ability. And now he has the opption of lobbing the ball up for Bogut. This is the year Bucks fans! Let's get ready. GO BUCKS!
Kyle Koscielniak - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Daniel Santiago
The Bucks are currently looking for a back up center when they currently have one in pending free agent Daniel Santiago. For the Bucks to keep a quality bench Santiago is a necessity. He proved he can contribute during his valuable minutes he played last year.
Biwwie Sanders - Gary, IN

AUGUST 22, 2005

Subject: Ersan
Hey Bucks fans, I was reading that Ersan Ilyasova will be signing a multi-year contract soon. I think it's great to bring in young talent but I have no idea what kind of player he is. Does anybody know any details? Either way, welcome to the team Ersan.
Matt Harmer - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Free Agency
Michael Finley is a free agent. The Buck's made a HUGE mistake by not taking him in the draft. Instead they took Shawn Respert. I hope they make an effort to get him this time. Better late than never.
Tim Zoellner - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Roster
Hey Milwaukee Bucks. I just wanted to tell you that you guys got some of my friends and cousins concerned about the team. They think that the Bucks have a great roster now. Deep down in their "California team loving heart" I know they fear the Bucks beating their favorite team. I think you should crush their heart and soul a bit, and let them know that the Bucks aren't bugs on the shoulders of the NBA, and if we are bugs on the shoulder of the NBA we must be some big bugs.
Ezekiel Espanola - Delano, CA
Subject: Starting Five
There are only a few things that we still have to do...by letting Zaza go (big mistake) we now need a backup for joe smith. What about jerome williams(junkyard dog)? We also need another point guard, earl watson and damon jones would be great.
Andrew Wirch - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: The offseason
Great job Larry Harris! Kohl get the job done and get this man a contract extension ASAP before some other team steals him away from us.
Bobby Simmons was a great and unexpected addition to this team. Welcome to Milwaukee Bobby! And good luck next season. I'm not so sure about him playing minutes at the PF position but I think he will be okay in short stretches.
Welcome back TJ Ford (because I am convinced you will start for us next season.) Also welcome to Milwaukee to Charlie Bell (our 3rd PG) and it sounds like you are a real player. I hope you fit well with the team and bring another much needed piece to the team.
The one concern I have is with the backup PF/C. We need an athletic shotblocking player who can give us quality minutes in case of injury or foul trouble. Not bringing back Zaza was a good decision, even though I like him as a player he isn't athletic (face it the guys has NO vertical and isn't very laterally quick) enough and doesn't provide a sound shotblocking presence and we're going to need a player like that next to Andrew Bogut to compliment him.
Larry go find us some young PF/C that can give us occasional minutes as he grows and develops into a more consistent player. Ideal candidates would be: Chris Wilcox and Melvin Ely.
Denise Wright - Wauwatosa, WI
Subject: Outlook
The Bucks have a good shot at a championship this season in my opinion.
Brandon Stewart - Detroit, MI

