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Jordan Crawford

Jordan Crawford - Xavier - Sophomore
10/23/88 - 6'4" - 195 lbs - Guard | Draft Profile

  • Led Atlantic 10 with 20.5 points per game (21st in the nation) to go with 4.7 rebounds and 2.9 assists.
  • Shot 39.1 percent from behind the arc, hitting 2.3 threes per game.
  • Sporting News and foxsports.com Atlantic 10 Conference Player of the Year.
  • Voted First Team All-Atlantic 10 by the A-10 coaches.

Charles Garcia

Charles Garcia - Seattle - Junior
10/13/88 - 6'10" - 230 lbs - Forward/ Center | Draft Profile

  • Averaged 18.7 points and 8.3 rebounds on the season.
  • Shot 47.4 percent from the field with Seattle.
  • Played at Riverside Junior College before transferring to Seattle University.

Dominique Jones

Dominique Jones - South Florida - Junior
10/15/88 - 6'4" - 215 lbs - Guard | Draft Profile

  • Averaged a team-best 21.4 (15th in the nation) points to go with 6.1 rebounds, 3.6 assists and 1.7 steals as a junior.
  • Named to the All-BIG EAST First Team, the Lute Olson All-America Team in 2009-10 and was a Wooden Award Finalist.
  • Ranks fifth all-time in South Florida history with 1,797 points.

Luc Louves

Luc Louves - France (Entente Orleans)
2/22/89 - 6'10" - 210 lbs - Forward | Draft Profile

  • Averaged 1.3 points and 1.5 rebounds in six games with Entente Orleans in 2008-09 and 0.8 points and 1.5 rebounds in 13 games with the club in 2007-08.
  • Hometown is Pau, France.

Hamady N'Diaye

Hamady N'Diaye - Rutgers - Senior
1/12/87 - 7'0" - 235 lbs - Center | Draft Profile

  • Averaged 9.4 points as a senior on 57.9 percent shooting while hauling in 7.1 boards per contest.
  • Was third in the nation in 2009-10 with 4.5 blocks per game.

AJ Ogilvy

A.J. Ogilvy - Vanderbilt - Junior
6/17/88 - 6'10" - 210 lbs - Center | Draft Profile

  • Averaged 13.4 points, 6.2 rebounds, 1.5 blocks and 1.0 steal as a senior in 2009-10.
  • Named Cancun Challenge MVP in 2008.
  • Australian native played at the Australian Institute of Sport.


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Billy McKinney - Bucks Director of Scouting

On how the group did...
"The workout went well today. We had six players, that's the maximum allowed in. Jordan Crawford and Dominique Jones were the guards in this group and guys I think that probably will figure pretty prominently in this draft either in the first round, second round."

On Jordan Crawford...
"He had a good workout. We've had an opportunity to watch him in Chicago, watched him in the Minnesota workout and of course we wanted to bring him in for our workout here today. He's a very good player. Some of you that covered the NCAA Tournament here in March, he had an outstanding tournament. As I watch a player like him play, he reminds me as kind of a cross between Jamal Crawford and John Salmons, which is kind of a compliment to him. He's a very good player."

On Jordan Crawford's shooting range...
"I think anything inside the gym. He's a pretty good shooter and he's going to get better. One thing about players and shooting in the NBA, guys come out of college and the three-point line is closer in (in college), but he has good shot mechanics, he shoots a nice set shot and guys improve their shooting as much as anything."

On what he needs to work on...
"I think defensively is an area he'll have to improve in, as most players coming into the NBA level. Especially when guys have been scorers on their respective teams, their tendency for the coach is to hide them defensively, so they'll have to get better there. In terms of second round, I think he's a player, along with Dominique Jones, you could see them appear in the first round."

On what he likes about Dominique Jones...
"(He's) strong, very good on the ball defender, he's an excellent on the ball defender. As we watched him in the workouts, in the respective workouts in Minnesota as well as here, you can see that, in addition to his defense, another thing he does well is he's a pretty good playmaker. He gets to the basket, I think that's his strong suit right now, being able to beat the defense and get into the paint. His shooting, he shot the ball very well in his workouts. That was a question that I had personally during the year, how well he could shoot the basketball, but he really shot the ball well in his individual workouts."

On how Jones and Crawford matched up against one another...
"It was a feisty one, a good one. When we bring in players, we try to match up players that are similar skill level and those guys had a good workout. Dominique played extremely well today; he shot the ball well. They both had to play some point guard in playing three-on-three and both made very good point guard decisions today."

