Bucks 6th Fan Blogger Finalist - Manny Ramirez

Two words…. Home Opener. This is a blog from a Bucks fan to the Bucks Fans. Today is a time when Milwaukee’s downtown establishments and sidewalks are lit with red, green and white and televisions across Wisconsin are tuned in on FSN Wisconsin watching the Milwaukee Bucks and the 1-2 punch combo of Paschke and McGlocklin. Can you hear the excitement in the air? 

If you listen closely, whether you’re walking to the game to catch an early shoot around or at Major Goolsby’s biting into your juicy cheeseburger, you can hear the fans around you chatting saying things like:

“Did you see what we did to Boston?”
“I’m telling you we have the fastest backcourt in the NBA!”
“Forget Lob City, Welcome to Block City!”
“This is our year to make some noise!”

I agree this is our year to make some noise with the moves we made in the offseason to beef up our frontcourt and the returning starters being able to play a full season together. It’s something Milwaukee should get EXCITED about.

Is it me or do you get butterflies when the lights turn off at the BMO Harris Bradley Center and the intro for the Milwaukee Bucks comes on? Well folks it just happened and those butterflies and that uncontrollable smile came knocking. I would like to send a special shout out to Warren Wiegratz, a long time Bucks fan and entertainer from Street Life, as he soulfully played the National Anthem.

Starting 5 for the Home/Away/
Starting 5 for your 2012-2013 Milwaukee Bucks are: PG- Brandon Jennings, SG- Monta Ellis, SF- Tobias Harris, PF- Ersan Illasova, C- Samuel Dalembart.

Cavaliers starting 5: PG- Kyrie Irving, SG- Deion Watiers, SF- Alanzo Gee, PF- Jason Thompson, C- Anderson Varejao.

1st Quarter
To start the night the Milwaukee Bucks win the tip! The first bucket at the BMO Harris Bradley Center for the 2012-2013 season goes to Monta Ellis! The first 5 minutes the Milwaukee Bucks started off a little cold and had a few turnovers. Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers is leading this Cavs offense so far, as he should being the #1 draft pick and rookie of the year last year.  The Bucks put together a nice run with a poster dunk from Larry Sanders to swing the momentum! The end of the 1st quarter score is Bucks 23, Cavs 27.

2nd Quarter
The start of the 2nd quarter had a little delay an issue with the net occurred and the “net crew” is on the job. Breaking News! The net is now fixed and the 2nd quarter begins. Larry Sanders begins the 2nd quarter with the first bucket. The Bucks start off HOT with some nice defensive stops and an up-tempo offense from the bench including Udrih, Lamb, Dunleavy, Udoh and Sanders.  The Bucks highest lead is now 10pts. The energy in the BMO Harris Bradley Center is electric! If you missed tonight’s game be sure to come out on Wednesday when they host the Memphis Grizzlies - there are some great ticket deals! The first 5 minutes the score is 42 Bucks, 34 Cavs. At the half the score is Bucks 55, and Cavs 49. 

Halftime Summary
The Bucks won the tip-off and had the first two points, but the Cavs took charge in the 1st quarter scoring 27 to the Bucks 23. The 2nd quarter was in the Bucks favor, the bench players came to play and had a nice run and took the lead. At the half the score is Bucks 55 and Cavs 49. Monta Ellis leads the Bucks in scoring with 16pts and for the Cavs Alonzo Gee matches Ellis with 16pts. Other notable players: Mike Dunleavy 13pts/8r, Beno Udrih 11pts. For the halftime show there was no “Half-Court Shot Winner” but there was a good halftime performance with an acrobatic act.

3rd Quarter
The Cavs start out hot and take the lead from the Bucks. Although the easy buckets from the Cavs this quarter, I am very impressed with the defense of Larry Sanders and how active he is around the glass. Not to mention what Tobais Harris did last night against the Celtics. The Bucks bench is a huge part of this team, if we can stay consistent we are without a doubt a playoff team. The first 5 minutes of the 3rd quarter the score is Bucks 67, Cavs 67.  At the end of the 3rd quarter the score is  Bucks 76 and Cavs 79.  Overall both teams were going back and forth on the offensive end but the Cavs had a few more rebounds to take the 3 point lead.

4th quarter
My favorite quarter - the 4th, where winners are decided. GET LOUD MILWAUKEE!!!!  The Cavs got the early start of the 4th quarter and took the lead. The Bucks had mistakes on the offensive end, which led to easy buckets for the Cavs. MOMENTUM SHIFT! Bucks come back with defensive stops and a BOOM of a finish from Sanders to get the crowd going! The first 5 minutes of the 4th quarter the score is Bucks 92, Cavs 93. It is a close one both teams are going back and forth.  The game is tied 93-93 with 1 of 2 free throws coming from Ersan. Bucks take the lead with a huge 3 from Dunleavy!! 4th quarter - 2 minute warning! The Bucks are up 98 to 95! With 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter the Bucks have the lead 102-100. A costly out of bounds mistake from Anderson Varejao with 10 seconds left gave the Bucks a 2nd chance to close this game out.  Kyrie Irving ties the game with .07 seconds left. Bucks inbound the ball…….BRANDON JENNINGS WITH A GAME WINNING 3PT SHOT!! THE BUCKS WIN! THE BUCKS WIN! THE BUCKS WIN! WOW! What a way to win on opening night!

What can I say about opening night? It is always a memory every year it comes around. The atmosphere is electric and fans are excited about this team and the new year. The Bucks had an amazing victory Friday Night against the Boston Celtics and tonight…well let’s just say it was one that most of us won’t forget. This was nothing short of this year’s motto: “Your Ticket To Amazing”. Goodnight Wisconsin until next time Go Bucks Go.