AUGUST 16, 2005

Subject: Outlook
Dear Bucks, I only want to say that you did a good job acquiring Jiri Welsch. He is a good complement and if he has minutes he can be the perfect teammate to Ford, Redd, Mason and Bogut. Now that Welsch is a Buck, I'm a Buck too, and half Europe too. Another thing I'd like to know is if the team will change the uniforms? The Bucks uniform is good for the colors and the logo, but I think is quite old. You should modify it. Go Bucks, this is our year!!!
Nasi DeLo - Spain
Subject: To the point
Mo Williams and TJ Ford are the Bucks current PGs. If the Bucks choose to get anothor point guard it should be Tyronne Lue. Lue is a quick, good defender and a good shooter. We should get him. Or maybe Damon Jones as a second string PG (he made over 200 3-pointers last year).
Benny V. - Milwaukee
Subject: Welcome
Welcome to Milwaukee (Bobby) Simmons. I was just wondering out of all the other teams why did you chose the Bucks? Well we're more than happy to have you in the club.
Max Xiong - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Connection
The Bucks need Toni Kukoc. (Andrew) Bogut needs Toni. Why? - check this pic (look jersey:) ...http://www.andrewbogut.com/drazen1.jpg
Zeljko P. - Croatia
Subject: Loud and proud
Hey everybody! Let's rock the Bradley Center this year. The Bucks are putting together something worth cheering for...let's support it!
Brent Putnam - Madison, WI
Subject: Kudos
Great job Larry! It's a shame to see Zaza go, but we can't keep everyone. Glad to see Toni staying. His playoff experience and leadership will be so important when playoff time hits. This will be a great year!
Rick Gellar - Racine, WI
Subject: Athletes
I feel the Bucks have decided to finally go spend some money on getting quality athletes and that's what it all about. The Bucks should continue to go after those players who can come in and contribute. It's all about filling the Bradley Center up and giving fans something worth seeing. Good luck! I'll be at the BC first home game.
Shawn Young - Paducah, KY
Subject: Line up
This should be the starting 5
1. TJ
4. DAN
Justin Blake - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Disappointed
Not resigning ZaZa was a huge mistake. He is 20 and strong, and can shoot the ball. He could of backed up Joe Smith.
Mike Lahart - La Crosse, WI

AUGUST 15, 2005

Subject: Outlook
Finally the Bucks completed the puzzle by signing Bobby Simmons. Also, I bought season tickets to watch Andrew Bogut, Bobby Simmons, Desmond Mason, Joe Smith and the one and only Micheal Redd. Go Bucks!!!!!!!
Mohammad Nouri - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Outlook
Milwaukee will be a young explosive team this year. We're only a big man away from really competing. Bobby Simmons will make a big impact for the Bucks this year.
Charles Turnbough - Houston, TX
Subject: Roster
I love the rookie pick first of all. Not sure if i like the re-signing of Kukoc. He was good but he is fading away. Every time the Bucks get a decent player such as Payton, Allen, Van Horn, Cassel and many others, they seem to get rid of them. Keep Bogut, Mason and Redd. Get a point guard who can shoot the three. Thanx for listening.
Travis Gray - Pardeeville, WI
Subject: Starting Five
Who will start for the Bucks? It looks like a battle for sixth man honors between Bobby & Desmond. I don't think T.J will start right away which leaves who at point? Shooting Guard will be Mike and Power foward will be Joe and Andrew will be our Center.
Tyson Spears - Milwaukee, WI

AUGUST 9, 2005

Subject: Toni K.
Yes, bringing back the Croatian Sensation is a great move. Not only will Toni help the squad with his experience and leadership, he'll also continue to be a positive role model in the community. Larry Harris is doing a great job this off season and I only have one more request to make to the GM, Please listen to all of the Bucks fans who have asked for a new Bucks look this year. The people have spoken, it's time to give the club some new uniforms and different colors, let's show the rest of the league there's a new Buck squad ready to make some waves for some time to come.
Adam Reynolds - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Uniforms
Bucks should keep the same uniforms because the Lakers won the championship with the purple uniforms. It's not the uniforms that makes the team better, it's the players. Go Bucks!!!!!!!!!!
Moe Bobski - Queens, NY
Subject: TK talk
Bad idea to re-sign Kukoc. That money is going to waste on better things. He isn't worth a thing to the team. What are we going to do with Simmons and Mason. They are both really good Small Forwards. Who will start?
Steve Miller - Oshkosh, WI
Subject: Many thoughts
It was a good move to get Toni Kukoc into the mix. He will serve as a valuable veteran bench player or spot-starter. Also the Bradley Center must be replaced for a new one to give the Bucks a world-class facility like miller park. We talk about the new uniforms...that's okay! But how about a throw-back game at the MECCA? And how about the Bucks retiring Marques Johnson's number 8? Damon (Jones) would be a huge pickup!
Tim King - Fond du Lac, WI