On how he weighs Jordan Crawford's NCAA tournament performance...
"It was impressive but we didn't just see him during the NCAA Tournament. Jeff Weltman, our assistant general manager, had a chance to see him earlier in the season as I did so we take the entire body of work and try to not just examine what a player has done during a specified amount of time. Dominique for example had a run of about six or seven games where he had about 30 points or more. So if you just went off that body of work, he'd be a higher draft pick, but we examine the entire body of work when we're evaluating a player."

On Crawford being anywhere from a lottery pick to a second round pick...
"I guess it depends on who you listen to. When you look at a lot of the basketball sites and the experts, whether it's Rivals.com or Yahoo.com, whoever is writing the blogs about the players in the draft, I venture to say that they haven't had a chance to look at the players as often as we did. And then applying what they've seen with these players to particular situations, how they'd fit in with our team. So that's why the draft, when you look at it, a guy like a Jordan Crawford, he's all over the board in terms of where he'll present himself in the draft."

On Charles Garcia...
"Charles, he said it best at Minnesota, there was an article in the paper, he said that he was an enigma to most people. For me, looking at him, he's 6'9", he has a tremendous amount of skill. He's one of those players that could fly under the radar but I think has a chance to be a very good NBA player and probably in a position or at a skill set that people don't imagine. I think he's an underrated defensive player, but he received a lot of notoriety based on his scoring."

On if Garcia is a second round pick...
"Again, a guy with that skill level, he could get up into the first round. As I look at this draft, I'd say there's probably nine or 10 players that people say well, here are the top 10 players and then after that, all the teams are trying to determine who's going to go 10-15, 15-(on), so I think Garcia, with his size and his talent, could be a first round pick."

On the competition Garcia faced in college...
"Again, you look at that, you weigh it, but then we've had an opportunity to see him play against NBA level talent or college players from the different divisions. If you look at college overall, I think the parity in the college ranks is much greater than it was 10, 15, 20 years ago, I don't think the level is as important. If you look at what Butler achieved in the NCAA tournament this year and you think conferences like the Big Ten, the SEC, the ACC, would be the top teams, the top dogs, but that's not the case anymore. So we have to examine every possibility and of course, bringing him in for a workout and seeing him at other workouts, we get an opportunity to see what his true skill set is and if you ask me, he does have some NBA skills and talents and I think he'll be an NBA player."

On Hamady N'Diaye and Luc Louves...
"Very interesting players. When you look at N'Diaye, here's a guy that learned to play basketball and speak English within the last six years and he speaks English very well. He went to Rutgers, had a very good career there. He's a guy, both of those guys, probably figure more prominently in the second round than they would first round picks."

On Louves' lack of playing time...
"He didn't play very much. We've gone back and try to find game logs on where he's played. He applied for the draft in 2008 then pulled out and this year he's in for good. We've had a chance to evaluate him in Minnesota as well as here at our practice facility. Here's a guy at 6'10", probably about 225, still needs some work on his skill but teams have been known to draft players in the second round, which I think he could be a second round pick, and store him overseas and let him continue to develop his skill set."

On the importance of having two second round picks...
"It helps us in a lot of ways. Number one, we can keep the picks or we can package them if we want to move up or get a little bit of a higher pick, or maybe even move those picks and do something for a future year. Having multiple picks in this draft, I think that would be important. There are a variety of teams that don't have draft picks, first or second, and I think there will be a lot of activity this year with teams looking to get back in and pick up a steal in the second round; or possibly teams that have multiple first round picks that might want to move back and save a little money and get into the second round."


Hamady N'Diaye

On the workout...
"It was great. I really liked it and enjoyed it a lot. It's just more experience for me. I really liked the workout, though."

On his pre-draft experience...
"I went to Miami, Washington and the group workout in Minnesota. They were good, too. Miami was a little rough for me being my first one, just getting through everything and learning. But after that, everything is just flowing and I just keep learning, step-by-step."

On his unique path to the draft...
"My junior year of high school is when I started playing. I came to America and learned English that year, too. It was a whole lot that I did at one time. The game is still brand new to me. I just compete hard, that's what I like to do. It became a lot of fun and I learned to love the game. Now it's just progress and seeing where this road is going to lead. It's big for everybody that really has this as a dream and is doing everything to get there. For somebody like me that doesn't have family in America and really sacrificed a lot, this means a whole lot. We'll see where God takes us. It's definitely been a unique path."


Luc Louves

On the workout...
"It was pretty good. There were a lot of big players so it was good."

On his previous workouts...
"I worked out in Minnesota and that's it. I was expecting it to be difficult so I got myself ready for that. It was not a surprise."

On the last year...
"Last year, I was with my mom because she was sick so I was taking care of her. I was practicing every day by myself and trying to find a way to keep improving."

