167 Minutes of Giannis

167 Minutes of Giannis

December 2, 2013
By Alex Boeder

First 167 Minutes

Everyone knows it is way too early to say out loud that Giannis Antetokounmpo leads the Bucks in effective FG% (.568) or True Shooting Percentage (.573) or anything like that.

After all, those numbers are in just 167 NBA minutes. The sample size is still far too small to draw any conclusions, or even reveal meaningful trends. One rough night and he could be near the bottom of these shooting lists. Then all of a sudden, he could be one of the least efficient shooters on the least efficient offense in the league.

We can all agree: 167 minutes is hardly anything. And really, that is the point here. It certainly feels like Antetokounmpo has accomplished more high highs in 167 minutes than is reasonable or normal.

I don’t know, maybe it just seems like he has burned more sweet memories into our basketball consciousness this season than Archie Goodwin, Brian Roberts, Garrett Temple, Derek Fisher, Tyshawn Taylor, or Robbie Hummell. These are fellows who have also played roughly the same number of minutes. This is a good thing.

Giannis Timesheet Highlights

Here is a quick chronological highlight reel of The First 167 Minutes of Giannis. It took me longer than 167 minutes to put this story together, because ‘tis the season to keep re-watching all of his plays from the season.

Minute 8

Giannis enjoys fast breaks. Also, the Bucks were down 80-62 after this dunk… and then won.

Minute 37

First career NBA three-pointer. Not last career NBA three-pointer. Giannis is now shooting 46.2 % on threes.

Minute 55

Sort of a preposterous thing to do on a basketball court.

Minute 84

Appears to be a preferred spot from beyond the arc.

Minute 87

Showed off the perimeter block in preseason, and brings it back here.

Minute 89

Running while others are jogging. Dunking while others are not.

Minute 123

“Down the lane for a dynamite dunk.” Per announcer.

Minute 131

Another dunk, but this time in the halfcourt, via a baseline cut. Enjoyable.

Minute 144

NBA.com Play of the Night.

Minute 147

Coaches continue to encourage Giannis to push the ball up court after rebounds. Here is an ideal example.