AUGUST 8, 2005

Subject: Toni K.
YES!!!! They re-signed Toni!! This is going to be one Heck of a SEASON, don't you agree??!!! YES!!!
Katrina R. - St. Francis, WI
Subject: TK
Thank you for bringing back Toni Kukoc! Good move!
Daniel James - Kenosha, WI
Subject: Free agency
Toni Kukoc re-signed! Yeah!
Enzo Giovanni - Split, Croatia
Subject: Nickname
On the subject of nicknames for Bogut; his current nickname is 'Boges'. Here in the state of Tasmania in Australia we have a well-known beer called 'Boags'. Milwaukee is famous as the beer capital of the world. The marketing possibilities are endless.
Andrew Cole - Devonport, Australia
Subject: Playoffs
I'm scared of the Bucks this year! They drafted Bogut, kept Redd, Gadzuric, and Kukoc, and added Bobby Simmons. If the Bucks get off to a quick start, I like them to make a midseason run and get the 4 or 5 seed in the East, which I think might leave the Chicago Bulls out of the Playoffs.
Brad Michalak - Arlington Heights, IL
Subject: Outlook
Thank you for not letting us down and re-signing Toni!!! The Bucks are the best!
Minsky Lagarde - Olongapo City, Philippines
Subject: The Waiter
WOO!! Thank you so much for re-signing Toni Kukoc. I absolutely Love 'em!!
Joyce S. - Lebanon, WI
Subject: Outlook
Thanks to General Manager Larry Harris for bringing back Toni Kukoc to add to an exciting lineup for the new season!
Phil Lucht - Fox Point, WI
Subject: Wish Granted
The Bucks fans got their wish by getting Toni Kukoc back for another year. He signed a one year deal today. This is huge. Toni, I want to welcome you back home with the rest of the Bucks fans. Can't wait to see you on the floor again waiter!
Shelby Shuga - Rockford, IL
Subject: The Waiter
Toni Kukoc has a great game that will fit in with the rest of the Bucks as well as Zaza Paculia. He will contribute so much by being able to get the ball to open shooters and take some shots himself. He is a great leader and it showed when he came back from his injury last season. But by signing Kukoc, I don't think Paculia should go either.
Jerry Quinn - Waukesha, WI
Subject: Outlook
Good to see the Bucks signed Kukoc. With all their youth, they need a vet with experience to help them. Plus Toni does little things that will help out. Good to have the Waiter back.
Pete Wade - Neenah, WI

AUGUST 4, 2005

Subject: Zaza
Zaza was offered a offer sheet today. I think we should resign him and let marcus fizer go. what do you think?
Aaron Bennett - Mukwonago, WI
Subject: Outlook
I'm so happy we'll resign Mike Redd. One of the best scorers in the league. What do the Bucks see in Mo Williams? A decent bench player but terrible starter. Can any coach help them defensively?? We lost 15 close games on the last shot last year!!!!!
Chris Veal - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Free agency
We need to resign (Zaza) Pachulia to have all the pieces we need.
Andrew Wirch - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Uniform change
The Bucks should definitely get new unis. We should bring back the red and green retro jerseys or at least something different than our current ones. We can't expect to see many people wearing Andrew Bogut jerseys in places other than Wisconsin and Australia if they don't change the design. Our future looks bright, so let's stay hip with the unis. GO BUCKS!
Jordan Loesl - Slinger, WI
Subject: Nickname
What's wrong with leaving Bogut's nick as Boges? It's his most recognized nick as it is, so why change a good thing? We all know he is an aussie so we don't always have to use an aussie term in it. GO BOGES !!!
Peter Mclean - Perth, Australia
Subject: Outlook
I think Damon Jones would be a huge pick-up for the Bucks, but with all the moves that have been made I am anxious to see what this team is capable of. Everyone up in Wisconsin and Bucks fans everywhere take care. GO BUCKS!
Chris Nolan - Jacksonville, FL
Subject: The Waiter
I believe one of the reasons the Bucks had a disappointing year last year was because Toni got injured. Look at the team during and after Toni got hurt and you'll see how badly we need him. Larry Harris: PLEASE RESIGN KUKOC.
Allen Bau - Nekoosa, WI
Subject: Outlook
The Bucks are a great team. I just wanted to say how excited I am for the upcoming season!!!
Josh Kowalke - Pewaukee, WI