On being an unknown...
"I have to prove myself I think now. Nobody knows me that much so I have to keep pushing."

On what he needs to work on...
"My post skills. I used to be a small forward. Now, I gained a lot of pounds so I need to learn the post skills."


Charles Garcia

On the workout...
"Pretty good. I felt good. It was challenging with the big guys."

On how the workout compares to his first...
"I've just been to Sacramento for my first one, that's it. This was my second one so far. I felt like they were about the same."

On his weakness...
"My weakness, coming from a small school, is that I didn't get enough competition. Playing in the big schools, you get a lot of competition, so they say that's one of my weaknesses."

On his strengths...
"Perimeter play. I can do everything. Just give me the ball and I'm willing to do it all."

On Milwaukee...
"This is my first time, actually. It's not bad so far. So far, so good. Once I take a tour of the city I may be impressed with certain things. I'm an adventure guy so I like to see new things."

On whether he could see himself playing for the Bucks...
"Of course. I watched them a lot this year, how they run and their style of play I'd say is similar to mine. I could mix things up. With players like John Salmons and a future super star Brandon Jennings, I think I could help them with the speed and running the floor."


Dominique Jones

On the workout...
"I felt it went good. It was a good workout, conditioning-wise and competitive-wise, this was my hardest one. They had us doing a lot of stuff. I was tired but overall it was a good workout."

On if Milwaukee is a place he could see himself being drafted...
"Oh yeah, I mean, this is a nice place. I like the environment, the basketball facilities, Coach (Scott) Skiles. He has that serious look, even when you're on the court and everybody's smiling, you look over there and he's looking serious. That's a good sign and I'd love to play for a coach like that."

On what he's trying to work on...
"Just showing my ability to shoot the ball. People think I can't shoot and go under screens, but I knocked down a couple jump shots going under screens. Basically just showing that I'm that combo role. I'm not a one, I'm not a two, but I can play both of them and be more valuable when it comes to being a player in the NBA."

On where people project him to be drafted...
"I don't really look at that, I know one team is going to like me and it doesn't really matter where I go. People have me projected first round, but when it all comes down to it, it doesn't matter. I just want to be put in a situation where I have a chance to go out there and play and go to a team that needs me, that needs what I bring and put me on the court to learn on the court and just basically give me the opportunity. If I have that, I'm going to put my time in, I'm going to do my part. That's basically all I want in my situation."

On his workout schedule...
"I just looked at my schedule and I had eight, this was my eighth one, not including the Chicago combine and I have 10 more to go. I wish the draft was tonight because it's just traveling, traveling, traveling. I was looking at my schedule and one time, I had four in a row (and was in) four different cities in a row. But if it was easy, everybody would do it and you just have to deal with it. The fun part is just getting out on the court. You're from hotel, to airplane, to cab, to wherever you're from, but once you finally get on the court, you're like OK finally, this is my free time, my time to do what I do best."

On how the travel differs from college...
"It's very different. In the Big East, we didn't have any teams (that were) Southern, so all the time we had to come up towards this area. The NBA is different. You might have a game over here, in Miami and then have to play in Atlanta the next night, but it's something to get used to. It's basketball, it's the lifestyle and it's a great experience."


A.J. Ogilvy

On the workout...
"The big men were really competitive. Obviously, H (Hamady N'Diaye) is really athletic and really long so it was tough to get some shots off, but I'm pretty happy with how it went."

On his summer plans and if he'll be at the World Championships for Australia...
"At the moment, I don't think I'm going to be on the World Championships team. I'm still looking into doing NBA workouts and furthering my career that way, but if the opportunity does present itself to go back to Australia I would take it up."

On if he knows Andrew Bogut...
"I've bumped into him a few times at senior team camps and I say hello to him, but not too much more than that. I'm from Sydney and he's from Melbourne and he's a few years older than me so we never really played against each other back home."

On if people in Australia look up to Bogut...
"Definitely, especially amongst the younger kids and even me coming over. He set such a great precedent with such a great college career and then going over to the NBA. He's definitely looked up to by Australians."

On more Australians making a mark in the NBA...
"More Australians are coming over here, trying to enjoy the college lifestyle and follow in the footsteps that Andrew set."

On his career at Vanderbilt...
"Vanderbilt was a great experience. I really enjoyed the SEC athletically and Vanderbilt academically really suited me as well."

On what he's trying to show in workouts...
"I'm just trying to show my ability. I think I can shoot the ball better than most people know and my versatility to play off the dribble and back to the basket. So I'm just trying to show that I'm a versatile player."

On his workout schedule...
"I've done two, this is my second one now and I've got about four or five more left."


