Draft Workouts - 5/20/09

Draft Workouts - 5/20/09

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DeMarre Carroll

DeMarre Carroll - Missouri - Senior
7/27/86 - 6'8" - 225 lbs

  • Averaged 16.6 points, 7.2 rebounds and 2.2 assists in 38 games in 2008-09.
  • Shot 55.8% from the field, 36.4%from three and 63.4% from the line.
  • Nicknamed "Junkyard Dog" for his toughness and relentless play.
  • Played for Vanderbilt during the 2004-05 and 2005-06 seasons before transferring to Missouri.
Dominic James

Dominic James - Marquette - Senior
10/5/86 - 5'11" - 175 lbs

  • Averaged 11.0 points, 5.0 assists and 3.4 rebounds in 29 games in 2008-09.
  • Shot 42.4% from the field, 28.4% from three and 46.1% from the line.
  • Ranks second all-time in Marquette history for games played (129) and assists (632), third in points (1,749) and fourth in steals (238).
Wesley Matthews

Wes Matthews - Marquette - Senior
10/14/86 - 6'5" - 215 lbs

  • Averaged 18.3 points, 5.7 rebounds and 2.5 assists in 35 games in 2008-09.
  • Shot 47.5% from the field, 36.8% from three and 82.9% from the line.
  • Named Second-Team All-Big East as well as Marquette's Most Improved Player and Defensive Player of the Year in 2008-09.
  • All-time leader at Marquette in free throws made.
Josh Mayo

Josh Mayo - Illinois Chicago - Senior
7/15/87 - 5'11" - 175 lbs

  • Averaged 17.0 points, 3.4 assists and 2.7 rebounds in 30 games in 2008-09.
  • Shot 39.3% from the field, 38.7% from three and 86.2 from the line.
  • Preseason Horizon League Player of the Year.
  • Member of the National Honor Society and U.S. Achievement Academy. Also recognized in the annual Who's Who Among American Student-Athletes and was a member of the UIC Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

Tasmin Mitchell - LSU - Junior
6/26/86 - 6'7" - 235 lbs

  • Averaged 16.3 points, 7.2 rebounds and 1.9 assists in 35 games in 2008-09.
  • Shot 52.2% from the field, 52.6% from three and 72.5% from the line.
  • Returned to action his junior year after missing all but three games in 2007-08 with an ankle injury.
Robert Vaden

Robert Vaden - UAB - Senior
3/3/85 - 6'5" - 200 lbs

  • Averaged 17.6 points, 4.9 rebounds and 2.1 assists in 34 games in 2008-09.
  • Shot 38.7% from the field, 34.6% from three and 74.0% from the line.
  • Played two seasons at UAB after transferring from Indiana.
  • Set Conference USA single-season records in three pointers made (142) and attempted (355) in 2007-08.

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DeMarre Carroll

On today's workout...
"I feel I did real well. I did what I do best, being the energy guy with that motor and trying to be all over the floor."

On what he thinks the Bucks need...
"I think they need one of those energy guys that can come off the bench and do whatever it takes to win. I feel like I can do that. There are a lot of teams that are getting similar guys. Denver's got Birdman (Chris Andersen) and guys like that. Hopefully, I get the opportunity to do that for the Milwaukee Bucks."

On what he could bring to the Bucks...
"I feel confident in my game and what I bring to the table. Hopefully I can learn from them (the Bucks veterans) and continue to play like I played in college."


Dominic James

On how many workouts he's had...
"This is my second one. The first one was in Houston with a few teams there - Houston, Memphis, Minnesota, Boston and Miami. There were a lot of teams there, so it was a good workout."

On if anything surprised him about this workout...
"Basketball is basketball, everywhere. Coaches are looking for different things depending upon what team you're trying out for. Intensity-wise and paying attention to detail, it's a new game and my mind is wide open. You have to be open to new ways of playing."

On his impressions of the Bucks...
"Being from the area, I'm familiar with their style of play. I love the way coach Skiles approaches the game. From a development standpoint, him being a point guard and playing in the NBA, that's a coach that I'd love to play for."


Wes Matthews

On today's workout...
"It was good. I kind of felt like I was in a practice. It was comfortable, but I don't feel like I did as well as I could have. There was a lot of competing with the guys going hard so it was a good atmosphere."

On the Bucks...
"They're changing. They're a hard working team and they want to get better. Meeting with the staff, there's a lot of pride in what they do. They're not happy where they are and they want to get better."

On what he'd bring to the Bucks...
"I'll bring toughness and a good work ethic, offense, defense, whatever they need. I'll be a great teammate, a leader. I'll give you the same consistent effort, work and love of the game every night."

On his upcoming workouts...
"I've got Detroit in a couple days, leave tomorrow. Then it's the predraft camp and then I have a couple in June we're setting up dates for."


Josh Mayo

On his performance...
"I think I did well. I just went out there and played as hard as I could and did everything as hard as I could. After that you let the rest take care of itself."

On his impressions of the workout process...
"This is my first workout and it met my expectations. My trainer took me through things similar to a workout, so I was kind of prepared for it. I didn't know what was coming because this was my first one, but I was pretty prepared for it."

