Meet Tisiphani

Age: 28
Hometown: Milwaukee
Years on Energee!: 2 (captain)

What do you do when you aren't dancing:
Mom, Choreographer, Dance Teacher & Journalist

Broadcast Journalism:Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, FL


Mommy, Tizzy, Ti-Ti

What 3 words describe you:
Christian, Mother, Sister

Fav Bucks Player:
Richard Jefferson

Fav website:

Favorite TV Show:
Heroes, America's Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance

Fav Quote:
"What God has for me, it is for me."

Fav Color:

Fav Food:
Greens, sweet potatoes, sweet water cornbread

Fav Milwaukee restaurant:

Fav Song:
"Chocolate Girl"

Tell us one thing people don't know about Energee!:
The ladies on the team are very supportive of each other, and not just in dance. If you're having a hard day many of your teammates are there with hugs, and advice to keep you going.

One person who inspires you:
My son, Takis

Favorite place to vacation:
Florida, I went to college there so I have a lot of friends who still live in the state.

What is something you have always wanted to learn?

Gardening/Landscaping, I don't have a green thumb and have killed every plant I've ever been given, including a cactus.

Favorite Energee! moment:
My favorite Energee! moment so far has been during my year off. My son was in a routine called "Everyday Heroes". Of course he didn't do much he was only 3 months, but seeing him out there in his tiny Bucks sweat suit was very exciting.

Advices to children growing up:
Always follow your heart. The best things in life take the most risks.

What is the best advice you have ever been given:
"It's your life ride it until the wheels fall off... why not you only get one."

What is your favorite thing about Bucks Fans:
Their energy and devotion to the team

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