starBUCKS Drake Hands

Sports Illustrated

Milwaukee's parody is damn near perfect, as it showcases rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo's enormous hands and includes hilarious cameos from John Henson (almost sleeping), Ersan Ilyasova (tapping himself on the forehead with a foam finger), Ekpe Udoh (lip-syncing with arm movements) and even Bucks TV guy Jim Paschke (who nearly strokes the glasses off of his face).



"Ersan Ilyasova really steals the show."


CBS Sports:

Because get it? Take away the "star" part and it's Bucks Drake Hands. Clever people, those deer.


SB Nation:



Fox Sports Live:

A sincere thank you to the @Bucks for the best thing we've seen on the internet today. @_John_Henson_ NAILED IT.


Milwaukee Magazine:

The Bucks and their Drake Hands
No, you don't have to know what it is. You just have to watch. BY HOWIE MAGNER 10/18/2013


NBC Pro Basketball Talk:

Bucks release Drake hands video (and it's pretty funny)



Video | Bucks release 'Drake Hands' video, win internet



Bucks participate in popular Drake Hands meme much to everyone's enjoyment


Perez Hilton:

The starBUCKS Drake Hands trend may be winding down, but we just couldn't pass up this new version with the Milwaukee Bucks. In fact, the Bucks TV guy Jim Paschke is who really got us! We promise you'll be able to tell which one he is. Ha! -