AUGUST 3, 2005

Subject: Free agency
My unbiased opinion is the Bucks would be much better off signing Zaza Pachulia and letting Toni Kukoc go. I know I will take heat for that with Toni's fan popularity but he sure didn't show me much during the many games I attended last year. Besides, Zaza is young and has great upside potential. He will be much better at power forward than at center. With a rotation of Bogut, Joe Smith, Dan G. and Zaza maybe we can stand up to the likes of Shaquille underneath the basket this year. We were very weak in that area last year against strong centers. Please resign Paculia...he is the last piece of the puzzle...besides fan support that is.
Jim B. - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Toni K.
I can't believe that the Bucks may not want Toni. He has great leadership and he knows how to play the game. Without him the Bucks won't be that good of a team. Toni Kukoc knows what he is doing on the floor, he's not selfish and like i said he's been playing 11 seasons so you no that he knows what he's doing when he gets on the floor.

It would be great if the Bucks sign him for couple more seasons, as it wouldn't be the same without Kukoc playing.

Adnan M. - Albany, NY
Subject: Nicknames
Nicknames for Bogut.... The Beast in the East....Thunder from Down Under..... The Big Easy (used for Ernie Els but Bogut makes the game look so easy)
Maka - Sydney, Australia
Subject: Bogut
Andrew Bogut is a champion. He's the next big thing in centers in the NBA. Plus he's from Australia so he's even better. Give him 2-3 yrs of gametime & he'll be a superstar, trust me, I know. I think his nickname should be 'Oz'. - Cheers!
Brad Colwell - Melbourne, Australia
Subject: Outlook
I think that the Bucks are going to do very well this season with the additions of Andrew Bogut and having T.J. back...I am so excited and I cannot wait for the season to start..! GO BUCKS
Lauren M. - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Arena
So whatever happened with the Bucks maybe getting a new arena. Potowatomi was supposedly going to purchase the BC and move the casino downtown, and the money was supposed to go for a new arena down by the old freeway.

Good offseason moves. WHO'S GONNA WIN IT IN 2006, "The Bucks, The Bucks!"

Rob Schwartz - Greenfield, WI
Subject: TK and uniforms
Keep Toni. He can help lead the Bucks to the playoffs, maybe even the finals!!

Also, the uniforms. Everyone stop hating! If the Bucks want to change their uniforms, they will. But it's nice to see everyone's opinions. I like the Purple and Green. I mean, just because everyone else is going to change their uniforms, doesn't mean the Bucks HAVE to. Keep it, and that's that.

Katrina R. - St. Francis, WI
Subject: Outlook
Yup here is another Aussie ready to part with his hard earned money to buy BUCKS merchandise! I have not followed an NBA team since Luc left the Bulls / Suns. I think the Bucks should change to the old school uniforms, the purple just ain't happening no more. All the best for the new season.
Paul Cowderoy - Brisbane, Australia

JULY 27, 2005

Subject: The Waiter
Say it isn't so, we've got to have Kukoc! He's such a valuable asset to the team! Toni: You're the best!
Daniel James - Kenosha, WI
Subject: Gaines
Reece Gaines is a very good player and if you play him 20 minutes a game he can do lots for the team. You just have to play him.
Patrick Richardson - Louisville, KY
Subject: Nicknames
How about the nick names 'Thunder from Down Under' or 'Vegimite and Chesse - Aussie favorite and a Milwaukee export'.
Jack Jones - Sydney, Australia
Subject: DS
I will miss Daniel Santiago.
Chris Reddy - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Role Players
The Bucks have made great moves this off season but still need to do a couple more I think. I agree with everyone by saying we need Kukoc. We do, he is a huge part of this team. I also agree with someone saying bring back Damon Jones. It would be nice to have him back here backing up Michael Redd. He is a wonderful shooter and can find the open person as well. We still need another big guy I think then the Bucks would have an all around solid team! If we can't get Damon back, we must keep Erick Strickland. He has been a good role player for us. I'm looking forward to this upcoming season. GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!
Shelby Shuga - Rockford, IL

