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February 1, 2010

The odds favor Brandon Jennings enjoying a long, prosperous NBA ride! There will be many stops along the way, not just the defensive variety. Stops, or visits if you may, at Habitat for Humanity, Northside YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, just to name a few. NBA players like Brandon have many opportunities to interact, encourage and connect with fans. On a frigid December night in Milwaukee, we went along for the ride.

Through the collective bargaining agreement, NBA Players have agreed to make community appearances every year. Bucks players have gone above and beyond that suggested number consistently, ranking at the top of the league the past 5 years. The franchises' community relations roots are very strong, stemming back to the days of the original Buck, Jonny Mac. The tradition continues with Brandon. On this particular night, Brandon was on his way to Boston Store at Mayfair Mall to meet and greet Bucks fans.

"I really enjoy meeting fans," said Jennings. "They're the reason I get to do what I do."

As the crowd gathered at Boston Store, Brandon's trek to Mayfair Mall was accompanied by Skip Robinson, Bucks Director of Player Development.

"Brandon is great with fans. He's got an engaging personality...and a dazzling smile," Robinson expressed with a proud smile of his own.

Brandon approaches his profession off the court with the same enthusiasm he works to improve his game. On this particular night, he conducts a radio interview, greets fans at Boston Store and signs autographs for a future Bucks promotion. All were done with a presence beyond his 20 years and that dazzling smile.

Upon arrival at Boston Store, the crowd was anxious and ready with his jerseys, 55 point photos commemorationg his magical November game, high fives, adoring screams and whole lot more.

"I was surprised by how many people were there, said Brandon. "Skip told me there were a couple hundred people there, but their excitement made it seem like more. It was cool."

There will be many similar days like this for the young Bucks rookie. This was just one day in the early stop along the NBA road.