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Craig Brackins

Craig Brackins - Iowa State - Junior
10/9/87 - 6'10" - 230 lbs | Draft Profile

  • Topped Iowa State with 16.5 points per game and was second with 8.5 rebounds and 2.2 steals.
  • Shot 42.0 percent from the field and 76.0 percent from the line in 32 games (all starts)
  • Is the sixth player in ISU history to record 1,500 points and 700 rebounds in a career and just the third to do it in three seasons.

Paul George

Paul George - Fresno State - Sophomore
5/2/90 - 6'8" - 210 lbs | Draft Profile

  • Led Fresno state in scoring (16.8) and rebounding (7.2) in 2009-10.
  • Swiped a team-best 64 steals (2.2 per game) in 29 contests.
  • Shot 35.3 percent from three and his 59 makes from long-range were second on the team.
  • Volunteers in the Read to Achieve program.

Marquis Gilstrap

Marquis Gilstrap - Iowa State - Senior
8/12/87 - 6'7" - 215 lbs | Draft Profile

  • Named Honorable Mention All-Big 12 in 2009-10.
  • Earned Big 12 All-Newcomer Tam honors and was a six-time Big 12 Rookie of the Week as a senior.
  • Was second on the team in scoring with 14.9 points per game, behind only Craig Brackins.
  • Led the Cylones in rebounding with 9.3 boards per tilt.

Trevon Hughes

Trevon Hughes - Wisconsin - Senior
4/4/87 - 6'0" - 195 lbs | Draft Profile

  • 2010 All-Big Ten second team and a member of 2010 Big Ten All-Defensive team.
  • Third in UW history with 177 career steals. One of three UW players with 1,300 points, 300 rebounds and 250 assists, joining NBA players Michael Finley and Devin Harris.
  • Second on the team in scoring with 15.3 points per game his senior year.

Tyren Johnson

Tyren Johnson - Louisiana-Lafayette - Senior
7/24/88 - 6'8" - 204 lbs | Draft Profile

  • Averaged a career-best 17.9 points, 8.0 rebounds and 1.5 blocks per game during his senior season.
  • Had a career-high 44 blocks his senior year.
  • Led the team in scoring, rebounding, assists, blocks and steals as a senior.

Jerome Randle

Jerome Randle - California - Senior
5/21/87 - 5'10" - 172 lbs | Draft Profile

  • 2010 Pac-10 Player of the Year and AP honorable mention All-American.
  • Cal's all-time scoring leader with 1,835 career points. Also career leader in three-pointers (252) and free throw percentage (88.1%).
  • Only Cal player to score 1,700 points and have 500 assists.
  • layed in 132 career games, starting 96.

Trevor Booker

Trevor Booker - Clemson - Senior
11/25/87 - 6'7" - 240 lbs | Draft Profile

  • Topped Clemson in points (15.2) and rebounds (8.4) while finishing second with 45 blocks as a senior.
  • Shot 52.1 percent from the field.
  • One of two Clemson players to start all 32 games in 2009-10.
  • Was the Gatorade Player-of-the-Year for South Carolina as a senior in high school.

Derrick Caracter

Derrick Caracter - UTEP - Junior
5/4/88 - 6'9" - 275 lbs | Draft Profile

  • Second on UTEP with 14.1 points while shooting 56.7 percent from the field in 2009-10 .
  • Averaged a team-best 8.1 rebounds in 2009-10.
  • His 23 blocks were second on the team.
  • Played two seasons at Louisville 2006-08 before transferring to UTEP.

Magnum Rolle

Magnum Rolle - Louisiana Tech - Senior
2/23/86 - 6'11" - 225 lbs | Draft Profile

  • Second on the team in scoring (13.9 points) and first in rebounding (8.4).
  • Blocked 2.1 shots per game, accounting for 71 of the team's 116 blocks on the season. Fourth in Louisiana Tech history in blocks.
  • Born in the Bahamas.
  • Played two seasons at LSU before transferring to Louisiana Tech.

Sambardo Samuels

Samardo Samuels - Louisville - Sophomore
1/9/89 - 6'9" - 260 lbs | Draft Profile

  • Was Louisville's leader in points (15.3), rebounds (7.0) and minutes (29.3) while finishing second with 37 blocks.
  • His 52.4 field goal percentage was tops on the squad for players attempting at least 150 field goals.
  • Originally from Trelawny, Jamaica.