JULY 26, 2005

Subject: The Waiter
It looks like the Bucks won't be re-signing 'The Waiter', Toni Kukoc. Such a shame because he brings leadership to the floor. It would be nice to see him and Bogut play together. I hope the bucks bring back Toni!!!
Minsky Lagarde - Olongapo City, Philippines
Subject: New looks?
The Bucks should get black and green jerseys with the milwaukee buck on it and also get a new court or arena.
Eduardo Hernandez - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Uniforms
Speaking as the city's biggest Bucks fan, please get rid of those bad luck ugly purple uniforms and let's go back to the red and green that we had when the Bucks held down the central every year.
Robert Deberry - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Uniforms
I think the Bucks should get rid of these old, out of style jerseys. The Bucks are one of the only teams that have not changed thier jerseys in recent years. They should change them to either getting rid of the purple and substituting it with black or go back to the throwbacks that everyone seems to like. Getting new jerseys now would be the perfect time to do so because of the positive changes the Bucks have made this off season. Getting new jerseys will get he fans excited and bring in lots of money. LETS CHANGE EM ASAP!
Chad Bauer - Oak Creek, WI
Subject: New fan
I used to follow the Bulls cause of (Luc) Longley but since the Big Buck Bogut is in Milwaukee, the Bucks have a new supporter in me. Lets hit the playoffs.
Maka - Sydney, Australia
Subject: Kangaroo Kid?
Hey gang...I have a problem with the nick names our big man has been given. He's a huge star and his nicknames are already used over here by past aussie sportsmen. So I'm sending a challage out for every one to come up with a new nick for the kangaroo kid - which by the way is also a sporting stars nick over here.
Jimmy Jamal - Sydney, Australia
Subject: Uniforms, etc.
Go back to the green and red jerseys! All the tradition is with the green and red. All the losing is with the purple! Has anyone noticed that Marvin Williams had a horrible Summer League? Glad we got Bogut! Go Bucks!!
John Leopold - Appleton, WI
Subject: Toni
We want Toni back! Please tell me it isn't true that Larry Harris might let him go. He's and great veteran and would be a great mentor for all the young players.
Lindy M. - New London, WI
Subject: Uniforms
I am going to chime in here about uniforms. Over the decades the Bucks have changed colors and design. I like the Philly tops and I think if the Bucks add slashing stripes it would add flare like TJ and Mason !! Love that Simmdog !!!
John Fetzer - Rhinelander, WI
Subject: Toni
Please please please bring back Toni Kukoc. I keep hearing rumors that the Bucks aren't even trying to resign him and i was very disappointed. Obviously he was a big part of the Bulls championships and while people are talking about a contending team here, Toni can definitely help out. PLEASE KEEP KUKOC IN MILWAUKEE!!!
Tia Rein - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Toni
Imagining Toni Kukoc dishing the ball to Andrew Bogut and Michael Redd...I sure hope a strong effort is made to re-sign Toni.
Peter Gurneau - Glendale, WI
Subject: Uniform tweaks, BC...
Personally I don't like the thought of changing the colors of the uniforms, maybe just modifying the uniforms themselves. I think the purple and green give a little feeling and a more positive excitement to the games, while I think that the old green/red looks almost dull and boring. The BC already feels a little dull and dark and boring (then again there were very few fans last season to add to the excitement).

I think the Bucks need to somehow make the Bradley Center more appealing to fans. We have put together a team that can be very strong in the East, so we need to get everyone inside there that we can. It should help us out a lot in the second half and when we attempt to make some rallies. It would be nice if there was more excitement in the air of the concourses, especially on the lower (200 section) floor.