Jordan Crawford

On if he thinks his defense will get him on the court quicker as a rookie...
"As a rookie, of course, that's what all the coaches preach, all the GMs, everybody. They have scorers already on every team, so bringing defense, probably not stop a player, but just make it hard at times."

On what he's learned from his older brother, Joe Crawford...
"Everything really. Growing up watching him become a McDonald's All-American and everything he's been through. I pretty much learned everything from him so I can't really describe just one thing."

On what Joe has told him about the process...
"He told me that basically you have to be at your best at every workout. He said that's the hardest thing about this. You can't have a bad day, you're going to have bad days, but right now, for these two months, you can't have one, so that's the hardest thing."


Called for traveling
Bucks second pre-draft workout features intriguing prospects
By Brett Winkler

The six prospects participating in the Bucks second pre-draft workout took a car ride from the airport to get to the Cousins Center, but the similarities on how they arrived at the Bucks Training Facility on June 1 end there.

While Dominique Jones' (6-4, 215, junior) journey from his native Lake Wales, Fla. to the University of South Florida and now to the pre-draft workout stage may seem a typical route, he was in the minority Tuesday as all of his workout partners were either born in a foreign country or had transferred schools at least once.

Jordan Crawford (6-4, 195, sophomore) spent a season playing under Bucks assistant coach Kelvin Sampson at Indiana and then transferred to Xavier before finding himself under the familiar gaze of Sampson and the Bucks brass on Tuesday. Charles Garcia (6-10, 230, junior) wound up at the small Seattle University after several detours, including a stint playing at Riverside Junior College.

A testament to the increasing popularity of basketball overseas, the other three participants in the workout were born in foreign lands. Rutgers product Hamady N'Diaye (7-0, 235, senior) came all the way from Senegal to attend high school in the States, where the former soccer goalkeeper didn't even begin playing basketball until his junior year. France's Luc Louves (6-10, 210), who played sparingly for Entente Orleans in France's top league, has been focused on more important things than his basketball career. The Frenchman spent the last year working out on his own in Guadalupe while taking care of his sick mother. Lastly, there's Australian A.J. Ogilvy (6-10, 210, junior), who played for three years at Vanderbilt upon his arrival from Down Under.

For Ogilvy at least, his journey to the draft doesn't seem all that unorthodox to fans in Milwaukee. In 2005, the Bucks selected Andrew Bogut with the first overall pick after the Aussie spent two years playing at Utah.

"He set such a great precedent with such a great college career and then going over to the NBA," Ogilvy said of the Bucks center. "He's definitely looked up to by Australians. More Australians are coming over here, trying to enjoy the college lifestyle and follow in the footsteps that Andrew set."

Ogilvy wasn't the only one at the workout looking for guidance from a role model who has been there before. Crawford went no further than his own family when seeking advice on how to pave a path of his own.

"Growing up," Crawford said of his brother, Joe, "watching him become a McDonald's All-American and everything he's been through, I pretty much learned everything from him."

And leave it to brother Joe, a 2008 second-round selection by the Lakers, to put even more pressure on his younger sibling.

"He told me that basically you have to be at your best at every workout," the younger Crawford said. "You can't have a bad day. You're going to have bad days, but right now, for these two months, you can't have one."

But as Crawford would likely admit, having family around to further raise expectations is easier than not having any family around at all. Such is the case for N'Diaye, who hopes that his decision to leave his native Senegal pays dividends on draft day.

"It's big for everybody that really has this as a dream and is doing everything to get there," N'Diaye said of the opportunity to workout for NBA teams. "For somebody like me that doesn't have family in America and really sacrificed a lot, this means a whole lot."

While the theme Tuesday seemed to be about players taking the road less traveled, the well-traveled path is still a new experience for each crop of prospects. Even Jones, who has found stability throughout his life in his home state of Florida, is managing a hectic lifestyle as the draft approaches.

"I just looked at my schedule," Jones said after working out for the Bucks. "This was my eighth (workout), not including the Chicago combine, and I have 10 more to go. I wish the draft was tonight because it's just traveling, traveling, traveling.

"The fun part is just getting out on the court. You're from hotel to airplane to cab to wherever you're from, once you finally get on the court, you're like okay. Finally, this is my free time. My time to do what I do best."

Jones certainly isn't alone in that thinking. Regardless of how the players got to the pre-draft workout stage, the important thing is that they made it at all. For the players at Tuesday's workout, as well as those scheduled to visit the Bucks on Wednesday and Thursday, having the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of NBA personnel is worth every mile traveled and every sacrifice made.

And it will be even more so if it leads to them hearing their names called on June 24.