6th Fan Blogger Rewind: 2010 Winner Jake LeRoy

March 28, 2011
Jake LeRoy [@JakesTake34]

Jake LeRoy's Experience as the 6th Fan Blogger

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My experience as the 6th Fan Blogger for the Milwaukee Bucks as been the perfect marriage of two of my greatest passions: writing and the Bucks. I would estimate I’ve watched approximately 90 percent of Milwaukee’s games over the last 12 years. This is despite living in locations that weren’t at all conducive to watching Bucks games. Certain measures had to be taken so I could get my fix. Not taking these steps would’ve resulted in a severe Bucks deficiency and I would’ve been a shell of my former self.

Most of my previous experience watching the Bucks came via the television and the godsend that is NBA League Pass. Becoming the 6th Fan Blogger has allowed me to see half of the season’s game live and in-person, which has added an additional element of inspiration to my writing. I was fortunate to start my reign as the 6th Fan Blogger just as the Bucks were starting their exhilarating run to the postseason last year. Feeding off the enthusiasm of Squad 6 and other fans has only fueled my desire to provide hopefully interesting content to visitors of Bucks.com.

Writing has played a big role in everything I’ve done since high school. As the editor of my high school newspaper, a journalism major in college and current public relations professional, there’s been few moments over the years that I haven’t been thinking about what I’ll be writing next. I had always desired to put my personal thoughts on the Bucks onto paper — and eventually the Internet — and being the 6th Fan Blogger has allowed me to do just that.

Anyone who shares these two passions of mine should definitely take advantage of this opportunity. There’s really not many opportunities of this quality that will come along over the course of a lifetime, so it shouldn’t be neglected. You’ll be able to get a closer look at the Bucks while honing your writing skills and style at the same time. It really is the perfect marriage.

Note: These are the views of the 6th Fan Blogger. Thoughts and opinions expressed in this articles are not necessarily the views of the Milwaukee Bucks.