All in all, I am more excited right now for Bucks Ball to start than I ever have been, and it's only July! GO BUCKS!!

Jon C. - Germantown, WI

JULY 22, 2005

Subject: Uniforms
Milwaukee, please get rid of the purple. After reading some of these respones most people seem to hate the purple as well. The only reason we added that color was because in '94 that was the hot color at the time (think charlotte). Let's go back to basics and drop this trend we picked up a little late anyways.
Karl Carlson - Green Bay, WI
Subject: Outlook
Ramesh Jainani - The Philippines
Subject: Outlook
I really was impressed with the play of Andrew Bogut during the summer league. He put up some great numbers and i'm excited to see how he does during the regular season. I was also very impressed with Reece Gaines, and I hope to see him get a lot more playing time this upcoming season. He can flat out play ball. Can't wait for the start of next season! GO BUCKS!
Bradley Allen - Louisville, KY
Subject: Outlook
The Bucks have done a great job this off season, although think they botched the whole Porter/Stotts situation. Think they got their hand caught in the Flip Sauders bowl, and then had hire someone to make it look better before Sanders got hired in Detroit. But none the less, a great off season!
Bob Sutton - West Allis, WI

JULY 21, 2005

Subject: Outlook
Hey all, great to see AB go #1, even better to see the bucks re-sign Redd.... franchise players like michael don't come along very often... the team has now adopted pretty much a whole nation of fans and i can't wait to see the Bucks Bogut singlet in stores over here!!! Go Bucks
Brent Hughes - Wagga Wagga, Australia
Subject: New Look?
Trevor Tietgen - Hartford, WI
Subject: Outlook
The bucks have had an amazing offseason, best in the league!!!! Herb (Kohl) has shown he wants one more shot at a title and the only way to truly cap this great off season would be a change of uniforms back to the old school green, red and white!!! Make that next bold move!!!
Tony Z. - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Kirk Penney
Just want to say I hope all the best for Kirk Penney to make it and get signed with the Bucks. I enjoy his column and join with all the other Kiwis who are backing him to do well. You have a good following back here that are wishing you the best. Cheers mate!
Sala Sidler - Wellington, New Zealand
Subject: Free Agency
Wow, I just realized Damon Jones is an unrestricted free agent. WHY HAVEN'T THE BUCKS SIGNED HIM YET? He was excellent while he was on the Bucks, and he has proved himself to be a powerhouse on the Heat. I would love to see him come back to the mill. He was killing us (as well as many other teams) all season from three point range, and it would be great to have him back on our side. Hopefully there is still room on our team for him, as I think he would do us some good returning.
Peter Keeling - Mendham, NJ
Subject: New look
Change the uniforms would be a great idea. The city's name across the chest is the way go. As a former resident of 24 years, I like to see my home town out in the public. I know nationwide sales can't be too inviting, so let the people vote on it. Generate some hype about the Bucks, and maybe we will see Milwaukee as a NBA favorite.
Michael Vozar - Midlothian, VA
Subject: Free Agency
Bring back the waiter! we need him for the hope of the franchise. jason kidd is a pretty good passer of the ball but nobody serves up the dish like my main man toni kukoc.
Matthew Childress - Wauwatosa, WI
Subject: Top Pick
Well I think its safe to say that the bucks have secured themself a nice big aussie contingent to their fan base! That includes me of course! Congrats big fella on being number one pick! You have the support of a nation behind you! Maybe you can bring the Bucks to OZ next off season! GO BUCKS!
Matt Ireland - Sydney, Australia
Subject: Expanding Fan Base
Loving the insights from Kirk Penney during Summer League, and I'm hoping he makes the roster for the upcoming season. The Bucks probably gained several million fans by acquiring Bogut and you can count on a few million more from New Zealand if Penney becomes a regular part of your season. we love homegrown talent doing big things overseas.

Kia kaha Kirk, here's hoping you make a lasting impression and add some more antipodean flavas to the Bucks this coming season.

