6th Fan Blogger Recap: Feb. 13 vs Philadelphia

Bucks 94, Sixers 92

Spencer Hawes
Spencer Hawes scored 14 points against the Bucks. He also has a beard that looks like it just finished fixing James Harden's beard's plumbing.
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With tonight's season impacting implications, I began to wonder what it takes a professional athlete to get warmed up and in the mindset for the competition at the highest of levels. I can only assume it would be a little more intensive than what I used to do for my 7th grade basketball games (I would listen to the Beach Boys on the way to the game because it was the only CD my mom would play).  But then there are games where I don't believe an athlete needs to look outside a whole lot for self-motivation. Tonight is one of those games.

Then again, if the first quarter is an indicator of the importance of this game it's probably on the same level as the time I set the high score on the Ms. Pac Man at the AMF Bowling Lanes in Waukesha. Through the first quarter Milwaukee shot 30% from the field. More importantly Jennings and Ellis were a combined 1-8 and 0-2 from 3pt range. Meanwhile, on the 76ers Nick Young was having himself a start to the game: 4-4 from the field with 2-2 from deep for 12 points. Or as my friend so eloquently put it: “Nick Young is money. Who is Nick Young?” Milwaukee 18 Philadelphia 28.

Quarter two was similar to the first. Except Ellis started to make a few shots while the rest of the team continued to look a little flat. Milwaukee looked content to move the ball around the perimeter and shoot three point attempt after three point attempt. This resulted in some inefficient shooting, 36.4% at the end of Q2, but Milwaukee was still able to climb back into the game. Milwaukee 43 Philadelphia 50. On the plus side we did get to see Bango's wife “cake” a 76er fan in the face. If you do not know what Bango's significant other looks like, picture a deer rocking the haircut that David Bowie had in Labyrinth.

Maybe during halftime Jennings turned up the “Good Vibrations,” because he came out firing to the tune of five points in the first 90 seconds. Apparently that was all the team needed to kick start the engine and pull within one with a little over half the game to go. Yet, much like the ironic t-shirt wearing mouth breather behind me at the Bowling lanes that fateful Ms. Pac Man eve, the 76ers had other intentions and Milwaukee's new found momentum wasn't enough to overcome the team's 41 FG%. Milwaukee was able to make this into a game again and I was all coming down to Q4 – Milwaukee 72 Philadelphia 75.

The start of the fourth resembled the dirty boxing of a prize fight. Both teams were throwing finesse out the window and getting in close for some hard earned points. It's times like these that I tend to look towards the team with the grittiest play, you know the player that is willing to do the dirty offensive rebound, tip-outs, or hustle jump balls. If we were going on looks alone, I would be worried for the Deer because Philadelphia employs Spencer Hawes. He whose beard looks like it just finished fixing James Harden's beard's plumbing. Lucky for me, and unlucky for Spencer, Dr. Naismith's game is decided on more than mere fortitude crushing facial hair. It is decided by the sweet science of a ball flowing effortlessly through a round net, and for that reason I don't think I could count out the Bucks just yet. Through what I can only describe as sheer will and determination, Milwaukee was able to play its way into a fourth quarter lead. And when it was all said and done, despite Spencer Hawes and Jrue Holiday's combined Oscar Robertson line (35pts 14reb 14a) , Milwaukee was able to win the game behind the twin effort from Ellis (27pts 5a) and Jennings (21pts 5a). Milwaukee 94 Philadelphia 92.

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