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Joe Alexander answers your questions

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September 26, 2008

Joe Alexander was the 8th selection in the 2008 NBA Draft. As he prepares for his first NBA training camp he selected a group of questions submitted to and filled us in on everything from his workout regimen to his favorite city. As noted in the Q&A, his dry sense of humor is a lot fun.

Thanks to all who submitted questions if your question wasnt answered this time, please try again next time as well announce another player chat soon.

Q: Hey Joe, glad to have you in the ol Mil Town. Anyway, how do you go about building that much leg strength? Also, do you think that leaping ability can help you play the 4 spot? Justin E.

Joe Alexander: Yes, leaping ability helps at any spot in the NBA. Its not just about leg strength, its about being explosive. You can develop that by jumping a lot of rope, running sprints and dunking on low rims every day.

Q: Great to have you in Milwaukee!!! Joe, down 1 with 10 seconds left. Coach calls your number! Where do you want the ball and are you going to the hoop or shooting a jump shot? Mark N.

JA: I want the ball on either block and Ill fake baseline and take a turnaround J.

Q: Welcome to Milwaukee. I think you will be a great addition. Who jumps higher, you or Richard Jefferson? Lamont W.

JA: Thats tough. Probably me, Richards getting up their in years. (editors note: Joe has a great sense of humor thats also dry. Youll pick up on it as the questions continue)

Q: Hey Joe, I wanted to know if you picked number 11 for a reason. Dave S.

JA: Yeah, but its a secret so I cant tell anyone. If I do, it would be bad luck.

Q: Hey Joewelcome to Milwaukee. Can you tell me how to increase my verticalis there any exercises that you do for this? I would like to be able to jump higher. Ive seen you get UP!! Thanks for your time. Todd C.

JA: Theres no magic exercise to increase your vertical. The main thing is to mentally focus on using your hips and upper body to explode on each jump. Id recommend jumping a lot each day and focusing on exploding from your hips.

Q: Now that you are in Milwaukee, is there anything you are looking forward to seeing or exploring in the City? Ron B.

JA: Ive already seen and explored a lot of the city. Ive been to a lot of the restaurants and I even went to one of the theaters. Ive also seen all the statues. I dont know if theres anything else to see, but if anyone has suggestions, let me know.

Q: How was Bob Huggins as a coach? How did he help you develop your game? Jordan L.

JA: Bob Huggins has to be one of the best coaches in the country. He helped me by constantly staying on me to get rid of my old habits and develop better habits. He never let me do things incorrectly and that helped me to do things the right way.

Q: Which do you like better, making shots or dunking on people? Tom S.

JA: I honestly like making shots better, I swear! I used to love dunking on people. But making shots, especially if its a swish, I just love it.

Q: Hey Joe! What was it like living in Taiwan and Hong Kong? Thanks! Zach L.

JA: Its tough to describe in a few sentences. Its so wildly different, but overall I loved it and I would go back any day. Someday, Id maybe even live there again.

Q: Joe: What are you most looking forward to as you approach the beginning of the season? Thanks. Zach L.

JA: Im most looking forward to the first time I get to step on the court in a Bucks uniform for a real game. Ive been waiting for that for a long time.

Q: Joe, what do you think your greatest experience at WVU was? Evan K. JA: Just going through our summer workouts with my teammates. We would talk about the next season and our expectations and what we wanted to accomplish. Wed go in every day and work hard in the offseason. Those were my favorite times.

Q: Welcome to Milwaukee. Coming to a team that underperformed last year, what is it that you are going to bring to this team night in and night out to help us win ball games? Please be specific, is it defenseI hope so! Adam D.

JA: Im going to fill gaps, any gaps that need to be filled. I feel like there are a lot of different things I can do. If theres a need to lock down on D, then thats a gap I can fill. If theres a need to get more rebounds, thats something I can do. As of today, I dont know which of the niches Ill be needed to fill.

Q: Joe, I saw in a magazine that they picked you to win the slam dunk competition. I just want to know do you have any interest in competing in the slam dunk contest? Nick M.

JA: Yeah, I think I might like to be in the dunk contest. I think that would be pretty interesting.

Q: Hi Joe, I purchased courtside tickets just to see you play in Boston. I have always wanted to go to an NBA game and sit courtside as I played basketball in high school at a high level and was a collegiate athlete (golfer) as well. Enjoyed watching you at WVU and cant wait to see you play in the NBA. If you were to name one city you enjoy visiting the mostwhat would it be? Kristen B.

JA: Washington D.C. Because I get to see everyone from my hometown.

Q: Hey Joe, congratulations on being drafted, I wish you good luck this season. I play ball for the Special Olympics in Orange County and its tough work. My question is what are some good defensive and dribbling skills I can work on to get my game better. Thanks. Ehsan M.

JA: I would say that you should put your favorite music CD on an mp3 player so that you have about an hours worth of music and dribble with your left hand until the entire cd is finished. Dont stop dribbling until the cd is over.

Defensively, I would do wall sits. One minute each, for three sets.

Q: If you could choose who in the NBA you could have your first dunk on, who would it be? Mountaineer Fan JA: Kurt Rambis

Q: What are you going to miss the most about playing in college and what are you looking forward to most about NBA life? Michael P.

JA: College, Im going to miss the school atmosphere because youre surrounded by kids your age and not having to deal with the real world and business world. And Im looking forward to playing in the NBA.

Q: Joe, you can play the small and power forward. Which one do you like to play more? Mark N.

JA: I liked playing power forward more in college because I got to bully people. But in the NBA I think Im going to like small forward more.