Jerry Smith

Jerry Smith - Louisville - Senior
9/26/87 - 6'2" - 190 lbs | Draft Profile

  • Third on the team with 8.3 points per game.
  • Third on the team with 1.9 assists and led the squad with 42 steals.
  • Native of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin where he attended Wauwatosa East High School.

Jermey Wise

Jeremy Wise - Bakersfield Jam
3/13/86 - 6'1" - 165 lbs | Draft Profile

  • Fourth on Bakersfield with 16.6 points and second with 5.1 assists.
  • Got to the free throw line 234 times (5.2 per game) with Bakersfield, tops on the club.
  • Played three years at Southern Miss before going to the D-League.


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Jeff Weltman - Bucks Assistant General Manager

On the workout...
"We want to have as many guys as we can in and do our due diligence. The coaches put them through a pretty rigorous workout. Typical to most workouts, we want to find out skill level, competitiveness and all sorts of things that we're trying to gauge."

On having two second round picks...
"We definitely have to cast a wider net. A lot of that is up to the agents and that's the little dance that we have to play trying to get as many kids as we can to visit us and get to know them in-depth."

On Trevon Hughes...
"Trevon worked really hard today and we were happy to have him in as a local kid in our first visit. We thought that was good for him and good for us. He'll get his chance to show his talents to a lot of teams because he's a very competitive player."

On the positives about Hughes...
"We like his toughness and competitiveness and he got better every year and he's a winner. We were eager to have him in and he's a guy we've liked for a while."

On the purpose of workouts...
"Obviously the purpose of doing this all is for us to refine our opinions on guys and get to know them better. It was a spirited workout; I'll say that. Especially considering this was the first one that we've done and a lot of the kids' first workouts, so they had to overcome a little nerves at the outset."

On what they emphasize during workouts...
"We put them into as many competitive situations as possible. Obviously skills are skills and we're only allowed to have three-on-three max, so we can only do so much. But we try to do everything competitively. Whether it's a shooting drill or a ball-handling drill we'll keep score and see how they get after each other."

On the timing of the workouts...
"We're trying to do as much work as early as we possibly can so we can kind of do more conferencing and watching video tapes after (the pre-draft camp in Chicago)."


Paul George

On how he would compare his workout with the Bucks to the one he had with the Bulls...
"This one was a lot tougher. It was a lot more transition type of stuff, but it was pretty similar as far as competition. We competed pretty hard and had some pretty decent players at both ends so it was kind of the same in a way."

On where people have been telling him he will go in the draft...
"From the range of about 15-25 so hopefully I can keep excelling at workouts and try moving up."

On what he would bring to the Bucks...
"Just another guard that can kind of handle some pressure and take it off of Brandon Jennings a little bit in the backcourt. Just be another shooter and get out and defend. I think I can bring a lot to the Bucks."

On what the draft process has been like for him...
"It was definitely exciting. Not a lot of guys can say that they are doing this so I take every day as a challenge and when you get out of bed, this is what you really want to do. You get a chance to compete with top players around the world so it's definitely fun."

On having Craig Brackins (Iowa State) at the same workout as him...
"Craig is like a big brother. We kind of grew up in the same area, know each other pretty well, so it would be another addition of me being comfortable. I know Brandon Jennings a little bit."

On what he likes about Brandon Jennings...
"He's an amazing point guard. He's quick, sort of like Nate Archibald, and he's flashy. He brings another dimension to the point guard position."

On what type of NBA player he would compare himself to...
"Somebody like a Josh Howard, Rudy Gay, Joe Johnson type of player; pretty big shooting guards. I want to transition later in my career to someone like a Tracy McGrady."


Trevon Hughes

On the workout...
"I didn't know what to expect. That's what I was anxious for, to come in here and show them what I've got."

On how the session went...
"I think it went pretty well. We ran up and down. We played one-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-three with some shooting drills. I felt good about it."

On his expectations...
"I don't have any expectations. I just want to workout to the best of my ability, show them my athleticism and take it from there."

On how many workouts he has planned...
"I have about three more right now that are scheduled. More to come, I'm pretty sure. Right now it's a dead-week with the NBA pre-draft camp coming up on Wednesday."