On the Bucks...
"They're a rising team, an up-and-coming team. I think that any given time, someone could come in, step up and help them out."

On what he can bring to the team...
"A lot of leadership. On the defensive end I can pressure them (the other team) full-court. I can shoot the ball pretty well, so I can help on the offensive end too."


Tasmin Mitchell

On the workout...
"This is my first workout. I was a little fatigued, but other than that it was pretty good."

On what he brings to the game...
"I could bring commitment, determination, defense, scoring. I could bring a lot of energy to the team."

On his strengths...
"I like to make everybody around me better. I know how to play a role. I feel like I can contribute more than I was able to show in my college career. My strong points are making my teammates better, my mid-range game, coming off screens, picking and popping. Stuff like that."

On his workout schedule and if he needs to improve on anything...
"My next workout is with Cleveland. I need to improve everything. Each department of my game can get better. I just want to improve on it all."


Robert Vaden

On his workout...
"This is my third workout. I've worked out for Oklahoma City and San Antonio."

On his game...
"I can stretch the defense on the offensive end. I also bring a hard nosed, defensive mentality to the team. I'm a guy who can make shots - if the point guard or big man gets it to me, I think I can knock down the open looks."

On today's workout...
"It was a good workout. They worked us hard, but I feel like I'm in good shape. This is one of the toughest ones so far though."

On his performance...
"I feel like I performed well. I shot the ball real well. I made plays off the off-ball screens and made plays off the dribble. I thought it went well and hopefully the front office and coaching staff feel the same way."

On what he needs to work on...
"I need to work on my defense, everyone can get better on defense. Also, my ball handling and coming off of ball screens."


Bucks begin prospect workouts

By Cherome Owens

On Tuesday evening, the Milwaukee Bucks found out they will hold the 10th pick in next month's NBA Draft. But on Wednesday, Bucks coaches and scouts had their focus on the 41st pick that they own in the second round of the draft.

Some fans may ask, why is that?

Well, Wednesday was the first day of workouts for a selected group of potential prospects, who are all expected to be chosen in the second round. If you don't think the late round pick is important, just consider how the Bucks landed Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (37th in 2008), Ramon Sessions (56th in 2007) and the franchise's fifth-leading scorer, Michael Redd (43rd in 2000).

There will also be players who work out for the Bucks but won't be drafted. However, teams take notice of skilled, undrafted players such as Malik Allen and Charlie Bell, who both found their way onto an NBA roster.

Thus, Wednesday was a very important day at the Cousins Center, as front office personnel kept their eyes open to see which prospect could possibly be the steal of the June 25 draft or signed as a free agent. Those players included in Wednesday's workouts were DeMarre Carroll (Missouri, senior, 6-8, 225), Dominic James (Marquette, senior, 5-11, 175), Wes Matthews (Marquette, senior, 6-5, 215), Josh Mayo (Illinois Chicago, senior, 5-11, 175), Tasmin Mitchell (LSU, junior, 6-7, 235), and Robert Vaden (UAB, senior, 6-5, 200).

Each player spent a short stint in the weight room before taking the court. Once the players got on the floor, they did some light warm-ups and stretching.

On-court exercises included touching the backboard to test prospects' vertical leaps, rope jumping, a variety of lay-up and jump shooting drills, and a two-ball dribbling workout. Assistant coach Bill Peterson instructed most of the drills as the other coaches and scouts watched from the sidelines. There were also one-on-one and three-on-three competitions.

Afterward, players went through an interview process that was mostly non-basketball related with the Bucks staff.

"I was a little fatigued." Mitchell said. "This was my first workout, but I think I did pretty well."

Mitchell wasn't the only one worn out from the workouts. Matthews, who starred at Marquette the last four years, said he didn't have his best performance.

"This was my fourth (workout)," Matthews said. "Out of the four, this happened to be my worst one. I'm kind of disappointed right now, but it was a good experience."

There were quite a few highlights at Wednesday's workout. The three-on-three games were the most intense as Matthews, Mayo and Mitchell were up against Carroll, James and Vaden. Dave Babcock, Director of Player Personnel, gave his perspective on each player:

Matthews - "He's got a NBA body. He just needs to improve his ball skills and his perimeter game."

James - "He's a potential second round pick, but I think with Dominic's injury it's going to be tough for him to get drafted. But you never know. All it takes is one team."

Mayo - "He did a good job. He's more of a scoring point guard."

Carroll - "He played very well. He's one of those guys who's not a pretty player, but he plays hard. He's sort of like [Luc Richard] Mbah a Moute, a little bit different position wise, but he just does all of the little things. I think he's locked to be a second round pick by somebody."

Vaden - "Robert is very tough. He did a good job on Matthews."

Mitchell - "He's had some injury problems, but he had a good year at LSU. He's on the fence whether to go back or stay in the draft. My guess is he'll end up going back."

The Bucks are wasting no time in their search for talent. They will also hold player workouts on Thursday and Friday. The team won't work out potential first round draft picks until early June.

See what happens when the next group of prospects work out with the Bucks tomorrow.