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January 2, 2009

Andrew Bogut sat down with us to answer several of the many, many questions that were submitted to for him. We appreciate all of the interest in Mr. Bogut and we'll likely re-visit the mailbag with him later in the season. If your question didn't get answered, no worries, mate, just click here and read Bogut's Q&A from his own site or submit a question there. In addition to the Q&A, Bogut's site: features blogs, interviews, news and just about anything else you'd need to know from the man in the middle.

Enjoy his site and this week's edition of the mailbag and please start submitting questions for the next edition of the mailbag with Bucks center Dan Gadzuric.

Q: Andrew-Congratulations on the contract extension. In what area of your game has Coach Skiles helped you the most this year? - Jeff K.

AB: Probably trying to get tougher and trying to be more of a defensive presence. Trying to defend the paint and being the back line of the defense you can talk to your teammates. He really holds you accountable for being as good as you can be defensively.

Q: Drew, I love your site! What made you decide to develop your own webpage? - Eric S.

AB: I've wanted to do something for awhile, I have some spare time on the road. I want to give something back to fans, obviously, to see the other side of the NBA. All the things they read and see on ESPN are directed at basketball. I focus on different things, stories from road trips, funny things that happen and what I like to do off the floor. I just try to show that we're normal human beings just as much as anybody else. The fans don't really get to see it that much.

*In case you missed it above, Bogut's website is*

Q: Hey Andrew, how large of an impact would you say Scott Skiles has had on the Bucks defensive abilities? - Ryan K.

AB: He's been huge for us. He holds people accountable. I think a lot defense is a want and being in the right system. I think his system is great. Once you believe in that system it works really well and we're slowly buying into it. We're getting there.

Q: Do you have any pregame rituals to get pumped up/in game mode before you go out on the court? - Joe B.

AB: No, my rituals are that I don't have any rituals. I'm not superstitious or anything like that.

Q: When are you going to bring the Bucks to play down under? Best of luck with the all star voting, I'm encouraging all my mates over here to vote you in. - Paul F.

AB: That's a tough question, I think that should be sent to the NBA offices. It's something that I'd really like to do eventually. I think once we start making the playoffs a bit more consistently I think we'll have more of a say on that. Obviously, we've had some disappointing seasons... We did go to China and that's only eight hours away from Australia. It would've been nice to make at least one stop over there (Australia). Hopefully, we'll get a game there by the end of my career.

Q: Hi Andrew, As Australia's most successful basketball export, would you like to see fellow Australian Olympic teammate Patrick Mills being drafted to the Bucks in 2009? Australia is proud of your great progress in the NBA. - Luke L.

AB: Definitely. It would be great to have a countryman on the team. That would help him out and help me out; having a guy that you can relate to a bit more. At the same sense, I think if we make a playoff push I don't think he'll be there. I think he'll go pretty high in the first round if he continues his success this year.

Q: Do you guys think you are going to make it to the playoffs this year? Would you and any of your teammates like to go on a pontoon ride this coming summer with us? - Austin A.

AB: Obviously, playoffs are the goal for any team, so I'd be disappointed if we didn't make it. I'll be in Australia in the summer, so I'll have to take a pass on the boat.

Q: G'Day Mate. Is the NBA more physical than Aussie Rules Football? - Rhyce M.

AB: It's hard to say. Australian rules is probably a bit more wild. Basketball is a sport where you have constant contact and it's hard to break away, especially my position. Australian Rules Football is probably one of the most physical sports in the world because there's no line of scrimmage like American football or rugby, so you don't know where you're going to get hit from. So it's tough in that sense.

Q: First of all, I'd like to say that I'm a huge fan ever since you were drafted to Milwaukee. My first question is was there a specific reason why you picked the number 6 or what it a random thing? My second question is what is the tattoo on your back of? - Juliana E.

AB: The number was the first number I was given when I was a young fellow. The tattoo is a mix of things, a lot of it is kind of personal. There's some Australian stuff and also some Croatian stuff in it

Qs: Hello, thanks for answering my question. Will you continue to update your site in the offseason with your training and travels and giving your thoughts on any moves the Bucks make this summer? - Gary M.

Hi Andrew, I'm a big fan. You seem to be pretty open in interviews and now you've developed your own site where you blog pretty often about your everyday life. What makes you so open and easy to interact with as fans? - Barry B.

AB: Definitely, a lot of it was to give fans in Australia a look into the NBA. I think a lot of fans back home don't really know what the NBA is about, especially off the floor. I'm trying to give fans a closer look.

I'll definitely keep updating it. In the offseason it will be a bit harder to update because I'll be traveling, but I'll get blogs out during the offseason. I think that's a key part of what fans what to know as well, what you're up to in the offseason. Do you travel? Do you workout? How much time do you take off? So I think it will be good.

Q: What's your biggest dream outside of basketball? - Angus H.

AB: Basketball was my first and foremost dream, but probably one day being able to retire and living a healthy life. Being in basketball is my lifelong dream, so it will probably be something with basketball, whether it's coaching or something like that. Outside of basketball, to have a huge car collection in my career.

Q: Hey Andrew, how big of an adjustment did you have to make now that you get double teamed almost every time you touch the ball? - Cody L.

AB: It's been pretty tough. Some teams aren't doubling, so you have to know when to attack and when to pass it out to your teammates. That's been a big adjustment for me. And making sure I'm firm with the ball because a lot of guys are trying to strip the ball from your hands. It's been an adjustment, but it helps our team to have a presence down low. We have so many good shooters that if I get doubled and kick it out, guys will get open shots.

Q: Now that you're not a rookie, what do you guys as a team do to the rookies and do you think that they were easier on you or the rookies now? - Mark N.

AB: I was the only rookie, so it was pretty tough on me. The other rookie (Ersan Ilyasova) was sent to the D-League so I was by myself for most of the year, which made it pretty tough. But it's not that hard, it's mostly things like carrying the veterans bag or getting the veterans some food, bringing donuts to practice. They've (this year's rookies) been slipping a bit lately, but for the most part they've been pretty good.

Q: It has been a great season so far!! I love it when you take a charge and just pop right back up. Are you in a lot of pain after taking one? - Spencer B.

AB: It's something I grew up with. I learned to take charges when I was playing in juniors with a lot of coaches I had. Sometimes it is painful, but you don't want to show the other team that hurts. You just want to pop right back up.

Dan Gadzuric is up next. Click here to ask Dan a question!