Mock Draft Survey

Who will the Bucks take at #2 based on 20 mock drafts?
by Alex Boeder Writer


Last year around this time, we gathered 20 different mock drafts.

The most popular choice for the Bucks at #15 was Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. In all, 11 players made the chart as potential future Bucks. None of them were Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Here we are again. Still without any real idea, still enjoying the idea of not having any real idea, but this time with a much smaller group called Possible Bucks Draft Picks.


Out of 20 mock drafts, just three names are typed after the word Bucks: Joel Embiid (7), Jabari Parker (7), Andrew Wiggins (6).

Click on the View Bio buttons here in Bucks Draft Central for profiles of each of the top prospects. Featuring things like: Embiid blocked 2.6 shots per game, in 23.1 minutes… One of these prospects has a dad who played in the NBA and a mom who was an Olympic sprinter… Wiggins actually made more free throws per minute than Parker… Parker goes coast-to-coast against Kansas via GIF.


What is a mock draft?

To some, it is a prediction of what will happen. To others, it is what someone thinks should happen. To most, it is some combination.

For the purposes of the graph at the top, all of the mock drafts are weighted equally. That said, some writers/websites are more informed than others, in terms of connections to front offices or in terms of knowledge of the prospects. One of the best is Draft Express, so we will really watch them.


Here are some quotes from the 20 mock drafts. As the chart at the top shows, it could not be any closer. I actually had pulled data for 21 mock drafts, and it was 7-7-7, but I wanted to trim to a round number.


The Bucks will have their choice between two stud small forwards, and they can't go wrong either way. Andrew Wiggins has the length and athleticism pro scouts rave about, and Jabari Parker has an NBA-ready offensive game that could make him a primary option as a rookie. For a Bucks team that finished No. 26 in offense and No. 29 in defense, either player is a great pick.

We'll go with Parker just because he's ready to carry the scoring load from day one. Parker is the master student and an offensive force with outside shooting ability, post moves and counters to his counters. His defensive ability will be a question, but with Larry Sanders and Giannis Antetokounmpo backing him up, the Bucks should be just fine relying on Parker for offense first and defense second.

The best place to be in this draft might be at the No. 2 spot, because the decision is made for you in a lot of ways. Obviously the Bucks could go in many different directions and be an outlier here, but after the coin lands on Wiggins for the Cavs they can calmly walk to the podium and accept their consolation prize. Parker is a pure, natural scorer that can play the three or the four on the offensive end. He fits in right away with the athletic bookends of Larry Sanders and Giannis Antetokounmpo in the front-court as the counterbalance and scoring threat. Parker’s shooting, scoring, and offensive acumen make him an easy pick here. Not to slight his talent, Parker is an option to go No. 1 Overall any year, and could be the best overall player long-term in this class.

One scout I spoke to calls Parker one of the most polished elite prospects to enter the draft in years. While Parker is not the athlete that Andrew Wiggins is, he has shown his scoring prowess, and his game will translate to an immediate impact as a rookie. Parker is able to run an offense or play off the ball. From the sound of things in Chicago, the Jazz would love a chance to make Parker – raised as a Mormon – the face of their franchise. A majority of the executives I spoke to at the combine believed that Parker is the frontrunner for Rookie of the Year. No chance Parker falls outside of the top three. The Bucks need a player like Parker who can step in and play right away and help shoulder the burden on offense with Brandon Knight.


The feeling among a lot of front offices is that the back injury will turn out to be a temporary setback at the end of his college career, not a serious problem that will last into the pros. Teams picking at the top of the draft will obviously scour the medical reports to find out for themselves. Let the rise from unknown to the top three continue.

Some in the Bucks organization really liked Embiid before his back injury. But there are questions about whether they will actually be able to get him in for a physical before the draft. If they can, he is likely the No. 1 pick with Wiggins off the board. If they cannot, Parker or Dante Exum could move into this spot. Parker is the safe pick, but there are concerns that he plays the same position as Giannis Antetokounmpo. Exum could be their point guard of the future, as they would like to move Brandon Knight to the 2.

If Wiggins is on the board, this becomes a tough decision. But the Bucks need another big man and an Embiid-Larry Sanders frontcourt has tremendous defensive promise. The question Milwaukee (and others) must answer: How bad is Embiid's back?


The Bucks under new ownership will want to make a splash with the biggest star in the draft, and there isn't a bigger potential star than Andrew Wiggins. He'll give them options with lineup versatility, he'll be incredibly easy to market, and you're going to put fans in the stands right away to see what kind of star he'll be in the league. 

Scout's take: "He became more assertive, aggressive and confident as his freshman season went on. Has amazing athleticism and a huge upside."

Wiggins is as physically talented as any wing player to come along since LeBron James. He still has only begun to scratch the surface in terms of skill development and realizing his abilities. After inconsistency through the first half of the season, Wiggins answered his critics with a strong finish. He really emerged in the season's final month putting up a 41 and 30 in back-to-back games, though he struggled with just 4 points in Kansas' season-ending tourney loss to Stanford. His defensive potential is far superior to Jabari Parker's, though he may struggle to score initially.


Here are the 20 surveyed. Thanks, all. We will check back with you soon.

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