Energee! Finalists Announced


Energee! Boot Camp Finalists Named

Thanks to all the dancers who participated in the 2010 Energee! Auditions. Twenty dancers (two captains) moved on to Energee! Boot Camp where they will compete for a spot on the 2010-11 Energee! Dance team. Boot camp starts Monday, August 2nd. See photos and video of the auditions. See the finalists photos here.

Boot Camp Finalists

211 Angela
212 Tiara
213 Melanie
215 Patricia
217 Sara
220 Allyson
222 Shawna
223 Bishara
226 Amanda
227 Rebecca
228 Marisa
233 Tricia
234 Laurel
237 Emily
242 Azure
249 Stephanie L
250 Chelsie
251 Angela A.
266 Anieya
268 Saira
Tiffany (Captain)
Tisiphini (Captain)
Stephanie G (Captain)