Bucks 6th Fan Blogger Finalist - Nick Montoya

Playoffs or bust: Period.  Welcome to the 2012-13 season Bucks fans.  Last night the Milwaukee Bucks showed just how serious they are about making a run into the post season by running the Boston Celtics out of their own gym.  Led by 23 year old young Buck turned veteran, Brandon Jennings, who scored 21pts and dished out 13 assists in last night’s 99-88 win versus Boston.  Milwaukee played a near perfect game running on all cylinders.  Tobias Harris had 18pts on 8-11 shooting from the field, and 2-2 from 3 point range.  He also pulled down 6 rebounds.   Nice stat line for a second year player’s first crack at the starting line-up.  If this continues for the rest of this season this team will be dangerous.

Chatter:  The talk around the NBA centers on Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis and their ability to share the back court.  Or share the ball at all for that matter.  The conventional wisdom is the two lack size and will become a defensive liability.  Another talking point seems to be the idea that Ellis and Jennings bring basically the same skill sets to the table.  This is supposed to be another liability.  Hmm… another way to look at it would be: what if a team had two Monta Ellis on the court at one time?  Or what if you had to chase down two Brandon Jennings at once?  I don’t know about you but I like our chances with this one. 

Run this town:  After the beat down the Bucks handed the Celtics last night the thing I’m most interested in seeing in tonight’s game versus Cleveland (and their speedy point guard Kyrie Irving) is how well Milwaukee maintains their intensity.  Last night the Bucks big men kept Rondo and company from wreaking havoc in the paint.  I’m expecting the Bucks to follow the same blue print. Around the arena about five minutes before tip-off the crowd has begun waving around rally towels.  The Energee! dance team has taken the court and shirts are being thrown into a hyped up crowd.  The buzz is in the air, the players on court for shoot around look ready for business.  The fans are fired up and ready to go, Bango is in the building.  Let the block party begin!

Game at glance: 

1st quarter:  Early on the Cavs came out strong.  Alonzo Gee put up 9 points early.  For the Bucks, Ellis looks good but overall the Bucks were not quite as sharp as they were last night with a couple dropped passes and a few good looks at the basket not falling.  Ersan Ilyasova seems to be having a tough time so far getting his shot to drop. Milwaukee picked up some steam to end the 1st quarter.  Monta Ellis threw in a 3 from the wing, Larry sanders threw down a monster jam and Beno Udrih cut through the lane for a nice layup.  Milwaukee trailed by just 4 at the end of one.  Let’s see if the Bucks can keep things going in the second quarter. 

2nd quarter: Midway through the second quarter and the Bucks are up 8 points on the Cavs.  Beno Udrih came out fired up, hitting 3 shots including a big three pointer followed by a three for Mike Dunleavy.  Larry Sanders has had some nice plays and has officially gotten the Bucks block party under way.  At the end of two the Bucks finished with a six point lead.  Ellis finished the half with 16 points and Dunleavy added 13.

Milwaukee finishes the first half with 21 assists on 24 FGs and shot 64.9% !

Random thoughts:  Is Monta Ellis a signed with Jordan Brand?  He should be, he always has the nicest J’s on.  The Q and A flash card bit between Drew Gooden and Tobias Harris on the big screen is pretty funny.  These guys could put on their own half-time comedy routine for the fans.  Is it just me or s Larry Sanders looking pretty steady on his feet?  The hard work he put in during the off season seems to be paying off.  I just got lost watching the Energee! dance team.  I must say we have a nice squad this year ;) one more reason to come out and enjoy the games.  The new T-shirt gun is amazing !  Standing ovation for Larry Sanders.  Twice. 

3rd quarter:  Midway through three and Milwaukee is down two with Ellis headed to the line.  Anderson Varejao is one to watch for tonight.  He and Alonzo Gee both have 16 points so far.  Monta Ellis leads the Bucks with 16 points and Jennings leads Milwaukee with 8 assists.  Grab your umbrellas it’s raining threes.  Dunleavy has 5 from downtown already.  Big block for Sanders at the end of 3 quarters.

 4th quarter: Milwaukee started out down three points.  Larry Sanders is having a very nice game tonight. He has 11 points 7 boards and 3 blocks.  Dunleavy has been lighting it up with 26 points with 8 min to go in the game.  Wow a very nice jump shot from Sanders deep, can he keep this up all year?  Bucks are up one point with 4 mins to go and the crowd is into the game. This one is going down to the wire.  Tie game with .7 seconds left on the clock Milwaukee ball.


Final Thoughts: 
BUCKS WIN!  Brandon Jennings hits a HUGE shot at the buzzer to finish off the Cavs!  Amazing.  The city of Milwaukee has a lot to look forward to this season.  The Bucks are off to an exciting 2-0 start to the season.   Player of the game goes to Larry Sanders.  The Bucks were not as sharp as they were to start last game but they played hard and once again moved the ball well.  Mike Dunleavy looks to be in good rhythm shooting the ball, hitting numerous three point shots and finishing with 29 points.  Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis look great on court together.  But I must admit I am very impressed with Larry Sanders.  He looked good running the floor.  He is always active on the boards and once again was blocking shots left and right.  He also had some nice buckets around the rim and some jump shots to match.  He had a few of the biggest plays of the game for Milwaukee.  The crowd left the game energized and this Bucks team began its push for playoffs.  This looks to be a very exciting year for the Milwaukee Bucks.  This is the most exciting team the Bucks has put together since its 2001 version that made a run deep into the Eastern conference finals.  This team looks poised to make some noise this year.  NBA beware, the Milwaukee Bucks are for real.