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Sherron Collins

Sherron Collins - Kansas - Senior
3/18/87 - 5'11" - 205 lbs - Guard | Draft Profile

  • Career Highlights: The winningest player in Kansas basketball history, amassing 130 victories throughout his career. Finished his career ranked fifth on Kansas' career scoring list with 1,888 points. As a senior, named to the Associated Press All-America Second Team, NABC All-America First Team and USBWA All-American First Team. Also an All-Big 12 First Team selection and the winner of the Frances Pomeroy Naismith, Lute Olsen Player of the Year and NABC Senior Achievement awards. An All-Big 12 First Team selection as a junior and named Second Team all-America by the NABC and USBWA. Won Big 12 Sixth Man of the Year honors as a sophomore as well as an NCAA Division I national title. Member of the Big 12 All-Rookie team as a freshman.
  • Strengths: Tough. Excellent penetrator. Creates space for himself to get off shots. Excellent athlete. Solid outside shooter. Good strength.

Rodney Green

Rodney Green - La Salle - Senior
6/24/88 - 6'5" - 290 lbs - Guard/Forward | Draft Profile

  • Two-time Second Team All-Atlantic 10 honoree.
  • Led La Salle with 18.5 points per game as a senior, which ranked second in Big 5.
  • Ranks ninth in La Salle history with 1,914 points and 390 assists.

Eric Boateng

Eric Boateng - Arizona State - Senior
11/20/1985 - 6'10" - 257 lbs - Center

  • Outstanding student-athlete who earned his B.A. in Global Studies with a 3.05 grade point average in 2009 and was one of the nation's most improved players in 2009-2010.
  • After scoring 57 points in junior season (2008-09), he averaged 8.8 points and 7.2 boards and shot a Pac-10 best 66.5 percent (117-of-176) from the field in his senior season (2009-10) including a league-best .660 (68-of-103) in Pac-10 games.

Dinma Odiakosa

Dinma Odiakosa - Illinois State - Senior
4/13/88 - 6'8" - 215 lbs - Forward | Draft Profile

  • Received the 2009-10 James Collie Endowed Scholarship in June 2009
  • Named to the Missouri Valley Conference All-Defensive Team and led the Valley in offensive rebounds (101) and field goal percentage (.618) in 2008-09.
  • During the summer of 2005, competed for the Nigerian National Team at the FIBA U21 World Championships in Mar Del Plata, Argentina * Ranked third on the Nigerian squad in scoring (7.8 ppg.), first in rebounding (6.2 rpg.), fourth in assists and second in steals.

Billy Rush

Billy Rush - Robert Morris - Senior
6'7" - Guard/Forward

  • Helped lead Robert Morris College to the NAIA Division I Final Four as a senior.
  • NAIA Division I Third-Team honoree as a senior
  • Averaged 15.8 points, 7.8 rebounds and 2.4 assists as a senior.

Marko Keselj

Marko Keselj - Serbia
1/2/88 - 6'9" - 218 lbs - Forward | Draft Profile

  • Career Highlights: Spent 2004-06 playing for Serbian outfit Avala Ada Beograd. Moved to Spanish ACB team Akasvayu Girona in 2006-07. Was loaned by Girona to the Koeln 99ers in Germany's Bundesliga the following season. Returned to Serbia in 2008-09 with KK Crvena Zvezda Beograd and has been playing there ever since. Has experience playing for the Serbia and at the youth, junior and senior national team levels in international competition.


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John Hammond - Bucks Genral Manager

On his impressions on the draft in general...
"I basically, always come in (with) the same thing I think yearly and say that I'm not smart enough to predict how good a draft from year-to-year a draft is going to be. I think time will tell. We are hoping with our pick at 15 that we can get a quality player."

On it being a forwards draft...
"I'm not sure if that's the case. I think last year there was a heavier supply of point guards maybe than this year's draft. But whether it be a forward draft, center draft, guard draft, wing draft, I think we're still probably, as we said a few weeks ago, we're still probably looking at this time to probably pick the best player on the board at 15 rather than go by need."

