6th Fan Blogger: Bucks vs Heat, March 15, 2013

Bucks 94, Heat 107

Milwaukee (winners of 4 out of 7 in March) gets to welcome Miami (winners of their last 20 in a row) to the BMO Harris tonight. Let me start this off by saying that yes I will give Miami credit for their current scalding hot gameplay, but let's be honest this is simply another case of the national media's east coast bias. They are still 1-1 against the Deer this year and I for one have faith.

The point, tonight it's not the streak that is special. It's the opportunity to end Miami's run and inch ourselves one game closer to the # 7 seed and a series against Indiana. Who wants to travel to Miami in the summer anyways? It gets into the Mid 90s on a regular basis and I have fair skin…

The crowd was obviously jacked as the game started, and I can't think of a better way to start the weekend. And neither could Dwayne Wade as the former Marquette star started off the game with and quick two and we were off. The game started off slow trade off of baskets until a wicked block on Dwayne Wade sent the former Marquette star to the floor. A Miami timeout followed and it became evident that this game was going to be anything but typical. For example, if I was asked who would be the Bucks Player with the first 8 points for the Bucks I would've taken at least 4 guesses before throwing out Marquis Daniels, but again, this wasn't a typical night. And that theme would carry through the rest of the first, Milwaukee 27 Miami 26.

Q2 started with a Miami flourish that was finally slowed by a sweet Monta steal and layup. But the game itself had become much less of a fast break for Milwaukee, as Miami had taken the lead by two with a little over five minutes to the half. And for the remainder of the quarter that is where it would stay. LeBron and his turn around fade-aways were too much for the Bucks to handle, Milwaukee 42 Miami 51.

Quarter three was nothing special to write home about Milwaukee and Miami traded baskets (in Miami's case alley-oops). I couldn't help but notice that Chris Anderson had five points. So really aside from starring in their Harlem shake video, had accomplished as much as I after three quarters. When it came down to the end of period three it was likely the Bucks' inability to match Miami in shot selection (Bucks 35% Heat 56%) that lead to team from South Beach's lead. Milwaukee 68 Miami 84.

In order to pull the plug on this streak faster then Will Ferrell in Old School, we were going to need to come up with something impressive. After all a sixteen point deficit with twelve minutes left was not going to be easy to overcome. After the first portion of the quarter it looked like Milwaukee was going to make this a dog fight. Then again, it's never really a great fight when one of your stars gets booted from the game, this time sans-thumbs up. In the end it was too much for Milwaukee to overcome despite 26 points of Ersan and 14 for JJ. Milwaukee 94 Miami 107.