Bucks 6th Fan Blogger Finalist - Chantira Roshell

Homecoming WIth a Bang-o 

Tonight is the big night in hometown sports! Our Milwaukee Bucks are fresh off the road from damaging the Celtics Friday night in Boston, 99-88. I think the Celtics' feelings are still hurt from that spanking in Miami from former teammate Ray Allen & the Heat.

Anyway, our hometown headliners are hosting the Cleveland Cavs tonight in the newly-named BMO Harris Bradley Center (which to me is pretty much the same old Bradley Center I've known since I was a kid) in tonight's home opener. It's a packed house here tonight in Milwaukee, and the crowd is anything but quiet. We're all anxious to see what these guys have to offer this season, it's kind of like that old first day of school feeling. In the stands there's a sea of fans dressed in their best home team threads, green and red as far as my eyes can see. It reminds me of Christmas in here, and I certainly hope these young Bucks can give us the gift of a magnificent season. For now though, we'll stick to tonight's game.

So, first things first. Who am I? I'm a Milwaukeean, born and raised. I'm a Bucks fan. I'm a student. I'm an employee. I'm a single mom. I'm a woman. A woman blogging about a Bucks game huh? Yep, that's me. I may not know too much about sports all around, but I can follow a basketball game pretty darn well. There's always been something different about basketball to me than other sports. They're just more entertaining and engaging for all ages. Tonight I've seen everything from folks running through the stands giving away pizzas, to Monta Ellis scoring the first points of the game within seconds of tip-off, and little parachutes falling out of the sky all over the arena. Oh, and of course Bango. Bango emerged from the ceiling and descended upon all of us like an acrobat or Superman. This is not just a game being played, it's an all-out show! You never really know what you're going to see next, and that's the beauty of being at a basketball game.

I can tell you this. I'm not here to give you stats. That's boring. You can easily Google that. I'm here to give you an eye witness account of what I saw, more of a fan experience. If you've never been to a Milwaukee Bucks game, or haven't been in a while, you're cheating yourself! As we speak, fans are on their feet trying to catch tee shirts being shot out of what I can only describe as cannons. You know that game at Chuck E. Cheese's, where you shoot a clown down with a ball that comes flying out of a tube when you press the "trigger?" Yeah, it's kind of like that. This whole crowd is electrified right now, we're in the fourth with a minute and a half on the clock, and as I type the Bucks are up by six. Brandon Jennings is sealing the deal on tonight's win with these free throws he's hitting flawlessly. It's bananas in here right now and I can barely hear my own thoughts to relay to you all.

Monta Ellis has definitely played an impressive game tonight, along with Larry Sanders......but let me tell you, Mike Dunleavy has been the “three point Messiah” tonight! There's no other way to describe his performance, anything else would be an understatement. He's bagging them left and right. Jennings is definitely a crowd pleaser, and as I'm finishing my thoughts he just ended the game with the winning three pointer! The BMO Harris Center is on fire right now!!!! Just as I was about to tell you guys how mediocre Brandon Jennings has been playing tonight, he redeems himself as the seconds on the clock struck zero! This type of game-changing performance is what makes the sport stand out from others, and shuts all the naysayers down. It's nights like this that make us die-hard fans proud. 

So what's next? It's way too early to predict anything, but there certainly isn't anything wrong with a little wishful thinking. Two wins in two games. Of course it's not a bad start, but it is just that, a START. We have a long road ahead of us Milwaukee. These guys need your support for sure. They're trying. I'm not saying you have to come out to each and every game, but it's time to start cheering for our own teams instead of other cities! My prediction- if these players keep this passion and momentum up throughout the season, Milwaukee will get its "Christmas" that we've so long deserved! We're overdue. Bucks 105, Cavaliers 102. Fear the Deer.