Bucks 6th Fan Blogger Finalist - John Nicholas

The Bucks, in their 45th season, have all the makings to achieve something special. There is a feeling of excitement in the BMO Harris Bradley center this evening. Of course, the home opener plays into that. There is more to it though.  The feeling around town is that the Bucks revamped roster, the sudden depth of bigs, and the speedy backcourt should provide Bucks fans with the excitement they yearn for. The season is just starting, but rest assured, this team has the playoffs in their sights.

Now the question is: can they get there? A lot teams have improved in the Eastern Conference, but it's not about them. This is about the Bucks. If they stay together as a team, share the ball on the offensive end, and buy into Coach Skiles’ defensive schemes with all their heart and soul, why not? There is a lot of talent around the league, but last I looked, basketball is still a team game.

If the Bucks play with a team philosophy on both ends of the court, then the NBA will Fear the Deer once again. This season I would like to bring you insight as to what happens on and off the court. Some blogs will be game-related, others will pertain to things I find interesting off the court. I promise you this, I will keep you fans in mind with everything I write.

It will be interesting and informative. I will do my best to provide you with what I think you will enjoy. In the spirit of this election year, please vote for me!