Tweets of the Week - Nov. 18-25

The Tweets

I am more of a long-form type. So I like to think. And I have still written more stories about the Bucks (more than 1,000) than tweets about the Bucks (more than 700) in my day. But at its best, Twitter can really capture those transient human moments of joy, pain, and humor.

The problem is that one cannot possibly keep up – tweets naturally have a short lifespan because you don't read them like an article, you read them in a real-time stream. That is usually for the best, but sometimes it is nice to look back.

In this first edition of tweets of the week spanning Nov. 18-25, we learn what Brandon Jennings considers one of the best parts of Thanksgiving and find out what video game Drew Gooden is playing, while Larry Sanders makes us feel old.

This series will continue each week throughout the season. In the future, I will be adding tweets from fans and other writers, so be sure to use the hashtags #Bucks, #GoBucksGo or #MILvOPP (OPP=opposing teams' try-code, ex: CHI) before, during, and after games.

Brandon, in the holiday spirit.


I can't believe that Larry can't believe he's almost 24.


Yes, professional athletes play video games too.


Tobias grew up in New York, so I think he will be fine.


Among my favorite Twitter routines.


Ted's personality translates nicely from radio to Twitter.


Pull-up jumper in transition, that is.


Dunleavy has five blocked shots this season – he blocked four shots against the Bobcats.


Love the NBA on Christmas (Brooklyn Nets visit Milwaukee the day after, by the way).


Good sign for the new starting center.


Pretty amazing. Bucks still in first, by the way.


Another classic against the Heat.


Remembering the better times of the Bulls game.




I was pretty excited to type this.

Alex Boeder

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