Oliver Christiansen - Taupo, New Zealand
Subject: New Look
I say keep the colors purple and green but maybe change the uniforms (or at least those gross white warm up outfits)! The throw-backs are okay but do we really want to look like Christmas?
Bryn Winter - West Allis, WI
Subject: Kudos to Senator Kohl
After having the good fortune of having a business trip to San Antonio the day after they won the championship, I witnessed firsthand the impact it had on their city. Hundreds of thousand of people, all races and ethnic origins gathered downtown to celebrate their win. Talk about bringing a community together. Now, it looks as though the Milwaukee Bucks are poised to shoot for the same goal in 2005/2006. Thank you Senator Kohl for assembling all the pieces we need to win a championship. As far as I can see, the only question mark is whether Coach Stotts can inspire and motivate all 12 team members to play great TEAM defense 48 minutes a game. Needless to say, this looks to be the most exciting season in a long time. I only hope that the fans in Milwaukee will respond with a sold out (and LOUD) Bradley Center for the majority of the year. We can certainly do our part in bringing the championship back to Milwaukee. San Antonio's slogan of "One Team, One Goal" can certainly fit very well here. Go Bucks and thank you Senator!
Jim Behrendt - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Subject: Uniforms
I think the bucks could use some new colors in their uniforms the home white/purple jersey looks fine but i think the away jerseys could use some adjustment like black/purple i think would look better. Otherwise I think the jerseys look fine.
Shane Lloyd - Oxford, WI
Subject: Danny G.
Recently I just got a new puppy and decided to name it Gadzuric, because Dan Gadzuric is my favorite player. I think the contract he got was very fair, and he will definitely help the Bucks this season.
Ryen Kleiser - Theinsville, WI
Subject: Mr. Music, if you please?
I think that each individual Bucks player should get music of their choice to be played for just a few seconds when they get fouled and are going to take a free throw. This would probably help calm them down and relax them, just like some teams in the MLB do.
Bobby Johnson - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Subject: Free Agency
Bobby Simmons will be an excellent addition to our team. I am so happy he is coming here. I can't wait for the season to begin...Yahoooo!!!
Lucas Modowitz - Seattle, WA
Subject: Uniforms
I love it bucks fans. It seems that most fans are on board with a new look for the bucks next season. Lets ditch the purple and get some dark green with red and white trim. Those colors just feel more wisconsin. Lets hope the bucks front office knows this and does something about it.
Mr. Fernando - Milwaukee, WI
Subject: Outlook
VIVA LA BUCKS!!! I have been a Bucks fan my entire life, and all I have to say is, "It's about time!" Kohl has finally shown an interest to do what it takes to turn the Bucks into a contender, and so far he's doing a great job. Redd, Simmons, Mason, Bogut, Ford... plus Joe Smith, Gadzuric, Kukoc, & Zaza.... We've got ourselves a real contender here! This is great, I can't wait for the season to start. I haven't been this excited about Bucks basketball in a very long time. I've been living in L.A. for 8 years, and finally I should have a chance to laugh at the fair-weather Laker fans out here. GO BUCKS!!!!!!!
Jeremy Drobinski - Los Angeles, California

JULY 14, 2005

Subject: Summer League
Great work inviting Kirk Penney to summer league. He's a great player and all of New Zealand are hoping you will sign some more "down under" talent. Good luck mate.
Scott Palmer - Christchurch, New Zealand
Subject: Penney for your thoughts
Im enjoying your section ("Penney for your thoughts") created for Kirk Penney to log his experiences and thoughts during the summer league. Being a kiwi I have been a fan of Kirk's and followed his career for a long time and I would love nothing more than to see him at the Bucks getting his real shot. He had a solid NBDL season with asheville and I think would bring alot of knowledge of the game to the side as well as a valuable connection with Bogut.
Mathew - Dunedin, New Zealand
Subject: Outlook
Well, I think this is going to be a great season. If TJ comes back in a good form we can do a lot of things. TJ, Redd, Simmons, Bogut, Danny... a great 5. Something else, I