They're Wild, They're Loud, They're Ready to Bring the House Down.

The Cascio Interstate Milwaukee Bucks Wild! Drumline was selected via an open audition that was advertised exclusively on and features 21 percussionists - eight on snare drums, three on tenor drums, five on bass drums and five on cymbals. Cascio Interstate Music has outfitted the entire squad with Pearl equipment and instruments.

Photos: Video: Upcoming Appearances:

November 2 vs. Toronto

November 16 vs. Oklahoma City

December 4 vs. Detroit

December 13 vs. Chicago

January 15 vs. Memphis

January 25 vs. Atlanta

February 8 vs. Houston

February 18 vs. Orlando

February 22 vs. Indiana

March 1 vs. Brooklyn

March 8 vs. Washington

March 16 vs Charlotte

March 29 vs. Miami

April 5 vs. Toronto

April 16 vs. Atlanta