On what he needs to work on...
"Developing a more consistent jump shot. I can shoot it but the (three-point) line is further back. (I'll) keep working out there and make better decisions offensively and in the one-on-one game, because it's not like high school and college anymore. There's more one-on-one in the NBA."

On how his experience with Wisconsin prepared him for the next level...
"Playing at Wisconsin taught me how to play a slow-paced game in a half-court, offensive setting, ball screens and getting everyone involved. (Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan) was big on that because he was a guard in college."

On if he wants to be a Buck...
"Definitely. I went to high school out here. I went to college out here. The best way to end it is to stay, right?"

On how much his intangibles help...
"Just being vocal out here (helps). Everybody is competing with one another but at the same time everybody wants some feedback so they can get through the workout. So when you see somebody struggling, be that vocal leader. Or sometimes lead by example, be the first one."


Craig Brackins

On the workout...
"They had us shooting, had us running, a little ball screen situations and three-on-three."

On coming out early...
"I felt like it was the right decision for me. I had the decision my sophomore year and I felt like I needed to go back to school, get stronger and more familiar with myself. I felt I did that."

On projections...
"I don't really pay attention to that. I feel like when you go into workouts, that's what predicts your draft stock. I just come in to workouts and work as hard as I can."

On what he would bring to the Bucks...
"I'd bring a lot of versatility. Inside, outside, a lot of energy just trying to do whatever I can."

On his history with Paul George...
"I know Paul. I knew him when he was younger, probably his freshman or sophomore year. Then I left and went to prep school. We were back there talking and laughing. We still have the same friends so it's fun to see a familiar face along with (Marquis) Gilstrap, too."


Marquis Gilstrap

On the workout...
"It went well. It was a tough workout. Everybody played hard. Everybody was playing tough and encouraging each other but at the same time trying to do what we have to do to get drafted."

On what he needs to do to improve...
"Continue shooting the ball well and playing defensively. Also, working on my ball-handling."


Tyren Johnson

On the workout...
"It was my fifth workout and it was the hardest one by far. I think I got a lot. We competed hard and everybody was encouraging and at the same time just showing off our talent."

On his strengths...
"My versatility and shooting the ball and I think I'm a better passer than people think."

On what he can work on...
"Ball-handling and my strength. I get pushed around sometime and my ball-handling can be shaky."

On Milwaukee...
It's my first time. It's a laid back town; I can get used to it."


Jerome Randle

On the workout...
"It was my third workout. I liked it. It was real competitive. I went up against some good guys. I think I did pretty good and had good decision making. Basically I just have to talk a little on defense. It's more about team defense. You need to be in the right spot at the right time to help your teammates."

On his strengths...
"I can penetrate, find open guys and knock down open shots. Change the game on offense and defense and try to speed the game up a little bit."

On his weaknesses...
"I'm only 5-9, so a lot of people look at that as a downfall for me. I feel like it's not. The heart is there. The game is there. Someone just has to take a chance and see beyond that."

On Milwaukee...
"It looks like it's a live city. It looks like there's a lot going on down here. I know there's great fan support."


Jerry Smith

On what it's like to workout for his hometown team...
"It's an honor. I grew up here seeing the Bucks play year in and year out and it's just a blessing for them to give me an opportunity to come in and work out."

On if he's been inside the Bucks Training Center before...
"I played for Friends of Hoop (in AAU) in eighth grade and this was the practice facility we used to use. It brought back a lot of good memories."

On if he got nervous today...
"Not really nervous, more so excited because you're getting a chance to do what you love and I just love it. I'm just glad to be out there."

On how close he is to realizing his dream...
"Who knows? God willing I am very close and I'm just going to keep working and put my faith into it."

On what he did with the Bucks today...
"We started off doing some testing, some physical testing and some measurements, then we got into more one-on-one things and three-on-three towards the end."

On what he would like to show from his college days to pro teams like the Bucks...
"That I can really defend, that's the main thing. I worked on my defense, I can knock down open shots and just compete night in and night out."

On if he worked at the point today...
"A little bit of combo today. I ran a lot more point than I usually do."

