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1980s Birthdays

If the Bucks go on a 145-game losing streak starting on Opening Night, they will still have a winning record (not to be read as a recommendation).

These are the things you notice when leafing through the new Bucks Media Guide.

And if you were born in the 1980s like me, you did not live through all the best times in franchise history, but the team probably didn’t lose on the day you were born (a 125-95 win against Dr. J for me).

So here we are. Multiple choice. Click your guesses and compare to the correct answers below. Say your score out of 20 in the comments, please. Next time these will be more difficult.

Miles of thanks to the ace Bucks PR Department for 280 pages of magic.

Questions (click your guess to reveal answer):

  1. Which NBA team originally drafted Jon McGlocklin, the "Original Buck"?

    • A. Detroit Pistons
    • B. Milwaukee Bucks
    • C. Cincinnati Royals
    • D. San Francisco Warriors
  2. In 2001, who broke Lee Mayberry's franchise record of appearing in 329 straight games?

    • A. Glen Robinson
    • B. Michael Redd
    • C. Ray Allen
    • D. Lindsey Hunter
  3. What is the team's franchise record for consecutive seasons making the playoffs?

    • A. 6
    • B. 8
    • C. 10
    • D. 12
  4. Who holds the franchise single-season record for three-point shooting accuracy?

    • A. Dell Curry
    • B. Ersan Ilyasova
    • C. Brad Lohaus
    • D. Ray Allen
  5. Which team have the Bucks faced most often in the playoffs?

    • A. Detroit Pistons
    • B. Chicago Bulls
    • C. Philadelphia 76ers
    • D. Boston Celtics
  6. Where did current assistant coach and Kenosha native Nick Van Exel play his final two seasons of college basketball?

    • A. University of Cincinnati
    • B. University of Michigan
    • C. San Diego State University
    • D. University of Nevada-Las Vegas
  7. Who is the only player in franchise history to win Sixth Man of the Year?

    • A. Quinn Buckner
    • B. Ricky Pierce
    • C. Desmond Mason
    • D. Tim Thomas
  8. What number did Toni Kukoc wear?

    • A. 3
    • B. 13
    • C. 7
    • D. 17
  9. Who holds the franchise record for most points in a single game?

    • A. Kareem Abdul-Jabaar
    • B. Michael Redd
    • C. Brandon Jennings
    • D. Terry Cummings
  10. What is Luke Ridnour's full name?

    • A. Luke Ridnour
    • B. Luke Blaine Ridnour
    • C. Lucas Allen Ridnour
    • D. Lukas Robin Ridnour
  11. Who is the franchise leader in total blocked shots?

    • A. Alton Lister
    • B. Harvey Catchings
    • C. Kareem Abdul-Jabaar
    • D. Andrew Bogut
  12. What Bucks team totaled the fewest number of disqualifications/ejections in franchise history (excluding lockout-shortened 1998-99)?

    • A. 1968-69
    • B. 1970-71
    • C. 2000-01
    • D. 2012-13
  13. Who was the first draft pick in franchise history?

    • A. Charlie Paulk
    • B. Kareem Abdul-Jabaar
    • C. Wayne Embry
    • D. Bob Greacen
  14. How many different Bucks players have recorded triple-doubles?

    • A. 7
    • B. 11
    • C. 19
    • D. 27
  15. Against which team do the Bucks have their best head-to-head record?

    • A. Los Angeles Clippers
    • B. Golden State Warriors
    • C. Charlotte Bobcats
    • D. Orlando Magic
  16. What was the team's preseason record during the season they went on to win the championship in 1970-71?

    • A. 1-9
    • B. 10-0
    • C. 7-3
    • D. 5-5
  17. Who has played the most games for the Bucks in franchise history?

    • A. Junior Bridgeman
    • B. Paul Pressey
    • C. Bob Dandridge
    • D. Glenn Robinson
  18. How old is Bango Jr.?

    • A. 3
    • B. 6
    • C. 9
    • D. 12
  19. Who averaged the most points per game in 2009-10?

    • A. Brandon Jennings
    • B. John Salmons
    • C. Carlos Delfino
    • D. Andrew Bogut
  20. What is the franchise record for most points scored in a half?

    • A. 70
    • B. 75
    • C. 80
    • D. 87



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