On the importance of getting a backup center...
"It's a need. Obviously it is a need, but you know we have some free agent issues that we're dealing with. We have Luke Ridnour who is unrestricted, John Salmons who is unrestricted and Kurt Thomas who is unrestricted so we do have needs at the backup big position, but we have other needs also."

On if he has optimism about those free agents...
"It's something that we start to explore on July 1 and we'll see where we're at at that point."

On if John Salmons has opted out...
"Has not as of this point."

On if he thinks free agency will play out long into the summer...
"I have no idea how long it's going to play out. I know we'd like to get our work done early if possible, but I'm not sure that is possible."

On the level of interest in bringing John Salmons back...
"I think that John knows our feelings about him and how much we'd like to have him back here, how important he is to us and how much we appreciated what he did for us this year. So of course we'd love to have him back."

On if he has to proceed as though two-guard is a need with the uncertainty of Salmons and Michael Redd...
"Yeah, I'll say, I think really, for us in this draft, probably best player on the board. If it address a need, so be it, but in reality, any player that we pick I think is going to address a need. So I think it's going to be best player but it's also going to help us fill a need."

On the importance of striking gold in the draft...
"I think it's important for any team. I know for us, what Brandon (Jennings) meant to us this past season, was fantastic. We appreciate him so much. The fact that he came in and started 89 games for us this year and helped us win, first and foremost, and was one of the top rookies in the NBA. The draft is the draft. You take it for what it is and it is an inexact science and we did have a good get last year in Brandon and if we're fortunate enough to do something like that at 15, we'd obviously be thrilled. Don't know if that's the case but you know you always work towards that goal."

On his impressions of John Wall...
"I think the guy has a chance to be a superstar in the NBA. The kid can do it all. Total package guy and I think he could be a superstar in this league."

On quality players dropping to 15...
"Well we hope so. At 15, I think if you know, you put a gun to our head, I would say we probably have a grouping of probably three to four guys, maybe a fifth player, thinking that one of those guys will be there. There's a chance that all of them could be gone. If that's the case, we'd probably go into a scramble at 15, but if one of those players are there, I think we walk away from the draft and feel good about it."

On if teams are interested in the Bucks' second-round picks...
"We're having discussions regarding our seconds and even 15 at this time. It helps (to have some assets), especially seconds. We talked about that, you know, second round picks are assets. Some people think they're kind of throw-ins on deals, but for us, they're much more than a throw-in. They're always an asset to us and they do have value."

On having another group of players he would take if the team drops back in the draft...
"Last year, here we sat there at 10 a year ago and I think when you're higher up in the draft, the smaller your group is that you're choosing from. Last year, at 10, we knew it was going to be one of two, maybe three guys. You move down to 15, now it's three to four to five guys. You go into 20, now your grouping probably goes to six to eight guys. If we moved down, I think we're prepared if we have to do something like that. We feel pretty comfortable just because of the fact that we're at 15 and we have 37, we've tried to cover the gamut throughout that and really even beyond 37, going all the way down to 47. So we spend a lot of time preparing and I think we're ready."

On if he would be looking to acquire another NBA player rather than picks if they moved down in the draft...
"Any and all options. I think today, we have 15 and I expect us to keep 15."

On if he thinks there will be a lot of activity in picks1-14...
"I don't see a lot of activity necessarily 1-7. I think that grouping is kind of locked in, but you know, who knows what could happen ehre at the end. I think maybe eight on down there could be a little more movement, but once again, that's just best guess and an assumption."

On moving up in the draft...
"I think it would be difficult for us to do that."

On the draft process...
"We did our best last year. We did our best last year to prepare and the only reason I say last year and please, I don't want to sound like I'm making any excuses, our first year when we came in here with our first draft, we were trying to get a lot of things done in a short amount of time. Change of coaching staff, hire Scott (Skiles), hire a new coaching staff, hire my staff; we were in a little bit of a scramble. I think that last year, we did have a chance to prepare in a more professional manner and I think that this year, we've had a ton of guys in here but that's how it goes every year. We've worked at it, we've done our due diligence, we've got still more to do over the next couple of days but hopefully we're prepared."