On what he's concentrating on to get prepared for the NBA...
"Just work hard and stay in shape, that's the main thing. These teams want to see who's in shape and who has been working the hardest, and that I have been doing."

On other players from his high school (Wauwatosa East) making it to the pros...
"Those are some tough shoes to be in with Devin (Harris) and Tony (Smith), but God willing, I'll get an opportunity and we'll see what happens."

On how his game has changed since high school...
"I worked on my shot a lot. I have been able to knock down some shots, and just being a lot better with the basketball, dribbling wise and reading pick and roll situations and stuff like that."

On his defense getting him to the next level...
"I've got pretty long arms and I think I can defend the point guard and the two-guard pretty well."

On his hopes of getting drafted...
"I'm just going to work hard and see what happens. Let it fall where it may."

On his other options if he doesn't get drafted...
"If the NBA doesn't workout, play in Europe. There are professional teams over there and that's definitely still a blessing to play basketball as a job. That's something I've dreamed about, just to play this game for money, and it would be a blessing. The D-League (is also an option) as well, trying to prepare for the NBA, that definitely is a factor too."


Derrick Caracter

On today's workout...
"We came out here and did warm-ups, jumping rope, different little ball-handling drills and lay-ups to see how we finish around the basket. Then right away we got into one-on-one and continued working on different drills, two-on-two and three-on-three. Then we finished off with a few good battles."

On whether Milwaukee would be a good fit for him...
"Definitely. Any workout I go into, I like to picture myself being with the team. I stay positive with myself, go out here, give my best and let everything else fall into place."

On if he's comfortable at power forward...
"Definitely. I have a lot to improve. I still want to continue to work on my mid-range game, my mobility, being able to play lower, and being more explosive. I've been working on opening my hips, flexibility, and just continuing to work on my game."

On his rebounding...
"I wasn't attacking defensively as much as I should have. I got caught a couple times watching, for whatever reason. Those are things I just have to keep working on and keep getting better at."

On former teammate Jerry Smith...
"Jerry's a tough kid. He's aggressive on defense, lock-down defense. He's a pure shooter. He continues to keep working on making his game overall better. He's a good guy."


Jeremy Wise

On the workout...
"It was my sixth workout. It was about the toughest one I had. The different stuff we had to do, like the jump roping and all of that, I've never done that."

On his D-League experience...
"(It helps) a little bit, but not that much because everybody has played in college."

On what he can work on...
"I can work on my three-point ball and my strength, just getting stronger. Those are the two main things I need to work on."


Trevor Booker

On the workout...
"It was my first one. I liked it. We went hard and that's something that I like to do. I go hard. It was a great experience."

On what he can improve on...
"Just keep working on my overall perimeter skills. As long as I keep going hard I think everybody will like me."

On his strengths...
"I played in the post in college but I can go inside-out. My overall thing is just playing hard and my hard work ethic. As long as I'm on the court, nothing is going to slow me down. I'm going hard every play."


Samardo Samuels

On today's workout...
"It was pretty good, pretty competitive. A bunch of guys going hard."

On how this workout compares to his previous...
"I've done Miami, Houston and Chicago. This one's up there. This was probably the most competitive so far."

On what he can work on...
"Just competing every day and keep getting feedback and keep growing in my game."

On having a teammate at the workout...
"Definitely, it helps being comfortable. But at the same time you have to stay focused on the task at hand."


Magnum Rolle

On the workout...
"It was pretty intense. The energy level was pretty high. We competed our butts off, which is a good thing. Everybody brought a positive flow to it. There was no negative energy. Everybody played team play even though we didn't know each other and haven't played together before. We just came and competed and followed the instructions that they laid out for us."

On what he can work on...
"Just keep learning the game from all the vets I've come into and all the coaching staffs every workout I go into and to keep getting stronger."

On his strengths...
"I have a lot of energy and a positive mindset. I'll be a player you won't have to worry about off the court."


Bucks focus on future
Path to the draft began Monday in Milwaukee
By Brett Winkler

On June 22 of last year, the Bucks hosted a group of promising prospects at the Cousins Center in preparation for the 2009 NBA Draft. Clearly, one of the players present at the team's second-to-last pre-draft workout made a good first impression in his debut on the hardwood at the Bucks Training Center.

Days after getting a first-hand look at the practice facility, Brandon Jennings was selected by the Bucks with the 10th overall pick in the draft. A 46-win regular season, a seven-game playoff series, numerous individual accolades for the rookie point guard and 11 months later, the Bucks brass was back at the Cousins Center Monday conducting pre-draft workouts as the 2010 NBA Draft nears.

"We want to have as many guys as we can in and do our due diligence," said Bucks Assistant General Manager Jeff Weltman. "Typical to most workouts, we want to find out skill level, competitiveness and all sorts of things that we're trying to gauge."

Twelve players took the court for Milwaukee on Monday, looking to follow in Jennings' footsteps and hear their name called during the draft on June 24. The prospects, ranging from those projected as first rounders to those pegged as possible second round or undrafted sleepers, were divided into morning and afternoon sessions.

Participating in the first workout session of the day were Craig Brackins (Iowa State, junior, 6-10, 230), Paul George (Fresno State, sophomore, 6-7, 185), Marquis Gilstrap (Iowa State, senior, 6-6, 210), Trevon Hughes (Wisconsin, senior, 6-1, 190), Tyren Johnson (Louisiana-Lafayette, senior, 6-8, 205) and Jerome Randle (California, senior, 5-10, 160).

Round two of the workouts consisted of Trevor Booker (Clemson, senior, 6-7, 215), Derrick Caracter (UTEP, junior, 6-9, 265), Magnum Rolle (Louisiana Tech, senior, 6-10, 200), Samardo Samuels (Louisville, sophomore, 6-8, 240), Jerry Smith (Louisville, senior, 6-2, 190) and Jeremy Wise (D-League, Bakersfield Jam, 6-2, 165).

Upon completion of tests and measurements, both groups took part in workouts led by Bucks assistant coach Bill Peterson. Bucks personnel looked on as the prospects ran through a number of drills in roughly an hour and a half session that included shooting, passing, ball-handling, lay-up drills, jumping rope, and one-on-one, two-on-two and three-on-three competitions.

Overall, Weltman and the Bucks were pleased with the results that the first day of workouts yielded.

"It was a spirited workout," Weltman said. "I'll say that. Especially considering this was the first one that we've done and a lot of the kids' first workouts, so they had to overcome a little nerves at the outset."

For Louisville's Smith, a Wauwatosa East grad, and Hughes, a former Wisconsin Badger who attended St. John's Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield, local ties helped to combat the nerves.

"It's an honor," Smith said. "I grew up here seeing the Bucks play year in and year out and it's just a blessing for them to give me an opportunity to come in and work out."

Weltman echoed Smith's sentiments in his evaluation of Hughes.

"Trevon worked really hard today and we were happy to have him in as a local kid in our first visit," Weltman said. "We thought that was good for him and good for us. He'll get his chance to show his talents to a lot of teams because he's a very competitive player."

In addition to his familiarity with Milwaukee, Smith was one of a handful of players to participate in the workout alongside a former teammate, sharing the floor in the second session with fellow Louisville product Samuels as well as Caracter, who spent time with the Cardinals before transferring to UTEP. In the first group, Iowa State's Brackins had the opportunity to workout with teammate Gilstrap as well as Fresno State's George, a childhood friend.

"I knew him when he was younger," Brackins said of George. "Probably his freshman or sophomore year. Then I left and went to prep school. We were back there talking and laughing. We still have the same friends so it's fun to see a familiar face along with Gilstrap, too."

Even for the players without previous relationships with their workout partners, teamwork became a common theme during both sessions.

"We competed our butts off," Rolle, a Louisiana Tech grad, said. "Everybody brought a positive flow to it. There was no negative energy. Everybody played team play even though we didn't know each other and haven't played together before."

With two second round picks to go with the 15th overall choice in this year's draft, the Bucks will "cast a wider net" according to Weltman as they continue to gauge the attributes of different players. For many of the prospects, the next step will be the 2010 NBA Draft Combine in Chicago, which begins Wednesday and concludes on Friday. The Bucks will resume their own workouts in the coming weeks.

"Obviously, the purpose of doing this all is for us to refine our opinions on guys and get to know them better," Weltman said.

By all accounts, the first group of workout invitees helped get the Bucks draft preparations off to a solid start, and there's nothing like making a good first impression--just ask Brandon Jennings.