On everyone getting involved in the draft process...
"I always say this, especially when it comes to the draft and the college players, you know you've got guys like Billy McKinney and Dave Babcock that are out on the road and they're out there all year and Jeff Weltman is out quite a bit himself. I get out, but that's my point is that, I'm a little bit dangerous in this. Guys like myself, we know just enough to be dangerous. You go out and you watch a guy play one time, and you're trying to make a judgment on him and it's probably not fair. That's why you need to trust the guys like Billy and like Dave Babcock and a guy like Jeff in particular that is out there. You really rely on them and you trust their judgment and they're good quality people that know what they're doing."

On foreign prospects being an option...
"It is and it's something that you know you look at at 15, I'm not sure in this draft, how realistic that is for us. It could be, but it could be a potential second round pick. You always have the option maybe to take an international player and maybe leave him overseas and once again, another asset if you can do something like that."

On how much he consults the players such as Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut on the draft...
"Not through the draft process, we won't do that. Once we start talking about free agent players or if there's trade scenarios, there could be discussions like that that would occur. But I think through the draft, the inexact science that it is, the draft is what it is and I think we're all just trying to make the best decision that we can and we take the input, we just don't want too much input."

On if he thinks it's true that Brandon Jennings helped change the perception around the NBA about Milwaukee...
"100 percent I do. I think that's what he did early on in his rookie season for us. Obviously, with the 55-point game, I think he put Milwaukee Bucks basketball back on the map and some place that we needed to be. From that point on, there was interest around our team. We had no nationally televised games going into the season, like a number of other teams, with Brandon's start, we were recognized as a team that people wanted to see, they put us on TV. We appreciate (him) for what he did, but most importantly what he did is he helped us win games."

On how important the workouts and personal interviews are...
"We talk about this, the preparation and how we go into making our decision, it's just one more step. Sometimes, for particular players, you might even need this, which I would call the last step, is to come in for a workout. Guys that have been maybe in more nationally ranked teams that you're out seeing a little more, playing on a little bit bigger stage so to speak, this is a process but it's, I don't want to say any less significant, but it could be. But for certain guys that we haven't had a chance to see as much or there's a little more question about, this is an important part of the process. For everybody, we do it, there's a reason for doing it. If nothing else the reason is for a guy like Scott (Skiles) to be able to eyeball a guy. Scott might have a chance, and he works at it as hard as any coach in the NBA to prepare himself for the draft. He watches college games, he knows what's going on in the college game, but still, most of it, is watching guys on TV or maybe DVDs during the course of the year. But this gives him a chance to really eyeball a guy and see how big he actually is and what he looks like physically but it's a part of the process. For some guys it's very important, for other guys it's just another step."

On the importance of the head coach in the selection...
"Scott and I work hand in hand in everything that we do. I would never make any decision without his input and consulting him and he's a part of the process and he should be a part of the process."

On the mood around the building this year after the Bucks playoff run and if there's a renewed air of confidence...
"I think there is an air of confidence to a certain extent. I always say that the coaches and the players have to have that confidence. That's what makes them who and what they are. For me, tons of anxiety and concern because we raised the bar on ourselves. Last year at this time, you know people weren't expecting us to be who and what we became and we've done that now. We've won 46 regular season games, we became a playoff team, so it's what have you done for us lately and with that is a concern and we want to stay competitive. That's our goal. I mentioned some of the issues that we have with some of the players that we're going to try to replace or bring back to our team. So we have a busy summer and a very full summer yet ahead of us."

On the challenges that could come with next summer...
"That is, depending on what we do this summer. We could use some of our room. We have our full mid-level (exception), which is an asset to have, and we can afford to sign a player into that slot. If we do something like that, you know who knows. Maybe resign some of the free agents that we're talking about. Some of that room could go away but look, if we can put a good quality team on the floor, we'll do whatever it takes to do that within reason and stay competitive."